Up next, Landon wanted to focus on Radios.

In any society, communication was key.

Be it within the military, schools, police forces, hospitals and so on... communication gadgets were a must within any developed city.

When talking about Radios, there were 2 major factors that come up: frequency and waves (especially Sine waves).

In the modern era, Radio waves control everything.

From the tunes played in cars, to the police radios used for alerting police officers, to the radios within planes....radios waves and frequencies could be seen everywhere.

In fact even cell phones, Televisions, Morse codes, and Walkie Talkies..... use these wave systems.

Making Radios aren't that hard to do.

Back on earth, some people in the wilderness could make them with spoons, wires, coins and an energy source..like batteries.

Essentially, radios send out wave signals... which in turn involve frequency.

Understanding the basic concept and laws of physics applied here, was what was really important.

Different radio channels had different frequencies... hence Landon wanted the workers to properly understand these concepts now.

Every modern radio had 3 main parts: the transmitter , the receiver (actual radio box).... ..and the Antennas, that focus on radiating the signal all around various areas.

Of course, there were several other components as well... that'll be molded separately and attached to each other when putting the radio together.

So in essence, Landon wanted the workers to start understanding these concepts now..... as almost every communication gadget involved waves and frequency.

He had also decided that from now up till April, he wouldn't create any new goods again..... except for Food, books and medicine.

Especially medicine.

He needed to focus on this area, so that he could quickly complete the system's mission.

Hence within this time period, Construction will be his main focus.

After all, the Coastal region needed protection against enemy s.h.i.+ps.

And these peaceful times were the best times to improve Baymard's defenses.

"Don't worry your majesty, we'll get it done immediately!" Tim said.

"No... take your time.

There's no majo rush in producing these radios.

I just need them to be done before March." Landon said.

Although April was Landon's deadline, he gave the workers an early deadline.

So that even if their late on production, it wouldn't really affect his main plan for Baymard.

Within this time frame, he would be teaching them about physics..... so that they could better understand what they were doing.

By May, he had hoped to start making Walkie Talkies for the army, guards and police officers.. as well as house phones for all buildings.

"And these calculators were supposed to aid us in solving math?"

Tim was really confused.

Was his majesty trying to build a human being from metal?

How can it do math for them?

Usually, he would believe Landon.

But this time, his heart wanted to believe it but his mind kept saying that it wasn't logical.

"Trust me Tim, it's possible... anything is possible."

Of course the last thing that Landon wanted to focus on, were calculators.

They needed calculators in the banks, schools and all other offices.

Calculators were basically simple programmable computers.

For the workers to better understand the theory, Landon had decided that from now (December) to April... he would start teaching the workers about Hardware and Software engineering.

And while they earn, of course he expected them to make these calculators as well.

In this way, they would definitely gain knowledge and experience about computing systems.

And coupled with the fact that the Photocopying machine would still have computer systems as well... it was very clear that the men would have as much practice as needed within this time frame.

Bottom line, Landon was h.e.l.l bent on introducing computer operated gadgets within Baymard.

For now, Landon wanted to make small tools and gadgets that ran fewer computations.

Of course things like mobile phones, video games, actual computers and laptops... wouldn't come up until 2 or 3 years later, since they were more complicated and performed too many functions at once.

But things like Walkie talkies and calculators, or even Landlines.... just did basic operations that weren't hard for the workers to currently make.

So those were good.

One had to know that there were several computer systems that existed... and Landon was going to take computer development step by step.

So in essence, only systems that could be made presently... were those that did 1 mode operated functions.

Anyone could put a calculator together... provided that they knew all the parts.

Hard lware engineering was totally different from computer engineering.

For programming and multiple computational functions, those would have to take several more years to be done.

But those ones that did over hundreds of applications, would have to wait for later..

Like Landon had said, why should he wait for hundreds of years just to get things done?

Unlike those on in the 60s, 70 80s or even 90s... he knew everything, pr rather he had access to everything.

So why should he wait?

If someone sat another person down, and aided them in building all the calculatorparts from scratch.. and putting them together, will it really be hard for them to grasp the concept of hardware engineering?

Please!!...Back on earth, there were 11 year old children that could build their own calculators from scratch (YouTube)... given that all the parts were made for them.

Landon was giving them 4 months (December to March), just to build this calculator and learn about the basics of hardware and software engineering.

How is that not enough?

Within this time frame, he expected them to make several trials and errors... so as to get the perfect calculator.

Plus, it wasn't like Landon was overcrowding the workers brains.

Some workers were only focusing on electrical engineering, while others focused on chemistry, and so on.

This time, he was determined to make software and hardware engineers from some of the men.

Landon didnt careabout the development speed at all.

Was it his fault that he knew or had access to everything at once?

If those on earth knew how to teleport or fly, do you think that they would wait for anyone else?

He knew everything, so why couldn't he create what he wanted as he deemed fit?

His world, his business, his soul.

He had to hurriedly pa.s.s earth's standards, so that he could start researching another world's technology.

He might as well do all he could A.S.A.P.... one could never know, he might just die in a year or 2.

Of course if he truly died by then, Landon was sure that he would've probably failed his mission.

And by that time, his soul will definitely be shred into pieces.

All in all... Baymard was going to breathe after these tools were made, and only focus on construction up till April.

That was 4 months.

Within this time, he would teach them hardware and software engineering.

And sometime next year or the year after that, he would start teaching them computer engineering for programming.

So just to be clear, Landon wasn't making a Laptop computers or cellphones... he was just making a CALCULATOR.

Which was basically the simplest form of a computerized operations.

What he wanted to do, was to introduce these concepts now, so that the workers could use the next 2 or 3 years to focuson hardware and software engineering.... before advancing to computer engineering years later.

As for radios, they used wave frequency to operate... so within these years, he will teach the men physics.

Anyone could literally make a radio from a coin, spoon, battery and wires.

Heck!... some people who got stranded on the forest could more them from all the metal that they had.

And even some children on YouTube channels back on earth, could make them from scratch.

Landon was willing to use this entire winter period to focus on them.


--Riverdale City, Arcadina--


In a large hall, several men had gathered around 86 other men.

These 86 men knelt on the floor, while everyone else surrounded them within the hall.

And standing directly in front of them, were 4 other men.


What happened to my father?"

Marder Shannon and the 3 knight Captain's... had finally arrived at Riverdale city with their men, 2 days ago.

"Well... Speak!!

What happened?"

The men on the floor s.h.i.+vered as they struggled to explain their story frantically.

"Y... Young Master!!..... Lord Shannon had gotten a letter from the Capital."

"We didn't know what the letter had said.... but after a few days, the lord had gathered us all to head out towards the Capital."

"And... and once we had pa.s.sed Omar City, we were ambushed at the Valley road by 15,000 mercenaries!"

Marder and the knight Captains were shocked.

Who had Shannon offended?

15000 mercenaries were really a lot.

"Omar city?

Isn't that 3 cities away from here?" One of the knight Captains asked.

One should know that their mission here, was to locate Shannon's whereabouts.

And once they did, then they had to find a way to kill him... or report back to the king, if killing him was too hard for them to do.

Shannon was indeed a tough nut to crack, as he was usually one stop ahead of his enemies.

They had come prepared with thousands of men, just to take him down.

But now, they had just heard that he was dead?

Could it really be true?

Or was this all part of his scheme to make them drop their guard.

And if he did die, who was the one who had done them such a great service?

So many questions kept popping within their minds, as they looked at the men kneeling before them.

But no matter what, they had to make sure that these soldiers kneeling on the floor... were indeed telling the truth.

"Yes my lords, we were attacked 3 cities away from here."

"We... we struggled to save the lord but the enemy was too strong, and we were already outnumbered."

Marder was fuming as he listened to their story.

Who on earth could have done this?

No matter how he looked at it, Baron Cain and Alec Barn were the only ones who could have done this.

Deep within his heart, he knew that his father was already dead.

"Hmmp!!.. it seems like that wild father of yours, went around looking for trouble here and there!!" One of the Captains said.

"Serves him right!!

He acted as if he was more important than the king himself.

This is the ancestor's punishment onto him!" Another Captain said.

"We will stay here for 3 months to fully investigate everything.

And at the end of our stay, you will receive his majesty's verdict.

You will become the next city lord of this run down city.... but that's only if your father is truly dead.

Alright, we'll leave you to sort out this mess."

Marder balled his fists as he stared at the 3 Captains, who were just leaving the room.

How dare they talk about his father like that?


Marder looked at the men on the floor and his eyes turned cold.

"So you're all telling me that when my father needed you most, you turned around and fled?

Under my father's rule, what is the punishment for not saving your master?"

The men on the floor s.h.i.+vered with fear, and their faces turned pale.

"N... no young master!"

"We.. we tried our best to save him!"

"We only came back after he died?"


All the men started begging Marder for mercy.

Marder looked at his own personal men standing around him, and issued out his command.

"Kill them all by hanging!

As for their families, kill everyone above the age of 20.

And for those below that age group; sell the boys to any slave traders.

As for the girls, lock them up within the dungeon.

It's been a long time since I've tasted the pleasure of a woman."

All those soldiers who were kneeling, began crying almost immediately.

If they had known that this would happen, then they would have just allowed themselves to be killed on the battlefield instead.

At least those who had died previously, still had their families safe and sound.

While they on the other hand, had to have their whole lineage destroyed.

Wh about their innocent wives?

What about their children?

"No please young master, please!!"

"My daughter is just 5 years old!!.. please spare her!"


Marder stood there silently, as he watched these men beg and wail out loud.

Now they cared about their families?

Where were they, when his own family was destroyed?

He had lost his brothers and his father... but had anyone ever shown him compa.s.sion?

He had wanted to be king, so he had tried his best to woo Jenette Barn.

But did that b**ch ever agree to his request?

Instead, she was busy falling in love with Anthony Martinez... and now, they were probably happily married while he was still struggling to get more power.

"Lock them up and capture their families!!

Make sure that no one escapes!!"

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