When Henry had gone to the construction and Alchemy industries last week, he had seen electrical engineers.. as we as chemical engineers.

But this was his first time seeing a plant operator.

It wasn't only Henry who was curious... everyone there wanted to know about the job as well...

After all, the main reason for these trips was to find out what they would like to do when they graduate.

What exactly was a plant operator?

"Well.... there are so many tasks that I perform. Like monitoring all system procedures, doing routine checks, and many more.

To make it easier for you all to understand, I will fully explain my duties to you as the tour progresses.

Oh!! And I will also explain the duties of all the other jobs within this plant as well.

Now.... are you all excited for today's tour?" Rina asked excitedly.

"We are!!"

"Yes yes!!"


"Okay okay....calm down everyone.

Before we begin our tour, we'll have to get you all briefed and suited up.... as his majesty would say."

Everyone giggled as they followed behind Rina and her team.

Their king always said the funniest slangs and sentences ever... just like this 'let's get suited up' phrase.

In their opinion, although their king was serious when he needed to be.... he was also extremely funny and a good source of comedic relief to them.

Especially when he narrated stories about princesses and warriors....

And because of their king, they had began picking up these funny sentences and slangs as well.

They would chat with their friends and say things like: 'hasta la vista' and 'say h.e.l.lo to my little friend'.

They really hoped that someone would compile and publish all these iconic phrases.... so that they could read up on them when they wanted to laugh with their friends.

Rina and her team lead them into a large auditorium within one of the buildings, and began briefing them on safety.

They were told what they should do if they were in trouble... As well as what they should do if they noticed any issues, leaks and problems within the plant.

And at the end of their safety briefing, they were given face masks, protective boots, and protective gla.s.ses to wear.

Once everyone was suited up, the tour finally began.

They followed Rina towards another large gate, which apparently led to sector 2.

Although this region didn't have any of those beautiful gla.s.s buildings, it was still breathtaking all the same.

Their tour guides immediately led them towards the facilities that treated water from the ocean.

Of course Rina stayed ahead of them, while Christiano and Benjamin walked behind them... ensuring that no one was lost or left behind.

The tour had progressed steadily, with Rina explaining the treatment process... as well as everyone's job and responsibilities.

And now, it was time to move on to sewage treatment.

"Can anyone give me an example of waste that's found in sewage water?" Rina asked.

Almost immediately, several hands were raised up in the air.

"Yes.....you.... and before Answering, please tell us your name please."

"Ehmmm my name is Mathias.... and I think soapy water is waste" the boy shyly answered.

"Correct!!!.. its indeed waste.. thank you Mathias... anyone else?"

"My name is Julia... food that falls into the sinks"



"Tissue Paper"


"All of you are correct.... all of them are found within the sewage water that's treated here.

Okay, let's look at the processes that change sewage water into clean drinkable water." Rina said.



"How is that even possible? How can we get clean water from all that?"


Rina giggled, as she listened to the childish comments of Baymard's future graduates.

The children's faces were scrunched up.. and they couldn't help but wonder how they were going to make p.o.o.p filled water clean.

Just thinking about it made them want to throw up.

But as the tour progressed, they became surprised at the end results.

The gross greenish greenish brown water, had turned clear and clean.

Wasn't this magic?

Science was truly awesome.

With the tour at its end, the children ate their lunch within the industry, and headed over to the power plant and finally towards the central heating plant.

And by the end of the day, the students were sent back to the school's premises.


"So Henry, have you finally decided what you'd like to be when you graduate? Mildred asked curiously.

Today... although the power and central heating plants were fascinating, none of them truly piqued Henry's interest like the water & sewage treatment plant.

He had asked a lot of questions.. as well as answered several others from Mrs. Rina.

The most important thing was that, he had felt that even if he worked there for 20 years, he would still love doing his job daily.

And if he ever grew tired of being a plant operator, he could just switch job t.i.tles within the industry.

There were chemists/alchemists within the plant that focused on Chemistry and engaged in chemical research and experiments.

There were electrical engineers, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, managers, plant specialists, technicians and so on.

In fact, all he knew was that he wanted to work in this particular industry for a long time.

It seemed like he had finally found his 'calling'.

"Hmmm... I want to work in the water & sewage treatment plant... I want to become like Mrs. Rina.

I want to be plant operator."

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