The rhythm of the drums changed and the dancers immediately ran towards the stage.

The audience was excited... what would happen now?

Even those from the military, couldn't help but loose they usual calm expression .

The new slaves who had just come this month, were also excited as well.

Tim, Wiggins, Lyore and their families all looked at the stage expectantly.

The dancers literally climbed the steps of the stage, like how ninja's in naruto usually ran ..... and began running around the outer corners of the stage.

'Boom boom boom boom boom'

The rhythm of the drums had changed again.

Immediately, they on the stage sat on the outer corners of the stage.... and pointed at a ma.s.sive door, at the top left corner of the hall.

As they pointed, they began to do several hand gestures that all pointed towards the door.

After a minute and a half, the dancers on the stage finally got up and danced their way out of the hall through another door at the back.

As they danced out, they kept pointing towards that first door at the front... and the audience couldn't help but keep their eyes fixed on that ma.s.sive door, lest they missed anything.

Once the dancers left, the drums stopped altogether... and the soft enchanting tune of the lyre (harp), began to play.

The ma.s.sive door slowly opened, and several other dancers came out from behind the door.

These dancers wore b.u.t.terfly capes, that glowed due to the small lights placed within their capes.

They truly acted like b.u.t.terflies, as they flapped their wings in hopes of flying.

They flapped their wings and ran across the hall... and after another minute, they fell sat on the ground and flapped their wings towards the door again.

This time, all those who would sit at the tables on the stage... walked out of the door and headed towards the stage.

Of course those at this high table were all the little Momo, little Linda, Grace, Bari, Mother Winnie, Gary, Josh, Mark and Trey.

Landon considered these people to be his immediate family, so of course they would sit and eat with him during his birthday party.

Plus most of them lived in the castle with him.. so it was only right.


Once the group was seated, the b.u.t.terfly dancers left the hall and the music changed back to drums again.

'Boom boom boom boom'

The drums beating loudly, and everyone was waiting in antic.i.p.ation for their king.

The door opened again, and several volunteered army men and women did cartwheels and cool gymnastic moves for the audience.

This part of the story showed the fighting spirit of the people, as well as the army.

Those within the military, were excited to see some of their friends amongst the dancers.

"Hey!! Gillan just did the snake hand move... hahahaa"

"Look at Cynthia!! Wowww.. she did a triple jump and finally ended it off with a split!"


Once again, the rhythm of the drums changed and the army dancers got down on one knee and faced the ma.s.sive door.

2 couples came out.

The matriarch, mother Kim... walked out with Army General Lucius.

Followed by King Landon and his fiance, Princess Lucy.

They a looked like royalty.

Previously, they had always been dressing down.. so now, they looked like fairytale royalty.

Landon had dressed up exactly like how Prince Eric had dressed for his wedding, in Disney's 'The little Mermaid'.

As for Army general Lucius, he had just worn a blue colored version of the Landon's attire.

As for Mother Kim, she wore a gown similar to Elsa's iconic blue gown in 'Frozen.... except this one had no slit and was covered up around the chest area.

And finally, Lucy worn a gown similar to Belle's yellow ball gown in 'Beauty and the Beast'.

And to make it more magical, her dress glowed as she walked towards the stage.

She truly looked like a true princess.

Once both couples were finally seated on the stage, those on the stage rose up... and the audience immediately followed their lead.

Everyone bowed and yelled out: [Hail king Landon!]

Landon smiles and indicated for them to sit down.


"Please be seated everyone.

I first want to start off by thanking everyone for coming here today.

It truly means a lot to me, because you all are my family and my world.

I also wish to thank the cooks, maids, butlers, dancers, drivers, and everyone else who had personally helped me in putting this birthday party together.

Tonight.... we shall eat, drink, dance and be merry!!

Since there is no work tomorrow as well, you all can enjoy yourselves till midnight.

Tonight is our knight!!

Heheheh I can't believe I'm 16 this year... hehehe"

Immediately, everyone chuckled and yelled:[Happy Birthday your majesty!!!]

"Alright! alright!... we're going to cut the cake now" his majesty said.

On que, a ma.s.sive cake about 18 stories high... was pushed into the center of the hall.

His majesty came down with those on the table, and the head butler instructed the audience on what to do.

Apparently, they were supposed to count to 3 and then his majesty would cut the cake.





'Clap! clap! clap!'

Everyone clapped excitedly, as his majesty cut the cake.

They began to wonder if these was how birthday celebrations were supposed to be.

"Thank you all, now let's have the time of our lives!!" His majesty said.

Food was immediately brought out and placed on multiple serving tables at the sides.

There was also water, freshly crushed apples juice.. as well as rum that was bought from Santa's s.h.i.+p.

Granted, the apple juice didn't taste like those on earth.

But still... to these children, it was sweet and tasty enough.

The party went on and Scott and his family partied hard all through the night.

He and his wife, met some of their friends.... ate and danced all through the night.

As for their children, they were all sent to a playroom after eating and resting.

Since it wasn't good for children to be around alcohol or drunk people, his majesty had a made a ma.s.sive playroom for them .

There were several indoor adventure castles and treehouses with nets, slides, and ladders within the room.

As well as several safety mats around the floors, should in case any of the children fall down from climbing the nets or ladders

There were also several caretakers within the room, that supervised and arranged other games for the children.

They played games like pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs (with clapping as music), carrying eggs on spoons with their mouths, simon says.. and of course scavenger hunts.

In the minds of the citizens, his Majesty's party was a complete success!!

Everyone had been fully entertained.

Coincidentally.... several other people around Arcadina, were in celebratory spirits as well.


--The Capital, Arcadina--


The streets were buzzling and the people were rejoicing.

The eldest princess... who was seen as one of the purest and most kindest maidens, would be getting married the day after tomorrow.

'Just one more day!' Jenette thought.

It was finally time for her to kill her father!

She would take the throne from that old fool.... and rule this empire as the 2nd female king within the Pyno continent.

Hahahaha!!!.... victory was finally within her grasp!!

With her brothers out of her way, who could truly stop her?

No one, that's who!.... absolutely no one!!!!

Hahahaha... Victory!!

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