Time pa.s.sed by quickly.....and finally, November was here and Santa's subordinates had once again arrived on the sh.o.r.es of Baymard.

Gregory from the Council of Agriculture, and Rowin from the council of mineral resources, came along with Landon to learn and see how trade was usually done.

After all, they too would have to take over this job of exportation and importation sooner or later.

Landon sold several mineral ores... as well as received animals, bags of seeds, and of course slaves and refugees from Santa's subordinates.

Just like before, the learned slaves were sent to the secretaries, auditors and accountants... while the children were sent over to the resident estate within the upper region.

There were also people who volunteered to be soldiers, stable caretakers, chefs, and nurses/doctors.

"Little..La.... Your majesty, are we still going to open those new academies now?" Lucius asked.

He was so used to calling Landon...

'little Landon', that he would slip up here and there when talking to Landon publicly.

"Sigh.. you know that I already take you as my father, so can you just drop it?" Landon replied.

"Nope!!.. I need to maintain a certain level of respect so that everyone else will respect you too.... plus I will only require you to call me that when I marry your mother.

So, your majesty.... what about the new academies?" Lucius said with as he smiled warmly at Landon.

'What a stubborn man', Landon thought.

Right now, he wanted to create 2 new academies:

•The Baymard Police Academy.

•And the Baymard Academy for Guard Training.

For the police academy, Landon had decided that for now, he would just let them focus on public safety.

Typically, a regular police academy, produces officers that deal with: public/community safety, Crime Scenes, Cyber criminals, National security and many more.

Crimes that affect national security, like terrorists... would typically be handed over to the National Security officers (like the F.B.I).

And any crimes that involved murder, kidnapping, homicide, bombs, aid the police, and so on.... would be handled by Crime Scene Investigators (C.S.I)... and sometimes the National Security officers.

But that was all for the future.

Right now, Baymard just needed public safety officers.

These officers were in charge of: patrolling the area on foot or with police cars, responding to crimes in progress, preventing crime, arresting violators, rescuing civilians, investigating ordinary crimes (like car accidents, bank robbery, theft..and so on)... as well as aiding the victims and interrogating criminals.

They also regulate traffic, control crowds, administer first aid, and respond to fire alarms or emergency calls (911)... and the list goes on.

Anyway.... the 375 new recruits that had volunteered to join the police academy, would study and work at the same time.

Landon had planned to make a working schedule that didn't affect their studies at all.

Back on earth, almost all students ad part time jobs when studying.... so Landon didn't think it would be completely stressful to them.

He would make sure that everyone got to be on duty at least twice or thrice a week.. depending on their cla.s.s schedules.

But no matter how many work s.h.i.+fts they had, all the work posts would always be filled with officers on duty..... no matter what time of day it was.

even at night, he expected the police officers to stay alert and vigilant.

Speaking of cla.s.s schedules, the students would still need to attend basic cla.s.ses like math and Pyron.

But in addition to those, they had to take ethics cla.s.ses, Laws and Justice cla.s.ses, close combat cla.s.ses and obstacle course cla.s.ses.

As well as first aid cla.s.ses, weapon theory and handling cla.s.ses.. which involved shooting.

For this, Landon had decided to appoint a few Warrant officers from the Army as their teachers within the academy.... since these courses were already taught in the army anyway.

"Your majesty... I don't think that any of the soldiers would like to leave the army for this police academy..

Leaving the army means that they wouldn't fight wars, go for missions and so on.

I know that if I was asked to leave the army, I too wouldn't agree." Lucius stated.

Landon thought for a while and his eyes lit up.

"Then let's not remove them from the army.. lets have them become officials for both the army and the police academy.

And to encourage them.... the time that they spend teaching, would count towards their increase in rank within the Army itself.

Also don't forget that they aren't teaching all year round.

They just have 2 major semesters to focus on.. that's it.

And when any sort of war approached Baymard, they could still choose to join the battle.... if they wanted to.

So for now, we'll let them keep their rooms in the army.. as well as give them new rooms within the police academy.

But when they were teaching, they had to stay within the police academy."

"Your majesty, this might just work... no one wants to hide up their ranks within the army.. al letting them keep it is definitely a must.

Also, the other suggestions are good as well." Lucius replied while nodding.

Landon had also decided that while the soldiers were teaching the new recruits, he would in turn teach them several new courses.

Courses like: criminology, psychology, Victimology, Warrants & Community safety.... were some of the courses that these police officers had to know by heart.

As for the police station, Landon had decided to use another small estate close to the public school.

This station was were the recruits would handle all public matters involving safety and crime.

And while the recruits were on duty, the warrant soldiers would also supervise them as well.


Like any other military profession, this police academy would also have it's own ranking system too.

For public safety officers, the ranks from lowest to highest were:

•Officer/Deputy (recruits spend 1 year within this rank before advancing).

•Detective/Inspector (1.5 years within rank)

•Sergeant: (2 years)

•Lieutenant (2 years)

•Captain (2.5 years)

•Major/Deputy Inspector (2.5 years)

•Colonel (3 years)

•Commander (3.5 years)

•Deputy chief of Police/Deputy Commissioner (4 years)

•a.s.sistant Chief of Police/a.s.sistant Commissioner (5 years)

•Chief of Police/Commissioner/Sheriff

Of course when looking at the time required to advance to the next rank, Landon had altered it a bit to fit Baymards needs.

"Your majesty, so your saying that I would also be the Chief of Police.. as you call it.. of this police station?"

"Well... yes... your the only one that could head the city's police force... so for now, I want you to hold onto the position, until someone suitable comes along..

Hehehehe...You are currently the face of justice within the city, so it's really hard to find a replacement as good as you."

"You little brat....who's the face of justice?" Lucius said, as he pretended to be angry.

"Ohhh!! What happened to calling me 'your majesty'?... hehehehe"

"Boy..... you really know how to make this man here speechless."

The next academy that Landon decided to make, was the Baymard academy for Guard Training

Just like the police academy students, these 298 new recruits.. would also work part-time as security guards within Baymard, while studying.

Well for them, there wasn't really much to do... except for making sure that they knew math, english, weapon handling, ethics and close combat.

Again, the warrant officers would teach these recruits as well...and their services would be counted towards the increase of their army ranks.

But unlike the other academies that required the students to take several years studying, this academy only needed it's students to spend 2 years within it.

And after graduation, the students would have to move out, get their own apartment or homes.. and apply for full-time positions within Baymard.

Of course some of them could also apply to teach the future recruits within the academy as well.


"Since that's all, I'll help you settle down these new recruits within the academies... as well as a.s.sign several warrant officers to teach them. "

Once Lucius and some soldiers escorted the group of recruits away, Landon was finally left with 5410 workers.

Now, he could finally focus on November's Tasks.

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