--The Capital, Arcadina--


November 5th, the year 1024.

The streets were buzzling, and people had stood at the edge of the road to look at the bridal parade that was moving towards the Palace.

The parade consisted of 7 carriages, 20 drummers, 12 dancers, 12 flower girls and 30 guards.

As the drummers drummed away, the dancers danced energetically..... followed by the flower girls, who threw several petals on the ground and at the people.

The bridal parade had left Jennette's personal estate, and was heading over to the palace.

Since she was a royal.... and already above 15 years old, having a parade from her Private estate was a must!!

The carriages followed after the flower girls and the guards were stationed at the end of the parade.

Of course some of the guards also surrounded the carriages ... particularly the middle carriage, that had the princess in it.

"Ahh!!... my G.o.ddess is finally getting married!"

"Only a man like Captain Anthony Martinez, can deserve her!"

"That's true!!... he had won the annual knightly compet.i.tion 3 times in a row now... and is presently seen as one of the strongest knight Captains within the empire."

"Forget about him... if he wasn't a n.o.ble do you think that he would have a chance to deserve my G.o.ddess?"

"Hehehe... your just jealous because someone else is marrying your G.o.ddess"


The people continued to discuss excitedly, as the bridal parade pa.s.sed by.

Jenette was sitting calmly in her carriage... when suddenly, there was a knock on the carriage door.

'Knock! Knock! Knock!'

"Princess, a letter has arrived for you!" Said one of the guards who was guarding her carriage.

"Teni!!.. take it."

"Yes princess" said a young maid, who was seated opposite the Jennette.

The young maid lifted the carriage curtain, took the letter and swiftly handed it over to her master.

Reading the letter, Jenette couldn't help but smile.

Everything was in place!!


The bridal parade had finally reached the palace gates.

From there, only the princess's carriage continued in, with the guards, dancers, drummers, and flower girls.

The palace was indeed huge!!.

They had pa.s.sed more than 17 ma.s.sive buildings, before reaching their final destination.

They were heading towards the grandest building, that was used to host events such as these.

It was also the same building that contained the throne room and so on.

Alec Barn, his wives, Cary Barn, the groom Anthony, Angelina, Barbara, the ministers, the invited n.o.bles and several other guards... were currently standing outside the building.

They were here to welcome her in.

When she was about to step out of the carriage, a group of maids rushed over holding several pieces of fabric.

In this continent, the bride was only allowed to reveal her dress and face during the actual wedding... Which wasn't anytime soon.

So right now, no one could see anything.

They only saw Jenette's shoes, as she walked towards them.

Alec Barn loomed at all the n.o.bles and called for silence.

"Today is a great day!!

Jennette and our young Anthony here, will become husband and wife.

I invite everyone to get seated within the hall, soon we will start the wedding." Alec said.

Jenette knew that she had 1 and a half hours to prepare herself, so she decided to go to her private courtyard and reapply her makeup again.

Within this time, those n.o.bles who haven't arrived yet.... would be making their way in, and everyone would be leaving their gifts to her father.


Once in her courtyard.... she had her knights guard around the place, as she went into her private chambers with 2 of her personal maids... Teni and Gaul.

"Wahhh!!! Princess, you look so beautiful!!" Teni said.

The design for Jenette's yellow wedding gown, as indeed breathtaking.

But everytime Teni and Gaul looked at the slit on her dress, they would blush intensively.

Their master sure was daring!

They began to wonder what everyone's reaction would be, when her dress was finally revealed in the hall.

"Master, let me help you tidy your hair" said Gaul.

Jenette's hair wasn't tied in a bun, as she wanted to look like a seductress.

Her hair was brushed out, and left straight down... of course she had braided some strands of hair here and there, so as to make it look more unique.

Gaul quickly removed her master's copper colored crown, and began combing the bottom of her hair first.

A copper crown was used for direct royal members like princes and princesses.

The king's wives used silver crowns.... but the king himself had a ma.s.sive golden crown.

For the wives, the crown sizes differ, depending on it the women were concubines, the first wife, second wife and so on.

Right now, Jenette was a little anxious, as it was almost time for her plan to take full force.

"And how is my little bride doing?"

Jenette and her maids turned around to see Anthony at the door.

"What are you doing here?

I wanted to surprise you with my looks, now you've ruined it!" Jennette said while pouting angrily.

But when she looked at him again, her heart immediately softened.

It was extremely hard for her to get angry with this man.

Indeed, he was truly eye candy.

Everytime she looked at his face, her heart would skip a beat, and she would get lost in her own fantasy world.

This man was truly her one and only weakness.

She didn't even love or care for her own mother, the way that she did for him.

Hehehehe.... Finally, he would become hers!!!.... and not that s.l.u.t Angelina.

"I just missed you so much, so I decided to come over and see you." Anthony said, while pinching her cheeks.

Teni and Gaul who were currently looking at their feet, giggled as they heard what Anthony had just said.

They couldn't raise their heads yet, until their master commanded it.

"Here little seductress, I brought you wine to drink.... I'll pour a cup for you and me."

"But wouldn't that get us drunk? What about the wedding?"

"Sigh... little girl, are you 3 years old, how could one cup make us drunk?

I was hoping that we could make an oath of love towards each other.

A promise, that we would be together forever... and of course, drinking a cup of wine would seal the deal.

Sigh.. it seems that you don't love me all that much..."

Jenette was shocked.

An oath of love?... To be together forever?

She looked at him, and warmth instantly spread throughout her heart.

"No no no!! I love you too ..... let's drink now!!" Jenette said excitedly.

"Alright, you drink first and tell me your oath... remember, don't lie to me alright?" Anthony said, as he cupped her face in his palms.

"I swear, I'll be truthful... I love you that much!!"

Anthony smiled and poured ta cup of wine for her, and for him as well.

Jenette drank her drink down, and began giving her own oath.

The more she spoke, the more dizzy she felt.... it was more like she was seeing everything double.. and the world was constantly spinning around her.

Instantly, she knew what was going on... it was just that it was somewhat hard to believe.


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