Scott and his family, were finally ready for his Majesty's party.

Scott stood outside his house and rushed his family out.

Scott wore black pants, a black blazer..... and of course a white s.h.i.+rt and cream colored pet.i.te coat underneath the blazer.

To finish his look off, he wore a black bowtie, black socks, and black rubber shoes.

Actually, the rubber shoes were designed to look like cla.s.sic formal shoes back on earth.. the only difference was that they were made from rubber.. and not leather and so on.

In future, of course other materials would be used for making shoes... but not right now.

Scitt and his son wore the same attire,.. while his wife wore a blue party gown, and his 2 daughters wore pink princess style gowns.

"Hurry! Hurry!.. let's go! let's go!... we'll miss the scheduled truck."

His family took their thick coat sat the coat rack by the door, and quickly rushed out of the house.

For today's celebration, his majesty had arranged for several trucks to drive the people to the castle.

One had to know that the distance was quite far.

On a traffic filled day, if one were to drive a car between each between each region at a normal speed limit of 60 mph.... then they would take at least 35 minutes between each region.

So for example if everyone had cars and the roads had traffic, then someone leaving the castle towards the first District in the Central region... would take at least 35 minutes to arrive at their destination.

But since there was no traffic yet within Baymard, it usually took 16 minutes to drive within each region.

So if they had to walk to the castle from their houses, wouldn't that take a lot of time? And wouldn't they end up just sweating over their formal?

No one would like to go to a party all covered up in sweat, hence Landon had arranged different pickup times for all the citizens.

The trucks would pick people up between 4 P.M and 6 P.M... so that would mean that by 6:30 P.M maximum, everyone would have already arrived at the party.

Scott and his family had chosen the 5:16 truck schedule within their street area.

The sky had just started to get dark, and the truck stop was just a 5 minute walk from their home.

They hopped into the truck, along with several other families, and headed over to the castle.


"Waaahhhh... Dad look!!! His daughter said, as they stepped off the truck.

"Mummy, its so beautiful!" Said his other daughter.

As for himself, his wife and his son, they were so mesmerized that they didn't even hear the comments from the little girls.

'Breathtaking', he thought.

In fact, all the other families who had jumped out of the other trucks just now..... were also astonished as well.

The entire place looked like a mythical land.

'Is this what heaven looks like?' Scott questioned inwardly.

The ma.s.sive carriage road in from of him, had several glowing b.a.l.l.s.... that were placed at both sides of the road.

These glowy b.a.l.l.s, were spherical in shape and had the size of large truck tires.

They produced different colored lights, and made Scott feel like he was walking within a fairytale world.

Apart of the carriage path, several of these glowy b.a.l.l.s had also been placed across the lawns... and on some large rocks as well.

Everyone was filled with amazement, as they looked at the scene before them.

"Welcome esteemed guests!"

In front of them were 2 butlers, who were in charge of leading their group in.

They walked in awe around the castle, and finally arrived at the main hall.

Scotts mouth quivered as he looked at the scene in front of him.

How could such a place exist in this world?

It was almost like his majesty had brought a whole mythical forest into his palace.

At this point, Scott wouldn't be too surprised if he saw birds and b.u.t.terflies flying around the hall.

"Oh my heavens, are these trees?"

"Mummy! Daddy! it's so pretty!!"

"Are we still in Baymard?"



Scott had never seen anything like this in his entire life.

There were several glowing trees and flowers alongside the corners of the ma.s.sive hall.

The trees had several lights and objects on them, that made the scene look magical!!

A little distance ahead of the trees.... were hundreds of rectangular tables, arranged in a manner that left the center hall open for dancing and so on.

The chairs had red bows tied behind them... and every table had cutlery, plates, cups, and several 'lights in a jar' after every after 3 seats.

The Hall itself was enormous as h.e.l.l, hence could accommodate everyone in Baymard.

One could imagine this hall, to be similar to that in the last scene of 'Beauty and the Beast'..... were Beauty dances with the Beast who had already turned back into his human form.

It was really ma.s.sive.

Once Scott and his family arrived at the hall, another butler found seats for them.

And after settling down, they began discussing with other people on their table.

Time pa.s.sed by, and it was finally 6:30 P.M.

Party Time!!

The drums thumped loudly, and a group of excited dancers came towards the center of the hall.

They danced majestically, mingled amongst the crowd.... and finally went towards the stage.

As they danced, they pounded their chests proudly and yelled [Baymard!!], at several intervals.

Their dance told the story of the people's suffering and pain within the empire.

The dancers bent their backs and acted like farmers in the farms, some also s.h.i.+vered and fell on the ground from cold and so on.

And after some story narrations about their suffering, the good part began.

The dancers demonstrated all their blessings and riches that they had gotten ever since Landon had come to Baymard.

They showed Baymards story through their dance.

And at this point, even the audience themselves wanted to join the dance as well.

Scott felt very emotional, as he remembered how he almost lost his wife from starvation and malnutrition. ... but his majesty came made the lands bare fruit again.

He looked at his wife and his eyes turned moist again.

His wife looked back at him and leaned on his shoulders.

They didn't say anything... but somehow, they understood each others heart.

Their children on the other hand, who were previously crying... were now beating their chests proudly and also chanting: [Baymard! Baymard! Baymard!]

The audience was so immersed in the story, that they too began beating their chests as well.

Suddenly, the rhythm of the drums changed.

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