The sky was dark, and both camps were still and quiet.

Captain Billy and his team, were stealthily crawling towards their enemy's camp.

Of course 70% of the gra.s.s here was ankle-level... but there were still a few, that had grown to be knee-level.

The soldiers chose to move crawl towards their enemies camp.

Some also moved by stooping and walking low within the gra.s.s.

They began to act like lions that were hunting their prey within the Safari.

Billy and his men had also painted their faces and hands black.... as well as worn black T-s.h.i.+rts, just for this operation.

Once they had reached a close enough distance to their enemies camp, Billy signalled for them to stop.

He then moved towards his 4 second-in-command officers, and whispered out several commands to them.

"Coy, you're in charge of making the switch at the left perimeter wall.

Hilbert, you'll take care of the right wall.... and Van, you'll tackle the back wall.

As for the front gate... Lenny, you'll handle it."

His plan was simple.

Take out some of the men guarding around the perimeter, and replace them with his own men.

He would put 2 or 3 within each area, and leave them there to act as spies.

Once it was time for their enemies to change their s.h.i.+fts, those men would then be able to freely infiltrate the camp.

Since they were going to be here for a day and a half, it would only make sense for the men to have their s.h.i.+fts changed.

So when that happened, they spies would blend in with the group and pretend to be terrorists as well.

Their spies were tasked with gathering Intel about their enemy's plans.... as well as where their enemy had kept the hostages.

And more importantly, they had to find out which room belonged to their enemy's leader.... since one of the missions for this drill was to capture the leader of the terrorist organization.

Of course every 3 hours, Billy would send someone to meet with the spies outside the camp and collect all the information from them.

Everything had been laid out properly.

They would switch some of the guards around the left, right and back walls of their enemy's camp.

But for this to happen successfully, they needed to make a ma.s.sive distraction at the front gate.

From this distraction, they would also get to know the hidden traps around the perimeter of their enemy's camp.

"After the men make the switch, get some other people to kidnap the bodies of these terrorists and drag them away silently." Billy advised.

From his binoculars, Billy could see that their enemies at the front gate....had also painted their faces and hands black.

So if they did this, then that meant that those around the walls, also did this as well.

And since it was completely dark like ink now, Billy was sure that no one would really recognize the other while te guarded.

The main issue would come up once they change s.h.i.+fts.

Billy was hoping that with all that paint on the men's faces, no one would be able to identify them as frauds.

He needed the spies to successfully integrate with the group.

Billy gave several hand signals to the men, and instantly.... everyone a.s.sumed their positions.

"Djii! Djii! Djii! Djii! Djii!'

Multiple shots were fired all at once.

Some men charged towards the front gate, while some continued to crawl stealthily towards the left, right and back walls of the camp.

At the front gate, some of the 'terrorists' noticed the situation and immediately took cover... while those who noticed it late, got shot and wounded badly.


The men yelled out in pain... as their shoulders, knees, legs and other body parts were hit.

Was this how being shoy felt like?

No no no!!... His majesty said that the pain was only 10%, compared to that from actual bullets.

This was supposed to be 10 %?

In fact, they didn't understand why his majesty had said that if they were shot, they should pretend to limp.

One didn't even need to pretend in this situation.

The pain was agonizing enough, and some of them... had even thought that their bones had dislocated within their bodies.

Why didn't they dodge on time?

d.a.m.n their slow reflexes!!

Those who were shot, immediately took out their guns and shot the b.l.o.o.d.y 'good guys'... as they slowly limped towards their camp.

There was no way that they would go down without a fight.

The bullets continued to rain on all the terrorists, as their enemies kept closing in on them.

"Men!! Shoot their heads and hearts...not their legs!

We will not be beaten down so easily.

We are the strongest Terrorist organization for heaven's sake!!!

You all should remember that whatever we do today, our Boss will be watching!" Wanton officer Dobby from the terrorist camp yelled, as he shot down some good guys from behind a rock pillar.

This was a test of skills... if they didn't do a good job, then they would have let their Boss (his majesty) down.

'Djii! Djii! Djii! Djii!'

Both sides were constantly shooting at each other.

Those that were shot on their ankles, legs and so on.... immediately limped back into hiding, so that they could blow their enemies into pieces.

As time went on, everyone realised that their focus and shooting skills had greatly improved.

Shooting moving targets that could think, was really different from shooting a stationary paper or metal board.

Warrant Officer Dobby had realised this as well.

Even his hiding technique had improved as well.

When he first hid behind the pillar, he had received immense pain from being shot from his upper left arm.

He himself hadn't been aware of the fact that his arm was seeking out when he hid.

But after he got shot, he immediately changed his position and improved it as the battle continued.

Dobby looked at their enemies and smiled... Soon, they would fall into their trap.

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