"Moving on... I've thought about a suitable solution for carrying heavy items." Landon said.

Everyone's eyes lit up.

They had been waiting for this solution for several months now.

The main issue complain that they had gotten from the delivery workers, was the fact that both plastic and metal. . were not suitable to have as delivery boxes.

The men had to offload several deliveries a day.. be it from food, clothes and so on.

And even though plastic was lighter than metal, it still had some definite weight when they carried it over their shoulders... or across their waists.

Sometimes, they would deliver several produce items like apples.. using a metal boxes... which were very heavy..

And other times, they could use these same metal or plastic boxes just to carry several piles of clothes.

It always seemed like they were carrying the whole world on their shoulders.

So what they needed needed right now were cardboard boxes.

Even though these boxes would have a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors .. all of them would still share 3 basic structural components.

They would consist of 1 wavy sheet of paper.. called the 'flute'.... that was being sandwiched, between 2 flat sheets called 'liners'.

And together, the make a corrugated board.

Generally..... production would start with a thick ma.s.sive role of paper, that would be sent to a wavy (crumpled, or ridged) steam roller.

This machine would press the paper between 2 ridged rollers... and blasts it with hot steam.

At this point... the paper that leaves the roller, will be wavy and will also be known as the 'flute' (wavy paper).

To better understand its shape, it would be better to imagine a wavy zinc roof... that has dips and b.u.mps on it.

Once the wavy sheet is formed, glue would be placed on both sides of it.. and 2 other straight sheets of paper would sandwich it.

The glue used here is generally made from water and starch... since this sort of glue wouldn't contaminate fresh produce, that the boxes may later contain in future

After the gluing process....several rectangular and square pieces would be cut out from the large cardboard sheets, depending on the box sizes needed.

And once that's done, cold glue (made from polyvinyl acetate)...would be used to join the sections that would form the box.

Of course any tiny pieces left from cutting, would be sent back to the paper making department for recycling.

Also, if the boxes needed to be printed on, then they would be later sent to the Printing department as well.

"Tim, your department will handle manufacturing of these boxes.

As for the Textile industry, I need new clothing" Landon said while giving a notebook to Sophia.

He needed: Police uniforms, warm nightwear for men, women and children.. sweats.h.i.+rts.. and leggings that can be worn within other pants during winter.

"Your majesty don't worry... it shall be done." Sophia said.

"Good!!!... Lyore for your industry, I need you guys to start making something I call Instant noodles.

Well... I need you to make Instant noodles, Spaghetti, and macaroni."

Truthfully, Landon missed Ramen the most.

Ah!!!....Just thinking about the beef flavoured one, made his mouth watery.

Sigh... a modern society was try the best when it came to food.

Making all these foods were actually quite easy... Take for example, Spaghetti.

The flour is first mixed with water, so as to make the dough... and for this, Landon needed several vacuum steam powered industrial mixers... as well as ordinary mixers, to get the job done.

The dough would first pa.s.s through the ordinary steam mixer... and then it would finally pa.s.s through a Vacuum mixer.

Vacuum machines, usually gave better and much richer dough... it was a must for production.

After mixing, the dough will pa.s.s through another cylindrical steam powered machine, that has several rotating screws and blades within it..... that compresses and cuts the dough into hundreds of long tiny strips at once.

Of course after this process, the strips of dough leave the cylinder....through the many holes on the cylinders mouth, and immediately hung on several aluminium sticks.

From there, they are dried using fire... and later sent to another cutting machine.

This cutting machine would cut them into shorter lengths, so that they could be easily packaged.

And after cutting... they get packaged, marketed and sold out to the citizens.

"Tim.... I need your department to also make several steam powered machines for them... as well as the machines needed for making cardboard boxes."

"Not a problem your majesty

And what about the cleaning tools, will we still change them?" Tim asked.

"Sigh... it looks like your industry is really in for it this time Tim.

Yes... we're going to modify and create new versions of the ones we have right now."

During the weekly meetings, Landon had noticed that the cleaners had been havibg hard time getting their jobs done...due to the inefficiency of the tools that they had at hand.

Of course they didn't notice the problem... because to them, the new sponges, cleaning rags, floor & window cleaning detergents, brooms, mops, and dust pans... . were already G.o.dly in their eyes.

But Landon immediately saw the main issue at hand.

For things like the industries and other large enterprises.... it was ideal for them to use industrial sized tools.

So that they could get the job done using less time and less people.

Hence what he planned to do right now, was to create new versions of the tools that already existed presently.

He would make new modified tools like brooms and mops, that could handle wider cleaning surfaces.. .. as well as wider window wipers.

Everything that they had right now was good for residential cleaning... but not industrial.

Although he was making new tools, he knew that it wasn't the right time to make electrically powered ones... like vacuum cleaners and floor scrubbers.

Right now, the workers were extremely busy... and not all the industries and workplaces were electrically wired up.

So electrically powered tools were definitely a No No!

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