Once these weapons were made, Landon would create several practice scenarios for the soldiers... so that they could train more efficiently.

Right now, the men just shot stationary targets.. As well as moving targets that were being controlled by a lever.

Imagine those shooting games within amus.e.m.e.nt parks.. were if one shot the moving target, they would get a teddy bear as a prize.

Well, that was how the moving targets were done here... they only moved from left to right at a controlled pace.

But what Landon wanted the soldiers to learn, was how to shoot moving targets that knew how to think for themselves.

Like terrorists that knew how to think, take hostages, and shoot back at them.

Also, these weapons would also be good for the police officers and security guards as well.

He would create bank heist scenarios, and other potential hostage scenarios that could take place within the city.

That's why when these weapons will be created, he'll divide them into 2 groups and give them their missions.

Obviously one group would be the good guys, why the other group would be the bad guys.

He also wanted them to know what to do when their mission was compromised.

"Hmmm... that's good... I too, would like to try these new weapons." Lucius said while nodding his head.

Although Lucius knew that real bullets would definitely kill him.... there was always a part of him that wanted to know if it was actually as painful as what Landon had said.

He had shot animals with these bullets, and had seen them die instantly... so he knew that they wouldn't definitely kill or injure him.

But how painful was it though?

As a former knight, he had received more than 30 sword stabs throughout his entire career.

So he wanted to know the so called 'impact pain' from these bullets.

Landon looked at him and smiled.

"I have to tell you though... what you would feel from these bullets, would only be about 1/10 (10%) of what you would feel from being shot with real bullets.

But even the pain factor from these ones, are extremely great."

This was just basic physics.

If something was coming towards anyone at that speed, then the force of impact would be ridiculously great.

Of course the weight of the bullet, also plays an important part to the pain factor as well.

The targeted region would feel like it was about to shatter.

That's why even when people still wear bulletproof vests, the bullet force would still cause them to feel immense pain.

All the momentum and energy that had been building up from the gun... and through the air, would now be fully focused on that targeted region.

The pain is truly gruesome.

"Don't worry, I'll get the Weapon making department to get on it A.S.A.P.

Although it's not as painful as regular gunshots, when you try it... you'll know."

For some reason when Lucius looked at Landon's smile, he felt like he had just dug a grave for himself.

"Eh ehmm... Well, enough about that.

Let's talk about your birthday.

Are you prepared for tomorrow's celebration?"


--Riverdale City, Arcadina--


"Finally.... we've made it!!" Yelled a tall burly man.

The man's name was Obadiah, and he was one of the very many subordinates to Master Nopline.

His master was a well known slave trader around Arcadina.

He had come to Riverdale with 20 of his henchmen, in hopes of lodging here for the next few days.

Their master had sent them down here to get as many slaves as they could from Baymard.

Although they knew that 300 knights were currently stationed there, they still felt like those knights wouldn't necessarily care for the people.

After all, this wasn't their first time going into a city filled with knights.

Typically, they would go into several cities..... and promise the poor, lots of riches and a new life.

So they basically sold dreams to these hopeless fools.

Peasants were always the easiest to trick.

They were usually, hopeful, somewhat honest and incredibly stupid!!!!

They believed anything anyone said, provided the person looked kind and righteous.


Why would they go out of their way to give riches to people that they didn't know?

Tsk!!... They were just hopeful dimwits, with no sense of purpose or direction.

Generally once the people were convinced, they would usually send their sons and daughters to go with them to this new 'Promise Land'.

Hehehehe..... it was always funny, watching these people bid farewell to their loved ones.

Some parents would even caution their children to always be obedient and work hard... while others would wail and cry out loud.

The children who had decided to leave with them, would often promise that they would come back home with riches and take care of their loved ones.


Anyway, their master needed more slaves... so that they could be sold to wealthy people within Arcadina, as well as some Money temples.

Some of these slaves would also be s.h.i.+pped across the waters, to other continents and empires.. if need be.

And right now, Baymard was looking like a big fat piece of juicy meat to them.

It was said that the place was so poor that the people didn't even have enough food to eat.

So if they promised the people food and a better life, then wouldn't they willingly follow?

This was a big jackpot to them.

Just thinking about all the useless and weak peasants around, made them feel like this particular job would be too easy to accomplish.

Who knows.... maybe some of the knights would have been driven to madness by hunger, and would also willingly follow them back as well.

His master had promised him a fat reward if he could also convince the soldiers to follow them towards the 'Promise Land'.

Obadiah and his henchmen, quickly paid for their lodgings and settled down.

Since it was just mid-day, some of the men went around the city to find out if any interesting thing had happened within Baymard.

After all.... although they had heard the news about the city, they knew better than to always believe news that heard here and there.

Situations could always change... so in this line of business, it was important to get ones facts straight.

"Javis, is the news different from what we already know?" Obadiah asked.

"Boss....It's exactly the same.

I even asked if anyone had done trading with the city.

And I was told that for more than 6 months now, no merchant or caravan has gone towards Baymard.

Actually, it makes sense since no one would be willing to incur the wrath of King Barn.

The place is treated like a city for the dead.

With all this happening, it's clear that those people either hunted for their food or fished food from the waters.

Either way, their land is still barren, and their in dire need of money and riches."

"Hahahaha... that's great!!!" Obadiah said excitedly.

"But boss... what about the soldiers and that b.a.s.t.a.r.d king?"

"Hmmp!!!!... what can they truly do to stop us?

Firstly, I don't think that they would be a problem.

Its believed that, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d is seriously ill.... and doesn't have long to live.

So it's clear that his men would be more worried about guarding his life, than worrying and guarding those peasants.

Besides... haven't we already taken hundreds of children in this manner?

The soldiers usually don't care... and even if they tried to stop us, we could just do what we usually do."

"Boss... you mean bribe them?" Javis asked.

"Yup!!.. that's exactly what we'll do.

All these men with authority and power, are just the same.. so there's nothing for us to worry about."

"Ehmmm boss.... when we succeed in getting these children, are we allowed to have a taste of some of them?" Asked another man, who was smiling wickedly.


This time, you all are allowed to touch them..... since our clients don't care if they're virgins or not.

But you guys can only do 'it', after we arrive at our base at 'Kilua City'.

When we get there, you guys have to give the girls those potions from the apothecaries, before pleasuring yourselves.

We wouldn't want any of them to be pregnant, now would we?

So I suggest you destroy their wombs completely, before doing 'it'.

Also, since some of you prefer little boys... then you guys can go on right ahead with them, just make sure that you don't bruise them up too much."

Hehehehe..... everyone licked their lips in antic.i.p.ation.

Virgins were always the best.... be it boys or girls, it was always fun for them to watch their prey struggle against them.

"Alright, alright!!!!

Today, everyone is allowed to have fun at the pubs and brothels.

But by midnight, I need you all back and sound asleep.

Tomorrow, we'll start our mission."

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