With 5410 workers, Landon decided to send:

•510 workers to the Alchemy Industry

•500 workers to the Food Industry

•200 workers to the Textile Industry.

•200 workers to the Cleaning Service facility.

•1000 workers to the Construction Industry

•and 3,000 workers to some construction sites around Baymard.

And right now of of these 3000 construction workers, he decided to send: 1000 new workers to aid those building the new city wall.

Since those at the city wall had cleared a substantial amount of trees, Landon had decided that half of the men should start building the new city wall.... While the other half should continue clearing these trees.

This way, work would definitely go by faster.

Again, he wanted to send another 1000 men, to aid those building the new mall.

And finally the remaining 1000, would aid those constructing the roads.


"Your majesty, how many men do you want to start construction on the new Printing Industry?" Tim asked.

"Hmmm... get 500 construction workers from all the construction sites.. and have them start construction immediately."

The reason why Landon wanted to build a printing industry, was so that he could start printing out money A.S.A.P.

It was better, and more efficient to have large electrically controlled machines do the job... than have the workers waste their time doing several batches on multiple steam engines.

Apart from printing money, this new printing industry would continue printing books, and other doc.u.ments needed within Baymard.

And in the future, they would print newspapers as well.

Previously, Landon didn't want them to bother with newspapers because with all honesty, the workers were few and the amount of things that they needed to print off were plenty.

These people were basically 'printers'.

When several copies of official doc.u.ments needed to be made, they would handle it.

When books were needed, it was their jobs.

Let's not even talk about liscense cards, I.D cards and so on.

They were busy as well... so why would he push overwork them just for that?

But with the aid of electrically powered machines, the worker's burdens would greatly lessen.

Hence it was time to start constructing their own industry.

Plus them moving out of the construction industry, will create a lot of vacant s.p.a.ce within the industry for future development.

Anyway... since this industry would focus on printing, Landon didn't think it needed to be large.

The industry needed its own fence, guard posts and car park within it... as well as 5 other wide buildings for work.

1 building would be used for meetings, offices, clinic and cafeteria area.. while the other 4, would be used for printing.

Landon had already decided that all buildings should be very wide, and should be at least 3 stories high.

With 500 construction workers, he was sure that the work would be done around the first week of December.

"Okay Your majesty... I'll a.s.sign them to start construction right away.

And Ehmmm your majesty, what exactly are typewriters?" Tim asked, while flipping the notes in his hand.

This was the first time that he had ever heard of it.

"Well... do you remember how you guys complained about not being able to read each others handwriting on official doc.u.ments?"

Tim, Wiggins, Sophia and Lyore nodded back.

Honestly it was a ha.s.sle for them.

Here were over 100 official doc.u.ments that they couldn't read, because some of their subordinates had bad handwriting.

Back on earth, one would say that their handwriting resembled that of a doctor's own.

For official doc.u.ments, this was definitely a NO NO!

Hence for the sake of proper record keeping, it was definitely time for the workers to use typewriters.

Besides, it would also be useful for those who'll work in the banks as customer service representatives, or even front desk workers.

Typewriters worked mechanically.... and almost have the same key array mechanism as pianos did.

When one tapped a letter on the typewriter, a thin metal stick-like wand, stroked the paper.... producing the same letter that was touched earlier on.

Each part of the typewriter, would typically be made from either metal or plastic.

So all the parts would be molded out and joint together by tiny nails and screws.

For manufacturing of these typewriters, he had decided to give the job to Department 6 of the Construction Industry.

As for the keyboard format, Landon preferred the normal format used back on earth.

Of course every typewriter would come with an instruction manual, so as to aid their users.

Hopefully in the future, several writers would be born because of this invention.

Children could also write ma.n.u.scripts of their own stories if they liked... and maybe earn a living from doing it.

The future was limitless.


Up next, Landon wanted to focus on toothpaste.

In this era, people brushed their teeth using a rough cloth, water and salt.

They also used crushed eggsh.e.l.ls as toothpaste... as well as ground from the earth and scales from fish.

And sometimes... they would split the ends of twigs, and use this as their toothbrush.

Obviously, these methods left them with several wounded gums and unclean teeth.

Hence the best solution, was definitely toothpaste and toothbrushes.

So what goes into a tube of toothpaste? ... chemicals that's what!

Lots and lots of chemicals.... like calcium carbonate, aluminium hydroxide, fluorine ...and so on.

Basically, there are several raw materials and additives... that work towards one simple aim, to stop tooth decay and aid in gum protection.

So to start off... the ingredients would be fully combined, and later heated up in large aluminium tanks.

So as to prevent any other chemical reactions from occurring inside the toothpaste mix.

Yes aluminum already existed in Baymard.

It was a metal that was extracted and refined from the reddish clay rock... called bauxite, that was found within the caves.

Generally, this ore made about 10% of this worlds outer crust..... so it wasn't that hard to find.

Back on earth, this ore made 8% of the earth's crust... and was one of the most abundant ores found and used by almost all industries.

Anyway, after heating....the mixture would have a dough like appearance.

From there, Landon had planned to use peppermint and other plants as flavor.

And once everything is done, the toothpaste would be put in plastic tubes...and sold out to the citizens.

For toothbrushes, they usually have 3 main components: the bristles, the grip part and the handle.

The grip and the handle, will be molded from rubber..

For the bristles, nylon or soft rubber were generally used.

So Landon had decided to make toothbrushes that had both bristle types... the citizens would but the ones that they deemed fit.

"Wiggins... since the plastic making department is within your industry.... then I'll let your alchemy industry handle the creation and packaging if the toothpaste.

And Tim, since the rubber making department is within your industry... then, I'll let you take care of creating the toothbrushes as well."

"Yes your majesty".

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