Back in Baymard..... all 14 year old students within the public school, got ready to have their weekly field trip.

In this world, 15 year old teenagers were already considered adults.

So when this semester ends, these students would graduate and begin their lives as adults... which also included job hunting.

And despite the fact that their current knowledge wasn't up to standard... as compared to those who graduated back on earth, Landon still felt like it was okay for them to begin work.... Since they would learn on the job, just like all the other workers within Baymard.

And to better familiarize the children with all workplace areas, Landon had arranged multiple field trips for them ever since the start of the month.

Their exams started in November, so this month was definitely the time to start these field trips.

Every, the students would jump onto the back of several loading trucks, and head over to different workplaces within Baymard.

Last week, they had visited the food industry, textile industry and Alchemy industry.

And the week before that, they had visited the hospital, medical and healthcare academy.. as well as the current mall estate within the upper region.

And today, they were heading over to the power plant, central heating plant, and the water & sewage plant.

All these trips gave the students who were about to graduate, some perspective about what they wanted to do in the future.

Within the school premises, Henry, Mildred and their friends...were currently waiting for the trucks to arrive.


"Hey!...what do you want to be when you graduate?.... Since I love horses and animals, I want to work as a stable woman at the 'Horse Ranch'." Mildred said cheerfully.

"Ahhh!!... I honestly hate moving up and down a lot, so I want to sit in the offices and work as an accountant.

"Me too!!!!... I have no idea why you guys like moving around and being in the outdoors so much.

For me, I want to be a secretary within any of the workplaces."

"I want to be a doctor... that's why I'll go to the medical & healthcare academy after I graduate."

"I want to be a soldier"

"Textile industry worker"




"Government worker"


"Store clerk"


"Construction worker"

"Customer Service Representative"


As Henry listened to his friends and cla.s.smates, he couldn't help but wonder about his own situation.

Although he was thoroughly impressed by all the places he had visited, he still didn't feel any real 'calling' (as his friends would put it).. towards any profession.

He felt that if he chose a job just for the sake of getting money and pa.s.sing by, he would indeed live a sad and miserable life.

Hence he wanted a job that he truly appreciated and felt proud of.

He was hoping that today, he would get his own 'calling'...from any of the jobs on tour list.

As they were talking, their teacher, Mr. Vincent, began doing roll-call, while waiting for the trucks to arrive.


9:45 A.M

The loading trucks arrived, the students hopped in and were now on their way to the water & sewage treatment plant.

Once they arrived, the soldiers on guard duty checked the Tour Slips for all truck drivers.. and allowed them to drive in towards the bus and car park region within Sector 1.

The students got out of the trucks and were immediately marveled at the sight before them.

"Wahhh!!!!.... So beautiful!!!"

There were several fully cemented 5 story buildings, that were wide, rectangular in shape and had a lot of large gla.s.s windows on them.

As well as several ma.s.sive gla.s.s buildings, that were all trapezoid-shaped.

Even teacher Vincent was blown away by the sight before him.

Everything looked neat and extremely beautiful.

Henry didn't even have the time to fully take in everything, when he suddenly heard footsteps approaching.

2 men and a lady, where heading towards their direction.

"h.e.l.lo there!!" Said the 24 year old lady, as she shook teacher Vincent's hand.

"h.e.l.lo!!", teacher Vincent replied, as he shook the lady hand.. as well as the other men who came along with her.

The lady turned to look at the children and smiled.

"h.e.l.lo Baymard's proud graduating students!!"

When they heard the lady, they Suddenly felt proud and glad to be addressed like this.

Oh my heavens!!.. they were going to be the first batch to graduate from the public school.

Wasn't this also part of Baymard's history?

"Welcome to the water & sewage treatment plant.

I'm Mrs. Rina, and I'm one of the many plant operators here.

To my left... is one of my colleagues Mr. Christiano, who happens to be an electrical engineer (in training).

And to my right is Mr. Benjamin, who happens to be a chemical engineer (in training).

Today, we have a lot of exciting things for you all to see.

Like how we turn ocean water into clean drinkable water... as well as how we supply that same water to everyone within Baymard.

And you guys are in for a real treat!!!..

We will show you all what happens to waste when it flows through the sinks, or is flushed down the toilets.

Now... do any of you have any questions?" Rina asked.

Henry immediately raised his hand.

"Ehmm Mrs. Rina, what exactly does a plant operator do?"

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