As Jenette saw the dagger coming towards her chest, she closed her eyes and prayed that the pain wouldn't be too unbearable.

"Ahhh!!!...."she yelled out, as she slowly lost consciousness.

The pain was so unbearable and gut-wrenching, that she began to press her hand against her chest... while struggling to gasp for air.

She could feel herself slipping from this world, as everything around her suddenly became dark and cold.... until finally, she was dead.

After making sure that she was dead, Sir death walked towards the 2 maids who were still being held down by his men.

He killed one of them, and whispered into the other one's ear before knocking her out cold.


An hour and a half had pa.s.sed and the bride was nowhere to be found.

Everyone was in the hall waiting anxiously... even Cary, Angelia and Anthony.... they too pretended to be worried.

"Dead!.. dead!.. dead!.. she's dead!" A 21 year old guard was running like crazy into the hall.

This was the guard that had been sent to bring Jennette's entourage into the Hall

"Who's dead?" Alec Barn asked

"M... my lord... the princess.. she's dead...Princess Jenette is dead!!"

"Oughhhh!!!" Everyone was shocked.

"Quickly!!... lead the way!" Alec yelled out angrily.

Who would dare to sneak into his palace and kill his daughter? A royal for that matter?

Wouldn't people take this as a sign of weakness?

It looked like he had to aimlessly kill again, to remind certain people of the power within his possession.

"No no!!!.... My daughter.....!!! Jenette's mother ran faster than anyone else.

Her speed greatly shocked everyone.

Since she was Alec's wife, she had to remain in the hall and entertain the guests as they waited... so she hadn't seen her daughter at all.

Who the h.e.l.l did this?

She swore that if she caught the person she would skin them alive!!!!"

And the worst part was that she didn't even have the chance to say goodbye to her daughter one last time.

No mother would be happy, to be robbed of such an opportunity.

Although she would rather take her daughters place if there was ever a situation where her daughter was put to death ..... at least let her speak to her daughter one last time before she dies.


The murderer was indeed a coward!

From now on, she would walk a b.l.o.o.d.y path.

For her daughter, she would turn this entire empire upside down until she found the b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

When they arrived at Jenette's courtyard, they realised that all her guards were dead.

Jenette's mother pushed the door open, and immediately saw her daughter lying in a pool of blood.

"Who!!!... who did this to my baby?!!!"

Jenette's mother hugged her body and rocked her body back and forth.

Her eyes looked bloodthirsty, as she looked at everyone that surrounded her.

Suddenly, the little maid Gaul groaned softly.


Everyone rushed over to her and saw that she held the murder weapon in her hand... and her entire dress was covered in blood.

Jenette's mother quickly rushed over to the maid, sat on top of her chest, held her clothes firmly, and slapped her multiple times.

'Slap! Slap! Slap!'

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!... wake up!!.. wake up now!!"

Gaul woke up in pain and immediately panicked.

"Tell me the truth!! What happened?" Alec asked.

Gaul honestly wanted to point at the shameless couple at the side that was busy crying and pretending to mourn her master.

Anthony that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, had acted so shocked that he had forced a teardrop to fall out of his eyes.... making him look so pitiful.

Meanwhile Cary had been crying like crazy, while Angela stood there comforting her.

Gaul wished for nothing more than to slice their throats... but before she pa.s.sed out, that cloaked man had told her that if she says anything, then her entire family would be killed.

Her brother was just 4 years old, and her mother was currently bedridden.

The cloak man had promised that if she didn't say anything, then he would move her family away to the next city.

But what Gaul didn't know was that her entire family had already been burnt alive by the cloak man this morning.

If she had known, then there was no way that she would hesitate in this matter.

Truthfully, she herself didn't know why she was kept alive?

Was she left alive as a punching bag, so that the royal family could air out their grievances on her?

She had no clue why she was alive.

But for the sake of her family, she chose to stay silent.

"Answer me!!!!" Alec Barn yelled.

Gaul s.h.i.+vered, and almost peed herself... but she steel her heart and kept quiet.

Looked at her deeply.

"Men!! Take her to a prison cell and...."

Before Alec could finish his sentence, Jenette's mother snapped when she heard the mention of a prison cell.

"So you killed my daughter... and you think that by keeping silent, you'll able to buy your time to escape?

Well over my dead body!!"

She quickly took the dagger that Gaul was holding, and stabbed it through Gaul's throat.

"Die B**ch!!"

In her mind, the little maid had definitely been working with the killers.

Although it was good to keep the girl alive, she needed a way to vent out her anger... or else she was sure that she would murder everyone within the room.

Everyone looked at the 3rd queen in shock.

After today, none of them would ever want to get on her bad side.... the woman was the devil when she was p.i.s.sed off.

She literally kept off Gaul's flesh.....and even went as far as neatly piling it at one corner.

No one understood why she did this... but in the next few days, they would.

Gaul's flesh had been dried and hung at the city square for all to see.

Their who looked at it shuttered in fear, as they wondered if this was a new form of torture that the royals had developed.

As for Jenette's mom, she had promised to skin the culprit so she did.

She knew that there was some other person pulling the strings.... but this was just a message to them.

Previously from that maid's actions, it was clear that she would rather die... than point out who the real culprits were.

So although she killed the girl mostly to vent her anger, she also knew that torturing the little girl would be useless.

Hence she decided to send out a message to the killers... once caught, they'd end up in worse conditions than the girl.

It has been so long since she used her 6000 soldiers, that were stationed far away in her private camp.

It looked like she would have to go all out to find the culprit.

No matter who they were, they would find them... even if it was the last thing that she did.

It pained her dearly.

Her beautiful daughter would no longer exist.

From this day forth, Jenette Barn would no longer exist in Hertfilia.

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