Chapter 531: Proud and Aloof Yuan Zhou

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Only after walking halfway did Liu Jianan react.

“Wait, Boss Yuan. I haven’t mentioned how to pick you up. What time do you prepare to set out?” Liu Jianan suddenly understood and looked at Yuan Zhou.

“No need. Tell me the address. I can go there by myself.” Yuan Zhou said indifferently.

Yuan Zhou didn’t like to be picked up by others.

“But you didn’t ask about the address just now.” Liu Jianan said in a bewildered manner.

“Oh, really? Then you can say it now.” Did he think Yuan Zhou would tell him that he had postured too naturally just now and thus forgot to ask? Of course not.

“The address is Liu’s Courtyard in Niupi Town. It’s very easy to find the place. There’s only one place named as such there.” Seeing Yuan Zhou’s stern appearance, Liu Jianan felt it was better not to ask anymore and thus brought out the address directly.

“Ok, got it.” Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

“I think I had better come to pick you up, otherwise you will not be able to enter my home so easily.” Liu Jianan said carefully.

Liu Jianan was telling the truth. His grandpa was known to be a veteran revolutionist and thus, there were even guards patrolling at the door. How could one get in or go out so easily?

“When I arrive, I’ll tell you and you come out to pick me up then. Leave me your telephone number.” Yuan Zhou still refused Liu Jianan’s proposal.

“Okay. I will wait for you at the door early in the morning. By the way, my grandpa is 91 years old this year.” Liu Jianan compromised and said.

This time, Yuan Zhou didn’t say anything this time, but just nodded the head.

After Yuan Zhou agreed, Liu Jianan straightforwardly left for his home. He had left for almost half a year and it was the time to go back.

After Liu Jianan left, only Zhou Jia asked Master Cheng about him once. Others didn’t really care whether he stayed or left as too many people had asked Yuan Zhou for help, but few of them succeeded. Therefore, the customers all believed this young man also failed, which the sight everybody was used to.

On 29th of the same month, however, the customers caught sight of the closed door and the conspicuous A4 paper pasted on it once they arrived.

[Request for Leave:

Today is the 8th day of this lunar month. It’s good to pray for blessings, so I have gone out to offer my birthday wishes. I hereby ask for one day off. The business time delayed will be reimbursed into BBQ time.

By Yuan Zhou]

“Sh*t. I hate A4 paper.” Wu Hai said indignantly.

“That’s right. It’s good to pray for blessings? Damn the praying! I want food!” A customer said speechlessly.

“Exactly. I want to eat. How can I have the strength to work if I cannot eat a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup in such cold weather?” An office worker roared.

“Considering that you promised to reimburse the time into the BBQ time, I will reluctantly forgive you for now. After all, I haven’t eaten it before.” Another customer thought constantly of the BBQ.

“Damn it. It’s definitely the annoying young man that caused this.” Ling Hong knitted his brows discontentedly.

As soon as other customers heard that, they also remembered Liu Jianan who kept wandering around Yuan Zhou’s restaurant several days ago.

“This damn guy is so hateful.”, “His appearance indicates that he will be single forever.”, “Leaving others aside, I just don’t like his hateful deed.” The customers started to curse Liu Jianan in their hearts, one after another.

Outside of Liu’s Courtyard in Niupi Town in the distance.

“Achoo” Liu Jianan sneezed loudly.

“What a cold day! It’s so foolish of me to give only my phone number to Boss Yuan instead of asking for his.” Liu Jianan muttered while walking around.

“Ta Ta Ta”, the footsteps approached gradually.

“Who’s that? Stay away from here.” A guard shouted to stop him dutifully.

“Brother Wang, he’s invited here to offer birthday wishes. I invited him.” On hearing the sound, Liu Jian immediately turned the head and caught sight of Yuan Zhou.

“Okay. Please register your name and then go inside.” The guard called Brother Wang still said seriously.

“No problem. Boss Yuan, please register here. The courtyard is guarded strictly.” Liu Jianan said to Yuan Zhou smilingly.

“Um.” Yuan Zhou had a taut face all along as if it was frozen by the ice and snow. He said solemnly and seriously.

In the heart, however, he turned on his grumbling mode.

“Damn it. Is it a government resident? There’s surprisingly a guard in military uniform here. Still waters are really the deepest.”

“He must be a child of powerful officials. I can unexpectedly see such a person in real life. Awesome, awesome.”

Although he thought so much in the heart, he still revealed an expressionless look. Yuan Zhou put the pen down and then took a look at Liu Jianan with a strange gaze.

Liu Jianan was stared at uncomfortably. He paused for a little while and then said, “You can get in the courtyard from here.”

“Ok.” Yuan Zhou still maintained his usual temperament from his restaurant. He was proud, aloof, saying nothing and appearing serious.

The key point was that Yuan Zhou had never been to such a place before and thus he totally didn’t know what to say. As a result, he directly pretended to be proud and aloof.

“I have prepared a separate kitchen for you. How many kitchen helpers do you need?” Liu Jianan asked while leading Yuan Zhou to walk inside.

“I don’t need any.” Yuan Zhou refused.

“I think at least you need someone to wash the vegetables and carry dishes.” Liu Jianan said so.

“I just need the one who carries dishes for me to wait at the door.” Yuan Zhou had never thought of carrying the dishes by himself.

“What about washing vegetables? The banquet is to start at 12:00.” Liu Jianan said carefully.

“Got it. There are still two hours left. The time is sufficient.” Yuan Zhou nodded his head, indicating that he understood.

“Alright. The separate kitchen is over here and all food ingredients are in this small room. This side is the vegetables and this side is the meat.” Liu Jianan took Yuan Zhou to the backyard directly.

They arrived at a separate small room that seemed to be ordinary. Once the door was opened, Yuan Zhou found the brand-new kitchenware and cookware inside.

The neighboring small room was the storeroom mentioned by Liu Jianan. Inside the room were the varieties of food ingredients stacked orderly.

“Um, it’s good.” Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

“Okay. I will tell the helper to come here and wait for your instructions ten minutes later. If you have any demands, just tell him to come to me.” Liu Jianan felt relieved when he found Yuan Zhou was satisfied.

Instead of saying anything, Yuan Zhou only nodded the head this time.

“Today is my grandpa’s birthday so I have to leave now and do my part.” Liu Jianan said courteously.

“Um, okay.” When Yuan Zhou answered him, he had started to adjust the kitchenware, preparing to arrange them as per his own habits.

Then, Liu Jianan walked toward the main house with light steps.

“Haha. Grandpa will be greatly surprised. These dishes are as excellent as Mr. Ma’s. Besides that, he was invited here by me.” Liu Jianan thought proudly.

As soon as he entered the main house, that elder sister, who was called Hongjun and had ridiculed Liu Jianan, said first.

“Hey. Did you eat enough snow outside and wait for the right person?” The elder sister called Hongjun was a straightforward girl. Her eyes were brimming with vigor and her voice was clear and melodious.

“Elder Sister Hongjun! It’s my respect for the wise. With that master’s craftsmanship, I spent an entire month on persuading that master to come and cook a meal.” Liu Jianan naturally counted the time spent on persuading Mr. Ma into the time spent on persuading Yuan Zhou.

“Are you telling me you are respecting the wise? What qualifications do you have to do that? I believe that master definitely came here in fear of your continuous disturbance. You go annoy him ceaselessly because you are afraid that he won’t come.” Hongjun exposed all of it in one breath.

“Ahem ahem. No, it’s not like that. It’s my sincerity that moved Boss Yuan.” Liu Jianan said affirmatively.

“Alright. We will wait to taste your birthday present later.” Beside them, Liu Jianan’s father said.

“No problem. Just be rest assured. It’s super delicious. Grandpa, you can eat more later.” Liu Jianan said confidently.

“Hardly ever do you have filial piety. Let’s go to the dining hall now. It’s not early anymore.” It was his grandpa that said to him this time.

He was dressed in the crease-free military uniform with the medals of his military exploits glittering on the chest. Once he said that, everybody moved to the dining hall.

Of course, those who can’t stay and eat immediately said good-bye and left. Only the sons-in-law and daughters-in-law of the family stayed to eat there.

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