"What?.... This really happened?" Lucius asked.

"Yeah.. it really did

Warrant officer Moby was really exceptional when he fought that Hangol."

"Hmmm... It seems that his training has aided him a lot.

This is the first time that I've heard that someone could wrestle a Hangol, and survive." Lucius said.

"True.... Without efficient combat skills, one would get his neck or shoulders bitten off just from the Hangol's first attack."

"So what are we going to do about this?... how can we make the men confidence in handling such situations?" Lucius asked.

"We need to re-organize and establish new training goals and objectives.

We need more scenario situations.

I was thinking of making Military 'Simunition guns' just for this."

Lucius was confused.

What kind of guns were those?


Well....'Simunition' guns looked exactly like real guns, but their bullets were different.

Landon would describe these bullets to be a crossover between paint and metal.

So generally... the bullets consisted of paintball, that was loaded into a metal casing.

And when shot, it behaved like real bullets... which is more advantageous than normal paintball guns.

Most military and police training academies on earth, would allow their new recruits to use simunition guns during training.

Only a small number of facilities, would actually use ordinary paintball guns over simunition guns.

Those facilities were usually cheapskates!

Compared to these guns, paintball guns were completely unrealistic.

Firstly, the projectile speed of the paint that's being shot out... was nowhere near that of real bullets.

So this was not accurate and useful for improving one's aiming skills.

Secondly..... the weight and feel of the bullets and guns, greatly differed between paintball guns and real guns.

And lastly, it was almost impossible to dodge paintball shots.... as well as to making accurate shots from paintball guns.

With a regular gun, one could shoot someone's left eye cleanly.

But with paintball guns, half of the target's face would be covered in paint.... making it hard for the soldiers to know if they had made the right shot or not.

It was soooooo unrealistic.

Typically when paint leaves the gun, it covers more surface area as it travels through the air... Making a big splatter around the targeted region.

But when regular bullets leave a gun, their shots were clean and precise.. making it easier for the men to practice their firing skills.

Most military personnels who had been able to dodge bullet shots during their missions, found that they couldn't particular dodge paintball shots that were close by.

For example.. spies could dodge several raining bullets... but if it were raining paintb.a.l.l.s, it would be too hard and unrealistic to do.

Because technically.... the rule of paintball was that when the paint touches the target, he or she would be considered dead... even if it was just little traces that splattered on them.

So paintball guns were good for athleticism and boosting moral, but not for military simulations.

Back on earth, it was quickly noticed that soldiers who used paintball guns during training... developed a lot of bad habits.

Like misunderstanding the nature of their missions, thinking that practice was a game.. and not taking gunshot training seriously.

With paintball guns, there were no injuries or pain.. so the men tended to loose focus, and have fun during training instead.

Which was definitely a No No!!

If he allowed regular paintball guns for training, their shooting skills would deteriorate with time... as they would think that this was all a game.

Like he had said... they were not here to play, they were here to learn how to defend themselves, their comrades and the people.


So with all these reasons...'simunition' guns were definitely the better option.

It was better to imagine the bullets from these guns, as lipstick the size of regular bullets.

The lipstick itself was the paint, enclosed within a clear wax frame.

While the outer sh.e.l.l of the lipstick, was the metal casing of the lower half of the bullet.

Anyway when these shots were fired, the mechanism within the gun and the metal casing... would propel the paint at high speeds towards the target.

With these simunition guns, the paint wouldn't splatter around the whole area.

It would act like a real bullet and only hit the targeted region, hence making it easier for target practice.

And the best part of it all... was that these bullet shots, would hurt like h.e.l.l!!!

Of course no one would die from these shots.... but in some cases, the shots would leave purplish or greenish bruise marks if they hit bare skin.

With ordinary paintball... since the force is being spread across the air, the target doesn't feel pain at all.

But with these ones, the force of the paint was contained within the bullets.

And when these bullets reach their target at such high speeds... hehehehehe...they would wish that they had properly dodged it.

Think of them, as paintb.a.l.l.s on steroids.

it would swell, sting and hurt like crazy.

Of course depending on the size of the bullet, the pain could increase even more.

For now, Baymard had no real protective gear against real bullets... or even this sort of bullets.

The only thing that was available as protective gear, were helmets.. which would naturally protect their eyes and face.

Landon had decided that by January, he would start making bulletproof vests and other protective gear.

Right now, Baymard was super busy.

so until January, the soldiers would just have to take all the pain from these bullets if they got shot.

With protective gear on, the pain from these simunition bullets... would go down by 70%.

That is if the bullets were aimed at their chests, or other exposed regions.

But if someone still targeted areas like their arms, then for sure.... they would feel all the pain from being hit.

But on the bright side, this would make them take training seriously... since no one would like to receive shots from these weapons.

No pain, no gain.

Being hit by these bullets, would actually make the pain resonate within the men.

Soon, they would say things like: [okay!!.. I'm not going to dodge this shot at this angle again] or [I'm not going to hide around this corner in this manner.]

Being shot, will make these men get self awareness.

Be it from the way they hide during missions, or even the way they shoot their moving targets.

These sort of guns would give the men that element of realism, that they couldn't get with shooting live rounds. ..... Since they technically couldn't shoot another person with real bullets.

Plus the bruises gotten from being shot, could even leave lasting marks and pain... for several weeks and months.

So Landon was sure that with all these factors, the men would quickly adapt, learn, and develop their own shooting techniques while training.

This will prepare them, for missions and real-life combat.

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