November 3rd, the year 1024.

The early morning sun shone, filling the sky with light shades of orange and pink.

Its golden rays of suns.h.i.+ne, gave the dewy gra.s.s a gentle glow.

The birds chirped loudly, and the air felt slightly refrigerated.

It was the start of a brand new day.

People could be heard talking and walking all around Baymard.

Everyone was up and busy, in preparation for today's celebration.

Some people were doing their hair.... while others were busy going through their closets, in hope of finding the perfect outfit for today.

There were also some who were currently decorating the castle, as well as others who were busy preparing several dishes for the event.

And since today was a day for celebration, the children were exempted from school.... as well as the workers.

The only ones that had to work, were those that guarded the gates.. as well as those within the hospital.

And although they would work during the event, Landon had made sure that part of the celebratory food..... would be sent to them while at work.

For his birthday celebration, Landon had gone all out.

He had been planning this party ever since the start of last month.... be it food, decorations, and entertainment... he had thought of it all.

The main thing that he wanted to focus on, were light shows.

Since his castle didn't have electricity yet, he had gotten the electrical engineers... to make rechargeable lights for the show.

Back on earth, he had bought several different colored rechargeable outdoor lights.. from Amazon.

It made his back yard look like a fairytale world.

And since it was current too cold for the people to stay outside for long periods of time, the party would definitely have to be held indoors.

Right now, all those lights have been fully charged..... and were currently being decorated around the castle, as per Landon's request.

Places usually got dark at 5 P.M, and everyone was expected to arrive at the party by 6 P.M

So by the time they had arrived, the lights would be fully turned on for all the guests to see.

For this event, he had also prepared dancers and musicians as well.

In this era, some slaves were taught how to play music and dance... so as to ease their masters.

They would play musical instruments like bladder pipes, lyres, frame drums ( which were made from wood)... and so on.

And because of all these, Landon was able to get several volunteered musicians for the event.

He just needed them to play an uplifting beat, so that everyone could dance during the celebration.

Everyone within the castle was busy like crazy.

Mother kim and and mother Winnie were currently decorating the main hall, when suddenly.. a little maid ran over to them.

"Matriarch... matriarch.. we can't find his majesty anywhere!!"


Some distance away from the gates of Baymard, 6 soldiers were sitting on top of 2 treehouses well hidden around the main road

Since the inner forest was dangerous, Landon had arranged for these treehouses to be placed on the trees around the road leading to Baymard.

The outer walls of the treehouses were made of gla.s.s, but the interior was made of wood.

For this idea, Landon had used the invisible treehouse method that was used back on earth in Sweden.

The gla.s.s reflected its surroundings perfectly, hence instantly camouflaging these treeposts.

Initially, he wanted to paint them green.

But when winter came, wouldn't the leaves all fall to the ground leaving white snow around the trees?

Mirror imaging was the best course of action in these cases.

Nature was constantly changing, so it was best to make something that would adapt seamlessly.

Also the trees chosen, were tall, thick, a little ma.s.sive... and weren't all that close to the roadside at all.

They were at least 20 meters away, and were surrounded by at least 10 other trees in all directions.

There were 2 outer posts in total: one stationed on the left side of the road, and the other one on the right side.

For every working s.h.i.+ft, each post would have 3 men on duty.

"Ethan!! Thomas!!!..... I think I see people from afar!!" Axel yelled.

Both men got up from the floor, and quickly looked out the window.

They immediately took out their binoculars, and pushed aside all the camouflage leaves and branches in front of the window.

If one were just looking out the window with their eyes alone, they wouldn't even see anything at all... just some black blurry dots.

But with these binoculars, they could see the men's faces, horses, and even their swords and clothing items.

"11 men!!!!" Ethan yelled out.

"We need to inform his majesty at once!!" Thomas said, as he put down his binoculars.

"I'll quickly go deliver the message, while you two stay here and deliver another message to the other post." Axel said.

Ethan nodded and promptly wrote a short note on paper.

Once he was done, he quickly put the note in a mirror-like purse, attached the purse onto a pulley system, and wheeled it towards the other post.

Since the trees chosen were gigantic and tall, the posts were all way high up in the sky.

And between each tree post, was a pulley rope system.

From ground level, it was hard for anyone to detect anything that was being pa.s.sed on across the roads from one post to another.

When one looked up towards the sky from ground level, they wouldn't be able to see anything.

This was because of the white rope and the mirror-like purse, that aided in camouflaging secret messages between each post.


Back at the city gate several minutes later.... Lucius and Landon had just arrived.

"Why are we here at the gates when you should be getting ready for your party?" Lucius asked helplessly.

Mother Kim had told him not let Landon wander off today, since they needed his opinion when organizing the event.

But under this brats persuasion, they had secretly sneaked out of the castle several hours ago.

After all, he himself was slightly bored, and wanted to do real work as well.

So when Landon said that they could come to the city gates to check things out, Lucius immediately agreed... after 7 rounds of begging from Landon.

Once they arrived, they saw 2 outpost soldiers running towards them.

Landon looked at them and his eyes lit up.

'Show Time!!'

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