"Bring out the hostages!!!"

Immediately, the 3 musketeers and the Fantastic 7.... came out pitifully.

They all wore worn out clothes, and their faces were all covered with dirt.

Their hands were currently bound together with thick pieces of rope, and their hair was rough and unkempt.

In fact, they looked like they hadn't eaten in days.

"You... (cough cough).. you all are monsters!" Said Old man Willow, as he yelled out pitifully.

The soldiers were taken aback.

'This man could really act', they thought.

"Please... let us go... we promise not to tell anyone about your evil deeds.

So let us go..." old man Paitus said, as he pretended to s.h.i.+ver from fear.

"I... I have lots of money.... I'll give you everything I have, so just let me out.!!!

Here... look at my wife, isn't she pretty?.... If you let me go, I'll definitely give her out to you all for free.... so please.. just let me out!!!!

Let me out I tell you!!" Said Grandpa Kyle, as he pointed to his fake-believe wife.

The soldiers who were listening,were already disgusted with the man's shamelessness.

How could one give up their family just like that?

If they had their way, he would be the first one to die.

"Have you all no shame?

Can't you see that my husband here and my child are poor?

Let me tell you all, kidnapping us is useless... so free us up immediately!!!!" Yelled granny Frida arrogantly.

As granny Frida spoke, old man Hermon stood there acting like a baby.

Apparently, he was supposed to be Frida's child.

The soldiers were speechless.

In what way did old man Hermon resemble a baby?

And why the heck was he making weird baby sounds?

Fine! fine!... he's a baby.... but which baby says GuGu GaGa?

And lady.... why the h.e.l.l are you yelling at us?

couldn't you have asked us politely like the first 2 grandpas over there?

Landon looked at their performance and smiled.

Choosing this hilarious bunch was definitely the right choice.

In real life, all hostages had different personalities.

Some were quiet, while others were arrogant....and a few, were even clever enough to escape on their own.

Landon had given these 10 seniors, different profiles for them to act out.

Some acted weak, selfish, frightened and unreasonable.

There were also those hostages who acted weak, but were actually strong in disguise.

One could never judge a book by it's cover.

Landon wanted the men to get used to all these personalities... because in future, they might have to keep their enemies as hostages.

So one false move could actually make their enemy gain the upper hand over them.

And by that time, it would definitely be game over for Baymard.

"Take them to their cells!!" Landon yelled.

The make believe cell was actually a comfortable room close to Landon's room within the estate.

This was the only room that had beds, chairs and so on.

Since they weren't real hostages, there was no way that Landon would treat them like one.

They were just paid actors... that was all!

As the hostages left the scene, 2 out of 10... started screaming hysterically.

"No.. no... I know my rights!!!.... I'm a citizen of Terique.... I just came to Baymard for a visit.

You can kill the other b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.. but please let me go!!"

"Me too.. I'm a citizen of Arcadina!

I promise to give you all my money so let me go!!"

"You can't do this to me!!!

My father is a n.o.ble within Terique.... mark my words, he will have your head for this!!

b.l.o.o.d.y b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!!"

The last guy spat towards the soldiers, and looked like he was about to beat them up for not listening to him.

Just how powerful was his pretend father?

Their acting was so real that the soldiers almost started clapping for them.

"Now that you've all seen our prisoners, let's focus on our mission."

Immediately, Landon divided the men into several groups.

Some would be in charge of cooking food, while others would be in charge of guarding the prisoners, guarding the perimeter of the estate... and of course setting traps within and around the camp.

Some were also supposed to spy on their enemies... as well as relay the message back to Landon.

He knew that Lucius would definitely make his first attack tonight.

Since they were staying here till 10 P.M the next day, it was very clear that Lucius would bombard them with 4 or 5 attacks before the mission's deadline.

It was already 4 P.M... and by 5 P.M, the darkness would silently spread it's wings all over Baymard.

So Lucius could attack at 7, 9 or even 12 midnight.

Worse, he could choose to attack at 1, 3 or even 5 A.M.

And since they would be leaving on Sunday at 10 P.M... Lucius could still choose to attack at 6 or 7 P.M tommorrow.

The whole mission called for vigilance.

Even though it seemed like a bad situation, it was more like a double edged sword.

For example..... If Lucius succeeded by 3 A.M, Landon could still take back his hostages and destroy Lucius' base before the deadline.

So bottom line, they would have to continuously fight each other..... until Sunday 10 P.M.

Also, one of Landon's goals for this mission was to capture Lucius.

So he immediately created 5 new squads, and tasked Gosh with that handling capturing Lucius.

At 8 P.M, the first group would go... followed by the next group who'll leave at 1 A.M... and so on.

For the mission, Landon felt like he was thoroughly prepared.

Over at Lucius' camp, Lucius, Mark, Josh and some warrant officers.... were coming up with several plans for tonight's operation.

Just as Landon had guessed, they planned to attack Landon 4 times within this night... and 2 times the next day.

"Captain Billy... in 2 hours time, you'll lead the first attack on our enemy.

Our goal is to test out their defense, and find out any hidden traps that they have around their base.

Remember... if you get cornered, immediately retreat.

Now go!!!... Get ready!"

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