Chapter 529: Birthday Banquet

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“This is absolutely unscientific and impossible.” Jiang Chang said that repeatedly.

And that was also supposed to be so. Unlike other vegetables that could be planted in a greenhouse during winter, the vaccinum bracteatum was considered to be a traditional Chinese medicine, but the only usage was its fruits. No one would have the interest in planting it in the greenhouse.

However, the warm Wu Rice that was still giving off steam in front of her reminded Jiang Changxi from time to time that this was true.

“What do you think is impossible?” While waiting at the side to drink liquor, Ling Hong asked curiously.

“Even if you can buy the vaccinum bracteatum from other places, there aren’t any ingredients suitable to cook this dish in such weather.” Jiang Changxi turned to look at Ling Hong and said with a frown.

“So what?” Ling Hong was still puzzled.

“So, Boss Yuan, how exactly did you make it?” Jiang Changxi looked at Yuan Zhou and asked earnestly.

“It’s the secret of a chef.” Yuan Zhou was wearing the face mask, but his voice could be heard by her clearly.

“Secrets make a man look manlier.” Moreover, because the customers in the restaurant currently were all familiar ones, Yuan Zhou specially added such a word.

“Haw?” Jiang Changxi was slightly stupefied.

She was accustomed to teasing others, but now she got what she deserved.

However, Jiang Changxi soon adjusted her own mentality. She revealed a big smile and narrowed her eyes painted with black eyeliner. Only when her eyes appeared both long and attractive did she start to say.

“Oh? What kind of taste is it? Shall I smell it?” Jiang Changxi specially lowered her voice and asked him with a slightly hoarse and seductive voice.

To her surprise, however, Yuan Zhou first subconsciously touched all the places throughout his body where the pockets usually were. When he realized he was wearing the Han Chinese Clothing and there weren’t any pockets, he took a step back. Judging from his actions, he apparently appeared to be avoiding Jiang Changxi in fear of her cheating his money.

“No.” Yuan Zhou refused flatly with a seemingly righteous manner.

“Boss Yuan, then why don’t you tell me how you made it?” Jiang Changxi took a deep breath and asked calmly.

“A secret.” Yuan Zhou shook his head.

“The dish is going to turn cold.” Yuan Zhou reminded kindly.

“Okay. Let’s talk about it after eating.” Jiang Changxi looked at the shining ink blue Wu Rice and then at Yuan Zhou and selected the delicacies in the end.

Wu Rice was essentially cooked with the rice after the rice grains were fully soaked in the juice of the vaccinum bracteatum and then boiled.

However, even the boiling required much skill, because if one wanted to boil the rice grains that were neither too soft nor too rigid, one must add a very good amount of water.

This time, Yuan Zhou chose Wuchang Rice, which had always been regarded as a tribute rice for hundreds of years. The rice grains were all well-stacked; the texture was rigid; the color was white and translucent. After soaking, the plain cooked rice that was boiled would appear glossy; the fragrance would be strong and it could also absorb the characteristic flavor of the vaccinum bracteatum.

Due to the beautiful shape of the Wuchang Rice, the plain white rice cooked with the rice grains dyed ink blue was also very beautiful.

“Is the white sugar for pouring inside and eating?” Jiang Changxi didn’t find the small plate filled with the white sugar until she ate half a bowl of the rice.

“Yes. If you enjoy sweet things, you can add more. If you don’t, you can just ignore it,” said Yuan Zhou.

In the requirements of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisines, the white sugar was a kind of flavoring. Therefore, Yuan Zhou specially prepared a small plate of it. After all, some people did indeed like eating Wu Rice along with the white sugar.

“I’ll try it.” Jiang Changxi meticulously added a little bit. She didn’t feel very comfortable adding white sugar to plain white rice.

The small plate was light brown and the white sugar inside appeared a crystal white. It shone with a lustre and appeared rather delicate. “It should be white soft sugar,” thought Jiang Changxi.

There was a small spoon prepared to scoop the white sugar beside the plate.

The spoon was very small. Therefore, Jiang Changxi still scooped up two spoonfuls although she didn’t seem to prefer adding sugar in the rice.

The rice grains shone an ink blue. After the crystal white sugar was poured over the rice, the colors appeared even more harmonious. What’s more, as the Wu Rice was warm, the white sugar began to melt upon touching the rice and thus became a glistening sugar juice.

“Looks pretty good.” Jiang Chang was pleasantly surprised at first. And only then did she scoop some up and start to eat.

Once it entered the mouth this time, however, there wasn’t the delicate fragrance of the rice grains, but on the contrary, a slight sweetness. It touched the tongue first but didn’t taste cloying, because the sweetness was really very bland.

After it was slightly chewed, the intrinsic sweetness of the starch contained in the rice grains was instantly stimulated by the sweet white sugar while the delicate fragrance of the vaccinum bracteatum balanced out the sweet taste perfectly. Therefore, it tasted both sweet and fragrant.

“Even with white sugar inside, it also tastes good.” Jiang Changxi said with satisfaction.

“Add sugar on rice? I think it will be more delicious to add the minced beef inside.” Wu Hai contradicted her habitually.

“If you don’t believe in what I said, you can order one and eat it by yourself.” Jiang Changxi said naturally.

“Sure, I will try. Boss Yuan, I also want a bowl of Wu Rice.” Wu Hai pointed at Jiang Changxi’s bowl and said.

“This restaurant’s business hour for dinner has ended. Please come earlier tomorrow.” Yuan Zhou gestured for Wu Hai to look at the time.

“Sh*t! It just ended. Jiang Changxi, you cheated me.” Wu Hai suddenly realized what happened.

Apparently, Jiang Changxi said so on purpose, because she just didn’t want Wu Hai to eat it now.

“No. I didn’t notice the time, either.” Jiang Changxi tried to convince him primly.

“Ho Ho.” Wu Hai obviously didn’t believe her at all, thus he turned the head and no longer answered her.

“Forget it. Let’s eat the hot pot together next time. I’ve found a vegetable dealer who sells quality vegetables.” Jiang Changxi tried to lure him with some benefits just as if she were comforting a little kid.

“I don’t think there are good quality vegetables outside.” Wu Hai turned up his nose at her.

“The vegetables sold by that person were no worse than Ling Hong’s recommendation.” Jiang Changxi said with great confidence.

“Really? That’s nice.” Wu Hai then believed in that.

After all, the vegetable dealer recommended by Ling Hong were really good quality vegetables. Whenever they wanted to eat the hot pot, they went there to buy some.

As a result of that, that boss always felt puzzled looking at them.

After all, these townspeople were way too surprising in his opinion. They went to the restaurant to eat hot pot, but meanwhile brought the vegetables by themselves. Moreover, they also had to pay for the hot pot.

The matter of they paying for the hot pot was personally verified by the boss himself. Ever since he found out that the hot pot was so expensive, the boss had felt that these few people were even stupider. Leaving that aside, it was said that he was even considering to find that hot pot restaurant mentioned by them and promote his vegetables to the boss.

The boss had well planned to take the high-end strategy. He was considering selling his vegetables at a higher price so that he could earn more.

Once Wu Hai agreed on his side, Jiang Changxi didn’t answer him anymore. She just nodded the head and continued eating her own Wu Rice.

“I’ve never thought that Assistant Yang had such a good taste.” Jiang Changxi didn’t forget that this was her Assistant Yang’s favorite, thus she sighed with emotion inwardly.

“Boss Yuan, what do you think of my proposal today?” At that time, Liu Jianan, who was still waiting by the side, suddenly asked.

“No.” Yuan Zhou answered him straightforwardly without the slightest hesitation.

“Ok, no problem. Please think again. I will come back tomorrow.” Instead of being discouraged, Liu Jianan said persistently.

“You don’t need to. I never intend to go out and cook for others.” Yuan Zhou said cleanly.

“Boss Yuan, are you afraid of the inconvenience? Don’t worry. I will provide you with a separate kitchen, brand-new kitchenware, and superior, high-quality food ingredients. Although they aren’t as good as yours, I’m sure there are some ingredients that even you don’t have.” Liu Jianan said with great confidence.

“No need.” Yuan Zhou still refused.

“Never mind. Just think about it again. I’ll come tomorrow.” After saying that, Liu Jianan ran away.

“What a persistent person!” Jiang Changxi happened to finish her meal at that time. Seeing that, she sighed with emotion and said that.

“Indeed.” Even Yuan Zhou nodded the head once in a blue moon.

After all, Liu Jianan was truly persistent and knew how to behave appropriately. Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou still wouldn’t go out to cook the birthday banquet.

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