The bodyguard walked backward slowly, instantly drawing the away from the tent.

Of course the followed him ever so slowly.... they took their time too, and acted as if they had all the time in the world.

But the truth was that, they themselves were a.s.sessing the situation as well.

They had a gut feeling if they did not deal with this ogre, then they wouldn't be able to complete their mission quietly and quickly.

Usually, only one person would have handled any main issues within the mission.

But as they looked at this huge bodyguard, something told them that he was more skilled than any of them.

But if they worked together, then they might just end his life and get back to their mission.

As they walked closer to the bodyguard, they immediately took out their daggers.

And once the bodyguard stopped, they slowly circled him slowly.

They moved in closer until their fists were within striking distance, before they made their move.

1 vs 2

'Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+'

Both aimed their daggers at the bodyguard.

One of them aimed for his neck, while the other one aimed for the left side of his back.

The slicing motion made the air whistle, as the daggers moved towards their target.

The bodyguard immediately leaned to his right side, instantly dodging both dagger attacks aiming for his throat and left back.

As he leaned, he swiftly delivered a fierce punch towards the in front of him.


The's upper belly had been hit.


The growled, as he tried his best to hold his pain in... lest he made any noise that would attract more knights here.

The behind the bodyguard, swung his knife in attempt to stab the bodyguard's back again.

But when he was so close in doing that, the bodyguard immediately grabbed the other's throat and swung him around.


It happened in a flash.

The dagger had been plunged into the's back.

Truthfully, this felt like he was so unlucky.

Why him?

First he received that fierce punch, and now he was getting stabbed at the center of his chest.

d.a.m.n! It was really painful.

As they continued to fight, the bodyguard would duck, lean, jump, kick and punch them here and there.

They fought for about 7 minutes and at the end, both died by accidentally stabbing each other.

Of course the bodyguard had a cut on his face and a stab on the back of his leg after the fight.

Once the battle was over, Eli surprisingly came out.

"Well done!!"

How could Eli not hear the commotion outside?

With all his years of training, Eli had easily felt the killing intent targeted at him when the were about to enter his tent.

Plus as a General and a knight, how could he not beware of his surroundings when he slept?

"I'm sorry My lord!!!

I couldn't get any information out of them while I fought.

Please punish me as you deem fit'" The bodyguard said while kneeling.

"There's no need to get anxious.... I already know the culprits for this matter.

Take off their masks and let's see who they are!!"

Once the masks were taken off, the bodyguard was somewhat taken aback by one of the faces.

"Everyone come out!!"

The other 8 bodyguards immediately appeared.

"My lord!!", they replied.

"Do any of you recognize these"

"No my lord!!" They all relied.

"But you do.." Eli said, as he looked at the other bodyguard who had previously fought.

"My lord... in truth, I've worked all over the Pyno continent. aren't bound by empires.

What we like us freedom and the thrill for adventure.

I know these 2, or rather, I've seen them before... they are all in the top 100 list of within the empire of Terique.

The first guy is the 56th on the list, and the second one is the 48th."

Eli was confused.


Something didn't add up.

This wasn't Eli's first border battle... he had come here when he was 15 and 17... so why would they target him now?

And what did they stand to gain from him being dead?

Was it one of his brothers that had contacted them?

Did his brothers betray their empire just to see him dead?

Or was it someone else in the shadows that had sent these to him.

He decided that he would wait for Slytherin to arrive, before he launched a full investigation on this matter.

He knew that it couldn't be the ghostly prince, as he himself was to smart to make a deal with the people from Terique.

Who could it be?

"If they started by sending me these low cla.s.s, then that would mean that they plan on sending the top sometime during my stay here.

You all should keep sharp during this time"

"Yes my lord!!"

The empire of Terique?

Hmm things were getting more and more interesting.


Back within the JunGo city, several Terique knights were gathered around 3 Knight Captain's.

"Have they returned?" One of the Captains asked impatiently.

One should know that their king had said that once Eli Barn's death was confirmed, then they could all go home back to Terique.

They didnt' understand why their king suddenly thought that Eli Barn was a threat.

But since it was their king's command, as his n.o.ble subjects... they would do their best to complete their mission.

They just hope that the that were sent, could at least hurry the job along... so that their men wouldn't be dying daily.

Their king had only given them 15,000 soldiers for this mission.

Their goal was to keep the war going for atleast a month... and within this time frame, several will come over in attempts to kill Eli Barn.

But the problem was that 5 days had already gone by, and they had already lost 4,000 men.

This Eli Barn was definitely a genius strategist!

"No my lord... the haven't returned."

"d.a.m.n!!" Another Captain got up his seat, and shot his cup towards the floor

'Pang! lang! lang! lang!

"Its been 3 hours since they left... ant they just do their jobs right?

Don't they know that if they don't complete the mission, then we will continue fighting and loosing men?"

"Patience Johnny!!... I believe they'll get it done.

Let's just wait a little longer."

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