Elijah hurriedly got up and washed his face thoroughly.

Today was a brand new day.

He used to be a wandering worker, until he got to Baymard 11 days ago.

He came from the empire of Deiferus.

His parents, grandmother and sister, had come here because their little town... had been raided by blood gangs.

Some of the people had perished... while the few that survived, either fled or got sold into slavery.

A few days before the attack, one of the newly established blood gangs came over to the town to make a deal with the town's leader.

He had told the leader to submit to them, or prepare for war.

The problem was that submitting meant taking s.e.x slaves and so on.

Of course the leader submitted to them, although the people were against it.

Actually, the town leader really didn't care, since they had promised to give him as much money as possible... if he could keep sending women and children to the gang.

On the day that the town leader had made the official announcement to welcome the gang into the town... some of the people became frightened, and immediately planned to flee.

While others decided to stay and submit themselves as well.

There were also those who wanted to put up a fight, but they had obviously lost their lives at the hands of this gang.

For Elijah's family, immediately after the announcement was made... they took a group of their closest friends and fled the town.

And since then, they had been wandering about non-stop from one place to another.

They would move from place to place, doing tiresome jobs.. and sometimes, they would get beaten up badly while at work.

The worst thing of all, was that his sister got targeted here and there because of her looks... hence they had to disguise her as a boy whenever they traveled.

They had decided to wander into cities that wouldn't call too much attention on themselves, since they were afraid that some n.o.bles might capture them and sell them as slaves.

So when they finally reached Banwy City, their luck had turned for the better... when a s.h.i.+p had arrived at the dock of the city.

After listening to a strange man, they took the chance and got on the s.h.i.+p.... which then brought them to Baymard.

Elijah was 17 years old, while his sister was 19.

'Bang! Bang! Bang!'

"Paula! Paula! Wake up, we're going to be late!

Mom and dad are up already!" He yelled out, as he banged the door to his older sister's room.

When their family first got here, they had been taken to an estate within the upper region.

And even though his majesty had settled them in, he had also arranged for the slaves and refugees to tour the homes within District F.

He and his family had spent 2 days looking through several homes.

And on the 5th of December... they had finally picked a home,signed their mortgage contract and moved in.

Some of their friends were still staying at the refugee estate within District C (upper region), but they chose and preferred to be independent.

Elijah's father worked at the construction industry, his mother worked at the Textile Industry.... while his sister worked at the Bank.

As for him, he worked at the newly established Waste & Recycle Management Industry.

Words couldn't describe how excited and amazed he was, the first time he stepped into the industry.

"Is your sister up yet?" His father yelled out from downstairs.

"I'm up! I'm up! I'm up!!

Oh my heavens!! What time is it?

Why didn't you guys wake me up earlier?"

'What do you think I've been doing here for the last couple of minutes?

And mind you, this is my 4th attempt at waking you today.' Elijah thought.

Elijah could hear his sister's voice, as well as footsteps from behind her door.

It almost sounded like she was currently fighting with a bear in her room.

She quickly opened the door and dashed towards the bathroom.

"Now that you're up, don't forget to lock the door when you leave.

Breakfast is already on the table.

Dad, Mom and he will be heading to the lower region now.

Bye sis!!"

His parents were already waiting for him at the door.

It was time for him to leave.


Once he got to work, he immediately changed in the locker room, clocked in, and headed to his duty post.


He could hear the sounds of the machines, as he walked towards his station.

He worked at the sorting station.

Speaking of which, he was very impressed with the whole recycling procedure.

All throughout Baymard, the garbage bins have different colors and signs on them.

There was blue for plastic recyclable items, bottles, cardboard, paper and other recyclables.

Green for food and organic waste... and family black for every other thing... like dirt, dead light bulbs and so on.

Anyway, there were different garbage trucks that drove around the city collecting specific garbage from these trash bins.

So the blue colored trucks would kick up garbage from the blue colored trash bins... and so on.

And after collection, the garbage gets sent to different sectors within the plant.

The non-recycable waste is crushed and literally turned to powder, while the recyclables are sent to where he was working.

Anyway, when the recyclables got to the plant, they're loaded and spread on a ma.s.sive conveyor belt.

The belt was ridiculously long.

The conveyer belt carried the garbage up an inclined slope, towards the 2nd floor of the building.... which was the sorting station.

Of course, there were several sorting stations within the building....but Elijah was working on the first station.

He opened the ma.s.sive door, and quickly stood at his station.

The workers were supposed to stand at different sections along the conveyor belt.

The belt, winded like a race track... making several turns and bends all within the sorting room.

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