What was this situation?

Obadiah and his men were thoroughly confused.

Currently, the barbarians had all formed a single horizontal line.... standing side by side with their leader.

Of course their leader..... that arrogant kid!, wasn't pointing anything at them.

But the other 11 barbarians all pointed black metal sticks at each of them.

Apparently, these tiny metal sticks were called guns.... and they were way smaller than swords.

Honestly, comparing both weapons made Obadiah and his men laugh.

"Bahahahaha!!!!.... What are those supposed to be?"

"Are we supposed to be scared of these tiny sticks?"

"Hahahaha!!!... My sword could reach your necks way faster than that black stick your holding."

"Hehehehe...Boss, I think these savages have lost their minds!"

Obadiah looked at the barbarians, and sneered.

"Little boy, let me give you some advice!

In this life, try not to annoy important people in future.

I'll say this one last time... move out of the way, or face our Master's wrath!!!"

Landon unhurriedly took out the strand of hay from his mouth, and gently raised his eyes to meet Obadiah's stare.

"Feet" Landon said, in a calm tone.

'Djiow! Djiow! Djiow!'



"I'm going to kill you all!!!"


Obadiah and his men had been shot on feet only.

For some people, it was their left foot... while for others, it was their right one.

It was painful as h.e.l.l!!!!!

When the bullet first hit them, they didn't feel any pain at all.

But after 2 seconds, the wound felt like it was constantly burning in fire.

There was a tiny hole, the size of a coin on their feet.

The bullets had even fractured some people's bones and ankles.

They all fell to the floor, and struggled to cope with the pain.

Normal wounds were spread over large surface areas, and could easily distribute the pain factor.

But noooooo.... these ones were small and precise.

The wounds were so deep and painful, that they thought they would die from the pain alone.

The heart-wrenching pain, had even caused some of them to gasp for air.

They truly found it hard to breathe.

This was the first time that they had ever felt this type of pain before.

When they remembered how they had laughed at these weapons previously, they couldn't help but want to punch their former selves in the face.

Just what sort of weapons were these?


Obadiah immediately became attracted by the weapon.

If he could get just one of them, then wouldn't his master reward him even more?

It looked like Baymard wasn't as simple as they thought it to be.

What other treasures were they hiding?

Humans... they were always a greedy bunch.

"Brat!!... I change my mind!!!

Give me and my master some face, and I promise to overlook this matter altogether.

If you gift me with one of these weapons, I won't report this matter to my master!!

But if you don't... hehehehe..... You wouldn't want to p.i.s.s my master off right?" Obadiah said, while struggling through his pain.

Honestly, it wasn't easy talking through this kind of pain.

Landon looked at him and smirked.

"You know..... I thought you were somewhat intelligent.

But right now, I'm thoroughly disappointed in you!!

Take a good look at me.

Do I look like I care about that master of yours?

Even if he came here in the future, I'd still do the same thing to him!!

So why should I give your master face?

In your current situation, do you truly believe that you have any right to demand anything from me or my people?"

"d.a.m.n brat!... just you wait!!!!" Obadiah yelled out in anger.

When he got back, he would round up all the guys and quickly head back here.

No matter what, he had to get these weapons... doing this was his only shot at getting a decent promotion.

"Men!!... let's go back!!!" Obadiah said, as he struggled to get up from the ground.

"And where do you think you and your men are going?" Landon said.

Obadiah and his men couldn't believe what they were hearing.

Did this puny brat plan on taking them as hostages?

Well.... If it were a hostage situation, then they wouldn't really worry at all.

Even if Alec Barn himself caught them, they were sure that they would be later freed... due to their master's influence.

They knew that even if they were taken as hostages..... sooner or later, their master would come to free them.

So how could they be worried?

This wasn't their first hostage situation at all.

When their master came, they would definitely tell him everything that had happened today.

In their minds, this brat was really digging up a grave for himself.

'Hehehe.. just you wait punk!!', they thought.

But of course, the reality was far more different from what they were imagining.

"So you plan on taking us as hostages?" Obadiah asked arrogantly.

"Oh.. no no no... how would I dare take you all as hostages?

Wouldn't your master flatten me if he found out?" Landon said sarcastically.

Unfortunately, they thought that Landon was truly sacred now.

'Hmmp!!.. too late, when we get back, we'll definitely tell our master.' they thought.

"Sigh... it seems like you all have misunderstood me.

I wasn't planning on taking you in as hostages... that would be a big slap on your master's face.

Instead, I was planning on sending you all to the 'Promise Land' personally."

Landon dropped his sarcastic tone, and became serious.

"Now... Listen up you pieces of s.h.i.+T!!!

Let this be a lesson to you all.

You have no right to rape, murder or force anyone into anything that they aren't willing to do!

In your next lives, I hope that you all will be smart enough to take my words seriously.

Men!!!.... Go all out!!!!" Landon commanded.

Instantly, a rain of bullets fell onto Obadiah and his men.

'Djiow! Djiow! Djiow! Djiow! Djiow!'

Obadiah and his men shook vigorously, as they took several shots on different parts of their body.





"If I survive this, I'll definitely kill you for sure!!"

"I'll get you boy!!!"


As they died, they kept raining several curses at him.

They truly wished that these savages, would have taken them as hostages instead.

The pain that they felt, was truly indescribable.

The soldiers had first started by shooting their legs.... followed by their knees, bellies, chests, arms .. and finally, their heads.

As the men slowly lost consciousness, the bullets continued to rain on them.. and they seemed to hear Landon's final words to them.

[May you all rest in PIECES!!]

It's like that sentence alone, had almost revived them from the dead.

'Motherf***er!!!!', they thought as they grumbled inwardly and slowly lost consciousness.


All of them had died with angry expressions on their faces.

The soldiers had concluded that... for them to die with such squished up expressions, meant that the pain must've been very excruciating.

'Yup!!.. that must be it!'.

But unbeknownst to them, it wasn't 'Pain-kun' that had caused these expressions.

In fact, the real culprit didn't even know that he was the cause of it all.

So everything had decided to put the blame on poor Pain-kun.

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