Teni and Gual instantly raised their heads, when they heard their master's shout.

But before they could react, several people came out nowhere.... held their waists and covered their mouths.

"Why?.... why did you have to do this to me?"

Jenette was thoroughly confused.

She had loved him and even given him her all, so why would he betray her like his?

"My darling sister, isn't it very obvious by now?"

Cary walked into the room with Angela, and some other knights.

Anthony immediately grabbed Cary's tiny waist and kissed her pa.s.sionately.

Jenette was shocked.

She could see 2 Cary's kissing 2 Anthony's.

Of course she was drugged, so she was seeing double.

"No no no!!... I'm definitely hallucinating!

You b**ch!! Get away from my man!!!" She yelled out hysterically.

"Your man?

Tell me elder sister, in what way is he your man?" Cary said leaning against Anthony's broad shoulders.

"Wretch!!... I said you should get away from him!!" Jenette yelled as she tried to stand up from the floor.

Although her head was hurting, her heart was currently bleeding from pain.

Her man?

How could Anthony love her unattractive younger sister?

Didn't he know of Cary's reputation within the empire?

So how could he choose a praying mantis over a G.o.ddess?

No!! Impossible!!!

She probably deceived him in believing her lies!

Jenette was currently within the stage of 'denial'.

"You!!!.. you tricked him into liking you, didn't you?

What have you done to my Anthony?" Jenette yelled, as she gazed at Anthony affectionately.

"I tricked him?

Hahahaha.... it's even worse than I thought?

You actually believed that my man would find your overgrown b.r.e.a.s.t.s attractive? Or your ugly figure as seductive?

Please!!!... why would he bother with you when he can just have me?" Cary said angrily.

Granted, she was less prettier than Jenette... but so what? At the end of the day didn't the man that Jenette loved end up with her?

Who has beauty ever helped?

Power and money was all that mattered!!!

Truthfully, Cary was exceptionally beautiful... but when she stood by her sister, her looks faded away to oblivion.

She had always been pitted against her sister right from birth.

Was it her fault that she had small b.o.o.bs?

Well guess what!! Her man had told her that he hated big b.o.o.bs, so she knew that her man wouldn't fall for her sister's sour bags of melons.

Her sister had always ruined her image, and set her up multiple times within the empire.

She had even accepted punishment for crimes she didn't commit.. and finally, her ancestors had listened to her prayers.

After today, the empire would only have 1 princess.. Cary Barn!!

"My dear sister, I hate to break it to you..... but Anthony is my Boyfriend, not yours!!" Cary said arrogantly.

"What the h.e.l.l are you talking about?!!!" Jenette yelled out angrily.

"Well you see Elder sister, before you had ever seen him... he and I were secretly an item.

But when I found out that you had the hots for him, he and I came up with this plan to take you down.

You know, I used to have a little bit of respect for you.

But how could you be so stupid to a.s.sume that Anthony here will side with you in anything when my brother will be the future king?

Any fool would choose Eli's side over yours."

The more Jenette listened, the more she couldn't believe her ears.

"Baby.... tell me it's not true.... please tell me that she's holding you as a hostage.

That's it!!

This shameless b**ch is holding you as a hostage right?"

Everyone in the room was at loss for words at this point.

Even Cary and Angela were surprised... they told this woman that they had planned everything, yet she still believed in it being a lie?

Just how much did she love him to defy logic?

"You shameless b**ch.. deal with me fairly!! Why must you involve Anthony in this? Free him now..."


Anthony had slapped Jenette so hard, that she had almost knocked her head on the ground from the impact.

"Let me make this clear to you Jenette Barn.

I, Anthony Martinez, have been in love with Cary Barn for 2 years now.

Yes, I used you... and now, I'm dumping you!!"

It seemed like that slap and those words had made Jenette come to her senses because now, she was sitting quietly and looking at the shameless couple coldly.

At this point, she wanted nothing more than to tear up their faces, and feed them to her pet bears.

She had never been hit before in her life, and coupled with Anthony's words... it was safe to say that 'she could see clearly, now that the rain was gone'.

"Hey? Are you forgetting about me?" Angela interrupted as she pouted her face cutely.

"Hahaha cousin, how would I dare forget about you? all this was made possible because of you." Cary said playfully.

Jenette looked at Angela, and everything started to make sense now.

So Angela herself wasn't interested in Anthony?

She only did this so as to make Jenette fall madly in love with Anthony?

When someone fights for something they want, the value of that object in their minds double... and eventually, they make stupid decisions and choices just for that person.

Some people have given all their money, power and have even stolen money from their parents.. just to please someone they loved.

The current Jenette, had told all her plans to Anthony... ALL OF THEM!!!

At this point, she realised that she was truly a fool!!

There was a thin line between love and hate, and Jennette had just started crossing the borders.

She started to feel hate for this man that she had given her entire world to.

"Ahh!!!... I forgot to tell you big sis, all your men who were supposed to hide around the palace, have been captured by us.

So don't even think that anyone would be coming to save you!!!"

"Hahahaha!!!" Jennette started laughing like crazy.

Of course they would know about her plans... After all, she had willingly told Anthony hadn't she?

For this operation, she had only needed 100 men to act.

Her plan was simple.

Usually during the wedding ceremony, there was a time frame where her father had to leave the hall alone... and head to the private royal grave and pray to the ancestors for her marriage.

He was supposed to pray there for 15 minutes.

She had already stationed her men to hide within the tombstone hall, and kill the fool.

But now, it seemed that she had been guarding against the wrong enemy this while time.

She had truly underestimated this little sister of hers.

"Alright elder sister, we really must be going.... after all, we don't want anyone knowing that we came here, so this is our final goodbye alright?" Cary said while smiling.

"Jenny!!! I really had fun with you these few years... oh, make sure to say h.e.l.lo to my ancestors when you see them wherever they are...hehehehe!!" Angela said while blowing her a kiss.

Anthony didn't even bother to look at her... his gaze had always stayed on Cary.

Cary smiled as she noticed this too.

Finally, her man was free from this villain.

"Sir Death, please finish the job... after this, are contract will officially be terminated"

Sir Death was the a.s.sa.s.sin that she had hired several months ago.

Previously, the contract expired... and when she thought that sir death would leave, he chose to renew the contract instead.

He said that her life was interesting!... whatever that means...

And now that Jenette would die, was there any need to keep him here again?

Her biggest nemesis was dead... As for her stepbrothers, she was sure that Eli would be able to deal with them easily.

"Sure", Sir Death said.

He walked towards Jenette, and shook his head wryly.

It was truly a waste to kill such a beauty without even touching her soft plump skin... but time was of the essence so killing her couldn't be delayed any further.

Jennette watched the cloaked man walk towards her, and her body began to tremble slightly.

How did she allow herself to reach such an outcome?

Wasn't it because of love?

Just remembering the hint of disgust in Anthony's eyes when he slapped her, truly made her want to stab her former self.

What did she ever see in that b.a.s.t.a.r.d?

She couldn't help but remember Marder Shannon, who had explicitly warned her against him.

Shannon had clearly loved her more than Anthony did, so why did she end up choosing Anthony?

It was all because of Angelina.

When she first met Anthony, she wasn't as smitten with him as she was a few hours ago.

Her love had come from a build up of hards.h.i.+p and hardwork.

She fought for that man like crazy!!

Sure, she had killed, crippled and dealt with some of the women who approached him, but she refused to believe that she was a bad person.

Love justified everything.

She knew that she was going die today, so she made an oath in her heart.

'Even if I, Jenette Barn go towards the heavens, I shall never fall in love again..... even as an ancestor.

This is my OATH!!'

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