--JunGo Border City, Arcadina--


Eli and his group had arrived at the border 5 days ago, and made camp around the outskirts of the city.

They had laid out their plans cleanly, and were currently undergoing their first battle.

Currently, there were 4 City lords with Eli.... And each lord had brought 5,000 men with them.

Although Eli officially had 10,000 men under him as the first prince... he had decided to only bring half of the amount for this battle.

Of course the rest were currently staying at his other bases around Arcadina.

Anyway, in total..... Eli and his group had come to JunGo city with 25,000 men.

In battles like these one's, it was good to send the men out in batches.

Hence Eli had began by sending 5000 men to the battlefields.

From there on, they would continue sending backup in batches of 1000s to... aid those on the fields.


"How is the battle proceeding?"

"Your highness, the men are holding up just fine.

At day break, we'll send out the next group to attack the city." One of the City lords answered.

Eli looked at the old map in front of him, and pointed at a certain location.

"I think we should hit this point next.

Judging by the defence tactics that they had displayed these past few days, it's obvious that they have been neglecting this area."

The city lords looked at the map and nodded.

"I agree with you your highness... we have been attacking the northern gates ever since we got here... so it's safe for them to think that we will continue with that same approach.

This will lead us with a chance to create a diversion."


From what the scouts and spies have said, most of the enemy's knights have been too focused on that northern gate.

So other areas currently have fewer knights guarding them.

First thing tomorrow morning, send 1500 knights towards the other gates.

We will attack all sides at once." Eli said.

This would surely cause a huge wave of confusion and disorderliness within the border city.

"Alright... let's wrap up this meeting for now.

You're all dismissed!!"

Everyone gave a slight bow and exited the tent.

It was time for Eli to sleep.

He got up and walked further into the tent.... He walked towards his bedroom chambers.

The tent was large and ma.s.sive, like one of those large ancient Egyptian tents seen in movies.

As the General, he wouldn't necessarily go to the battlefields.

He was just supposed to strategize for the battle, as well as have his men command and fight these battles in his place.

His job was to make sure that everything went on according to plan.

He operated like the CEO of a company, while the knights worked under him to ensure that the company makes money.

His presence on the battlefield was only needed if the army was in dire need of help, encouragement or moral support.

Sometimes, his presence and his speeches... would make the men feel energized and strong.

Ever since he got here, he had been sleeping for 4 hours a day only.

This was a battlefield, and things changed quickly... hence as the general, his time and attention was always needed.

2 hours into Eli's sleep, 2 hooded men jumped down from the trees and landed beside his tent.

It was currently 3 A.M.

The men stealthily approached Eli's tent.

They had to be quiet because while some of Eli's men were fast asleep, a majority of the knights were still wide awake... since the war was still going on at the battlefield.

With all this in mind, the a.s.sa.s.sins had purposely left their swords behind... and had only brought only their daggers with them.

Killing Eli in his tent, was the only way for them to complete their mission... since they weren't sure whether or not their prey would ever step onto the battlefield.

The a.s.sa.s.sins on the other hand, had been observing Eli for a while now.

They noticed that this general here, didn't like people guarding his tent... so the tent was always left unguarded.

Eli had told his men that all the knights were needed on the battlefield.

He had told them that it would be a waste for them to spend their nights guarding him.

Hence there were no guards around his tent.

The a.s.sa.s.sins moved like the wind, as they made their way towards Eli's tent.

And just when they were about to enter the tent, they froze instantly.

They could feel the immense killing intent directed at them.

'Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!'

2 other men had come out from the bushes.

How could Eli not be prepared for these a.s.sa.s.sins?

The real reason why Eli had insisted on having no guards around his tent, was because he felt like he didn't need them..... Since he already had skilled hidden guards around him.

Before coming here, he had paid 18 of the top a.s.sa.s.sins within Arcadina... to be his bodyguards within this time frame.

The reason why these enemy a.s.sa.s.sins didn't notice them, was because they had always remained in hiding all through his stay here.

When these a.s.sa.s.sins came earlier to spy on Eli, these bodyguards hadn't moved from their hiding spots... and had always blended in with nature.

They weren't supposed to communicate with Eli at all, unless there was an emergency.

And if they really had to talk to him, they would have to wear a knight's uniform in order to do so.

Out of these 18 bodyguards, Eli had 9 constantly were currently watching over him... while the other half rested.

Although they were 9 people currently protecting Eli, only 1 had popped up.

No matter what, they all felt like it would be insulting to their pride... if they all ganged up and killed those 2 a.s.sa.s.sins.

Hence only 1 bodyguard showed himself to these a.s.sa.s.sins.

The bodyguard was much larger and taller than the a.s.sa.s.sins.

This made him look like a giant, to the a.s.sa.s.sins.

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