"Your majesty, I'm afraid that I don't know where the young master is currently at.

But I promise you that I'll definitely pa.s.s on your message, when I see him." Said one of Santa's subordinates.

December had come, and Landon had thought it wise to personally hand over the information about the underground businesses to Santa.

With information like this, one needed to make sure that not too many people heard of it.

Because if these people were threatened, one could never be sure if they prefer to spill the beans... or choose to die with the information.

Hence to keep Santa's subordinates safe, it was best for them to remain unaware of the situation.

Plus he was afraid that if he pa.s.sed on those letters, they might get lost or fall into the wrong hands on their way to Santa.

"Alright!!... tell him I'll be waiting for his arrival!!"

Once Santa's subordinates left, Landon focused on this month's task.

Presently, he had already taken care of the learned slaves, children, caretakers, new teachers, nurses, new police officers, guards, soldiers and so on.

And right now, Landon was left with 5870 workers.

Speaking about population, Baymard currently had 57,422 people living within it.

Landon had estimated that by July next year, Baymard would have definitely reached a population of 90,000 people.... which would be enough for now.

In truth, Baymard could host up to 9.5 Million people if it wanted to.

But the reason why Landon decided to stop buying slaves in July, was simply due to the fact that Baymard would be open to the public within that month.

And the simplest way for people to infiltrate the city, would be to disguise themselves as slaves and refugees.

To solve this problem, Landon had thought about various approaches.

Firstly, only Santa would be in charge of sending slaves and refugees to him.

Secondly, when these people were taken, all of them had to think that they were heading to Carona, Terique and so on.

In other words, when Santa and his men buy these slaves... they would have to lie about their final destination.

I'm these way, the slave traders and spies around several s.h.i.+pping docks, wouldn't be bothered about sending their spies to them.

After all, these spies wanted to head to Baymard... and not towards Terique, Deiferus or Carona.

And when these slaves and refugees finally arrived, Landon wouldn't let any of them become citizens yet.

They would have to spend several years in Baymard, before getting their permanent residence card.

And from there, they would have to spend extra years again, before becoming a citizen.

Of course, if they gave birth to children here, their children would be permanent residents.. and not refugees like them.

There was no slavery in Baymard, so all slaves would automatically become refugees.

These refugees could work in all places around Baymard... except within the manufacturing industries and armed forces.

In fact, Landon had come up with more than 20 ways to keep these spies in check.

But of course, nothing was ever guaranteed in this life.

He was sure that some of them would still find a way to wiggle around the system.

But they would be in for the shock of their lives, when they try to break entry into any industry or building within Baymard.

There will be electric fences, heat sensor cameras, smoke bombs, alarm systems that would trigger an automatic lockdown within the building and so on.

Even getting information from the citizens... was going to be a pain in their b.u.t.ts.

This was because everyone within Baymard knew about the punishment for releasing such information.

The punishment was death!!

Landon didn't want to seem too harsh, but his life was also on the line here.

The system would definitely deal with him if you went easy on these spies.

Everyone knew better than to give up any info about Baymard.

They were all paid well and had peace within Baymard.... no one was willing to throw their lives away just like that.

And even if they were given all that money, where would they go to?

Please!!... They were already used to electricity and good living here.

They were absolutely sure that there was no place like Baymard.

So how could they leave all this luxury, just to go out there and suffer?

And to make matters worse, they could even be double crossed and killed by the people that offered them the money.

Many of them had been slaves, so they knew how the world worked.

For all they knew, their actions could lead them right back in to slavery later on.

Also, some of them came here with their families..... and had also made new friends here as well, so how could they help the enemy to kill and conquer Baymard?

Even the little children in school, were taught about the consequences of releasing anything about Baymard.... as well as the dangers about releasing their family situation to strangers.

Although the children weren't told any cla.s.sified information in school..... they still had to learn about keeping their mouth shut.

There was no reason why they should tell strangers, about how much their parents make, where money is usually kept in their homes... or even what their parents do in Baymard.

One should always be wary of strangers.

That's why Landon had read out multiple stories about such matters... and the consequences for such actions.

He had also made sure that they knew what would happen if they followed strangers there and there.

Also, the people have also been briefed and taught about the role of police officers and guards within the city.

They had been told about the importance of reporting anything suspicious to these officers.

All in all.... Landon was sure that by the time the city welcomed visitors in July, Baymard would be ready for attacks from spies and other armies.

Anyway with 5870 workers, Landon sent:

•500 to the Alchemy industry

•500 to the Food Industry

•500 to the Textile Industry

•370 to the Cleaning Industry

•1,000 to the Construction Industry

•3000 to all construction sites within Baymard.


"Your majesty.... at the start of October you requested for the Pharmaceutical industry and the Waste & Recycle Management Industry to be built.

And last month, you requested for the new Printing Industry to be constructed as well.

In a few days time, the Printing industry and the Pharmaceutical industry.... would be fully constructed.

And by next week, the other ones should be completed as well.

So what do we do about the workers?

Well... Landon had already known that these industries would be completed within this December.

So he had already come up with several designs for other industries.

"Tim... have those who focused on building the Pharmaceutical industry, split them into 2 groups.

One group will immediately construct a Boat & s.h.i.+p Manufacturing Industry.

While the other will build a Car manufacturing Industry.

As for those who focused on the Waste & Recycle Industry, have them build a Weapon Manufacturing Industry instead.

And finally... those who focused on the Printing industry, should start building Baymard's new Bank A.S.A.P.

As for the new construction workers, send them to aid those constructing the roads, homes, Shopping Mall, City wall and all other construction sites around Baymard."

Fis.h.i.+ng and Military Boats and s.h.i.+ps!

These were Landon's main reasons for building this industry.

s.h.i.+ps were usually built indoors with the help of indoor cranes, and other heavy electrically powered machines.

Anyone who had ever visited a boat pr s.h.i.+p building industry back on earth, would know how much work went into building these s.h.i.+ps and boats.

A 1 or 2 deck level fis.h.i.+ng boat, could be built within a month or 2.

Based on the size of the boat, and how many people or machines were working on these boats at once.

But for proper Military s.h.i.+ps, 5 or 6 months would be enough to construct them... And sometimes, they could even take up to 10 months to build.. depending on their size.

For merchant s.h.i.+ps, those ones would probably need 3 to 4 months to build.

And for cruise s.h.i.+ps.... these ones could take 7 months to several years to build... again, depending on their sizes.

For now, Landon didn't want to focus on super ma.s.sive s.h.i.+ps that would take years to build... Landon wanted s.h.i.+ps that could be built in a matter of months.

All in all, Baymard needed s.h.i.+ps and boats... And it will take 2 and a half months to build the actual s.h.i.+p industry itself.

Hence Landon wanted to use this winter time, to construct as many s.h.i.+ps as he could possibly make.

Of course a car industry was needed as well, so that all car parts could be installed mechanically.

This would drastically cut down the time used for the workers to build several cars and heavy machines... as well as improve productivity and work efficiency.

This industry would probably take about 4 to 5 months to construct as well... so it was best to get it done now.

A Weapon Manufacturing Industry was definitely a must as well.

This one would take 3 and a half months to complete, and by then.. Landon would make missiles, grenades and so on.

And finally, Based on the Bank's ma.s.sive size that Landon had depicted.... it had to be built now, since It would take about 4 to 5 months to complete.

Plus, it was always important for money to be stored properly.

This was Baymard's safe period.

No one knew of the development within the city, and everyone was currently minding their own business right now.

But after Baymard gets open to the public, everyone would stick their noses in the cuts business.

Hence it was better to take advantage of this peace, and build everything that they needed A.S.A.P.

With the construction workers out of the way, Landon could now focus on new goods for the month.

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