In a blink of an eye, 2 and a half weeks had pa.s.sed by quickly.

So many things had happened within this time frame.

The children and the students at the school and academies, where currently writing their final examinations.

And within this time, all of them have been walking around Baymard like mindless zombies.

Everytime Landon saw them, he would giggle at their appearance.

In fact, one might even argue that they looked as mad.. as the 'Hatter'.

They would mumble about formulas, equations and theoretical knowledge.... as they walked around Baymard.

As for the military..... The first batch that arrived in May, began their final examinations on the 5th.... and were already done by the 14th.

Today was the 22nd, and presently.... their exams had already been graded and given back to them.

Now, they all knew whether they would graduate or not.

Of course, on their report cards... they could easily see their total marks and scores.

So by combining and dividing their total scores from the first examination and this one... they would easily see if they qualified for graduation or not.

And those that didn't make it, would have to wait another 2 months before having a trial examination... which would let them advance to the next military rank.

Within this 2 month period, they were expected to brush up their skills and knowledge on all army subjects.

Anyway on the 27th of this month, Baymard would hold its first graduation ceremony for those that pa.s.sed.

These soldiers would successfully climb up the ranks, from 'Private E-1 to 'Private E-2'.

And next month, those who came in June.... will be holding their own exam and graduation ceremony as well.

Today, Landon, Lucius, and the soldiers... were currently heading towards 2 empty estates within the upper region.

These estates were close to the barracks... and were perfect for scenario training.

With the new simunition guns out, Landon had already drawn up training sheets for all the soldiers within the army, police academy and guard academy.

For the soldiers, Landon had decided that this scenario training will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 2 hours only.....As well as on weekends.

Of course the on weekends were going to be long as h.e.l.l... these would usually take a day and a half.

After their rock climbing cla.s.s on mornings, they would rest for a while.... and then head on over to those estates by 2 P.M.

He expected them to stay there up until 10 P.M the next day (Sunday).

And within that time frame, Landon expected them to attack each other's camp.

For example during today's scenario training.... one side would be a terrorist organization, while the other side would be the good guys.

Of course each side would have their mission laid out for them.

The terrorists were tasked with safe-keeping the hostages, as well as taking killing all their enemies and destroying their enemies base.

While the good guys were tasked with rescuing the hostages, capturing the leader of the terrorist organization... and of course overtaking their enemies base.

And while both sides stayed within the estates, Landon expected them to sleep on the floors, and cook for themselves over open fire...since this was all part of their training.

Soon, he would be sending them out for missions, so it wasn't good to let them be too pampered.

In these missions, they would have to sleep in the wild, or an inn... hunt their food, cook and so on.

So having them do all these things, would definitely toughen them up for the future.

Anyway, Landon had come up with an army list that made sure that everyone would have short scenario missions twice a week.

As for the lengthy ones, each soldier would go through them at least once a month.

Also, these lengthy training sessions will have soldiers from all ranks working together as a team.

All these sessions were mandatory for everyone.

Well... everyone except those who came in May.

Since they had just finished their final exams and would have a 1 and a half month vacation, Landon didn't want to force them to do anything as of now.

If they wanted to join in on the training session, they could... but if they didn't feel like it, then that was okay as well.

As for the police officers and guards.... since they wouldn't go out on missions in future, Landon thought that there was no point in having them spend the night within these estates.

Their job was to stay within Baymard and protect the people, so of course their own training would be different.

With all this in mind, Landon had decided to let them use these estates for 5 hours every weekdays.

Today.... Landon was currently leading his team towards one of the camps (estates), as the leader of a terrorist organization.

While Lucius led his own team towards the other one, as the leader of Baymard's army.


"Captain Trey, Major General Gary.... have the men gather within the front courtyard immediately!!" Landon asked.

"Yes General!" They both answered.

20 minutes later, everyone had stood in straight lines as they looked up to their new Arm General... his majesty Landon.

"Listen up!!!

From now, till we all leave this place.... we are all sc.u.m!

We are an evil organization that terrorizes the people, murders the innocent... as well as take down our enemies ruthlessly.

This is the ident.i.ty that we will a.s.sume within this camp.

So all of you are to call me 'Boss', and not his 'majesty' or 'general'.

You all have trained hard and long ever since you came to Baymard.

Today, I want to see the full extent of your skills..... and anyone who will hold back, will be punished later on!!!

As usual, the rules are simple:

If you ever get hit, fall down on the ground and act dead.

And when the fight isn't around you anymore, ho the the last building on the left within the estate, and stay there.

Also, it's important to know that when you get hit on your legs, arms and any other part that wouldn't immediately kill you... I expect you to limp and continue fighting or retreating, that is until your enemy shoots you in the head or heart.

Do understand!!"

"Yes Boss!!" They yelled.

"Excellent..... Bring out the hostages!!!"

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