While the people of Arcadina cried for the loss of their beloved G.o.ddess, Landon on the other hand.... was currently at the Medical & Healthcare Academy.

Dissecting Time.

Currently, Baymard had 52 professional Nurses and doctors within it.

Before coming here, these people were already known healers and apothecaries within their villages, towns and cities.

But because of war, some of them had ended up as slaves..... while others remained as refugees.

Anyway, Landon had decided to show these doctors and nurses what the inside of the human body looked like.

Presently, the students at the medical academy were having a week long break... before their final examinations begin.

So although no lecturer would be teaching the students, they still needed to do their weekly s.h.i.+fts at the hospital and clinics.

Hence Landon had decided to dissect the bodies in batches.

Everyday, he would focus on dissecting one human body... until all 11 bodies were properly dissected.

Also.... he decided to keep organs like the heart, liver and so on... for learning purposes.

Today, Landon was only working with 6 out of 52 teachers.

Before his teaching session began, he removed the dead body from the pool of chemicals.... As well as thoroughly cleaned and dried it.

Once it was time for the lesson to begin, everyone wore their surgical safety wear.... and headed towards the table with the dead man on it.

"Nurse Remona....what do you know about the patient?" Landon asked.

"Patient's name: Adi

Age: 29

Place of Birth: Unknown.

Medical history: None available.

Body injuries: the patient has 6 scar wounds around his back and chest.

The patient is also missing a toe on his right leg, as well as his left pinky finger.

"Time and day of death: 11:30 A.M... November 3rd, 1024.

Cause of death: 9 gunshots..."

Everyone nodded as they listened to the Remona.

This information was what all of them currently had about the patient.

3 days ago, Landon had made up fake profiles for these dead men... and distributed them out to the doctors and nurses.

He had also mentioned all the surgical procedures that would be carried out on them during the operation.

So before everyone came for surgery, he/she was expected to know everything about their patient before surgery could proceed.

Every little detail was important.

From age, to even minor swellings around the patient's body..... All of this would aid them in choosing and prescribing the right drugs and surgical procedures for their patients.


For today's operation, we'll start off with the patient's chest and tummy area.

Followed by the patient's legs, feet, arms, neck, head and face region.

And of course once were done with the patient's front view, we'll look at the patient's back view.. (b.u.t.t, back and so on)

The main goal of today's lesson is to allow you all to understand and gain tremendous experience from the surgery..... As well as carefully removing all the patient's organs within his body.

Nurse Chloe and Nurse Idria, you 2 will be in charge of note taking.

Everything that is done during surgery, has to be properly recorded down!... no matter how unimportant it may seem to be."

"Yes your majesty... sorry.....Doctor Landon"

In the theater, Landon was seen as a doctor.... so they had to address him as one.

Both nurses quickly took their pens and notebooks out, and waited at the sides.

"Nurse Remona and Nurse Gilles, you both will focus on handing out whatever tools are needed during surgery.

Here's the checklist... You know what to do!

Oh... and make sure you sterilize all the tools before bringing them here." Landon said, while handing the list over to them.

Their task was simple.

Sterilize the tools, and put everything..including cleaning cloths and so on.. into a trolley.

And once placed, they were to tick off the names on the list and sign at the bottom.

"As for Doctor Wayne and Doctor Rufus, you both will a.s.sist me during surgery."


7 minutes went by, and the nurses with their trolleys had returned.

Everyone immediately a.s.sumed their positions, and the surgery had finally begun.

"Everyone, we'll start off by removing the bullets.

I'll start with the patient's right chest region. "

As he spoke, the nurses taking notes were busy writing, while stretching their heads to see what he was doing.

"For this operation... Rufus, Wayne... you two will be my medical a.s.sistants.

Scissors!.. cloth!..... Povidone-iodine!"

Remona and Gilles, quickly took out a clean bowl...poured the chemical in the bowl, and dropped several strips of cloth into it.

Then they pa.s.sed the bowl and scissors to Wayne and Rufus.

Landon took the scissors, and picked up a piece of soaked cloth from the bowl.

"Why do we do this step?" He asked.

"For disinfecting!!" They all replied.

"Correct!!... If a doctor or nurse doesn't disinfect a wound, then any of you have the right to call them out.

No one is allowed to do any surgical procedure without this step.




As Landon removed the bullet, greenish colored blood slowly crept out from underneath the area.

The stench of the man, immediately filled the air.

Some of the nurses felt like puking... but they knew better than to do so.

This was their first time working on a man that had died for several days now.

Usually when people died, they would burn or bury their bodies immediately... since dead men couldn't heal.

And even though they had smelled dead bodies before.... especially when they aided as healers around a battlefield, nothing could compare to this kind of revolting stench.

Was it that greenish blood that made it smell like this?

Once the bullet was removed, Landon cleaned up the wound... and did a neat 'Vertical Mattress' st.i.tch on it.

"....So when doing it, you have to place your needle just a little distance from the wounded area."

As Landon operated, he continued to explain what they should and should not do during surgery.

"Doctor Wayne and Nurse Remona... you 2 will work together in taking out the bullets from the patient's upper belly region.

As for Doctor Rufus and Nurse Gilles.... you 2 should do the same for the patient's bullet wound just below his neck."

Everyone immediately became nervous.

Wayne was hands were currently trembling as he held the forceps in his hands.

Although he was a 'doctor', this was the first time that he would have to do such a procedure.

Swords were never that complicated.

If someone left a sword in another person's body..... all he had to do was pull out the d.a.m.n sword, pour alcohol or rum on the wound, burn the wound.. and bandage it with cloth.

From there, he would give the patient a broth filled with herbs and leaves.

And other times, he would just smear medicinal paste on the wounds.

Before coming to Baymard, he thought of himself as a great doctor.... but presently, his self confidence was at its lowest.

Reading and attending his Majesty's lessons... he had realised that there was just so much that he didn't know.... like the fact that blood flowed through channels within the body and so on.

If he didn't do anything properly, in the long run.. the patient might suffer even more from his recklessness.

So how could his hands not tremble?

It wasn't just him..... Doctor Rufus was also in a state of panic as well.

Theory was indeed different from practicals.

He thought that by reading so much.. he would be prepared.

But clearly, that was not the case.

"Doctor Wayne, easy there!!

When taking out the bullet, it's important to not push back towards the patient's skin... doing this might make the bullet damage the blood vessels around the wound."

What Wayne was doing, was what people would usually do when their car was stuck in the snow.

He was basically reversing, so as to create distance and momentum for... when he would yank the bullet out.... which was not how the human body worked.

Wayne changed his technique under Landon's guide, and had finally succeeded in removing the bullet.

He felt like he had aged a full ten years after the procedure.

"Doctor Rufus... with the method you're using right now, if the patient were alive, he would've probably died from excessive pain.

Don't wiggle the bullet around the patient's wound..."


After 8 minutes, both doctors were finally done.

They had successfully removed the bullets, as well as st.i.tched the wounds.

To give them more experience, Landon had let them take out all the other bullets on the patient.

The second time, they were still somewhat uneasy.

But by the 3rd, 4th and 5th time, their nerves had finally calmed down.... and their technique had improved as well.

From there, Landon had requested for everyone to try pumping water into the blood stream with the syringes.... This time, the nurses joined in as well.

At this point, Landon truly pitied the dead man... to be a study experiment was really.... sigh... hopefully, he had found the 'promise land'.

And after a while of continuous needle-stabbing, they finally proceeded to open up the patient's chest and belly region.

"Alright!!... let's go back to the human anatomy.

Looking at what we have on display, can anyone name or list the organs or bones in front of us?"

"Your majesty.... I mean Doctor Landon.... this is the heart."





The more they listed, the more confident they became.

And for some reason, it was more fulfilling, to realise that the books were right!!

everything that they had painstakingly studied, was presently in front of them.

Landon continued operating on the patient..... and at the end, the poor guy had been torn and sliced into pieces by everyone within the room.

Heck!!... Even his face and eye b.a.l.l.s were removed for research purposes.

They placed their body parts in jugs of chemicals, for preservation.

And at the end of their lecture, Landon gave them a 1 hours quiz that covered everything that they had done today.

With that, Dissection 101 was finally over.

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