Today, Landon was hurriedly rus.h.i.+ng over to the hospital to deliver a baby.

"Who are the patients currently in labour?"

"Your majesty, only patient Rwana in ward D-33 is in labor." Doctor Gerson replied, as he ran alongside Landon.

"What about the other patients within the childbirth ward?"

"Non at the moment your majesty." Said Nurse Shanelle, as she too ran alongside them as well.

Previously, Landon had created different departments within the hospital, based on his rewards from the system.

The system had rewarded him with surgical knowledge on:


▪Debridement of wounds, burns or infection,

▪Dental Restoration

▪Wrist Fusion and Hand Tendon Repairs

▪Leg bone Fusion

As well as knowledge on childbirth and so on.

Hence with all these in mind, Landon had created different departments that handled:

•Childbirth and labour

•Accidents & Emergencies

•Dental: which looks at dental Restoration for now.

•Central Sterile Services: which focuses on sterilization of all equipment and tools.

•Critical Care departments: which focuses on those who are seriously ill and need extensive care.


•Elderly Service Department

•General Surgery Department

•Pain management department: for acupuncture, ma.s.sages and other procedures that decrease pain.

•Medical Records department: that records, dates and stores all patient information for the hospital.

•Discharge Lounge: for patients who don't need to stay in their ward on the day of their discharge... they could just wait here until their guardian comes to get them.

This room would also have chess boards, magazines, books, puzzles and so on.


He had named these departments, based on the general departments that were present within any hospital back on earth.

For now, the hospital would only have these departments.

But of course in the future, more departments would be created when Baymard made more tools and drugs..... as well as when Landon got more knowledge from the system.

Anyway within this month, the 'childbirth and childcare' department already had 7 women who were 9 months pregnant.

And anytime from now, it was clear that they would fall into labour.

Hence Landon had them stay within the hospital.

In Landon's opinion, these people were very strong willed and capable... compared to people back on earth.

When the doctor told these women that they would have to be admitted into the hospital, they immediately rejected the idea and said that it would be too troubling.

But of course, the doctor insisted, and finally.. they got admitted into the hospital.

The reason was simple....'Distance'

Like Landon had said, it would take someone 16 mins to drive from one region to another if there was no traffic.

But with traffic, one was looking at a 35 minute drive.

Now, it took these people 1 hour and 45 minutes.... to walk from District E (Central region) to district A ( Upper Region).

And with the hospital being within district C, that meant that they would have to walk for about 55 minutes before they got there.... that is if they were living at district E, and not district F.

These people were so used to walking such long distances that they didn't see anything wrong with it.

But how could Landon allow a 9 month pregnant woman to walk for so long on the road?

Although they were fine with it, Landon's concience was not!!

This was one of the reasons why he had decided to construct a car a.s.sembly industry and so on.

Once that was done, he would create buses and make bus schedules for the people.

Also, he had decided that from January to June, he would also start focusing on railway as well.

Transportation had to be done properly for the sake of the people.... as well as for the grand opening in July.

Before Landon had come to Baymard, only about 3% of the people had horses.

They were all comfortable waking up at 5 A.M and walking for 2 to 3 hours to their final destination... no wonder they are all fit.

How could one gain weight as a peasant?

As for the pregnant women, they could just forget it!!!

They were getting admitted to the hospital and that was that!!

Plus.... what if on their way to the hospital, they give birth on the road while in labor.

In fact, everything was just dangerous about the situation.

Well in this era, almost all the peasant women knew a thing or 2 about delivery.... especially in this Baymard.

Before Doctor Gerson and his group came in May, the people delivered their own babies themselves.

The women, neighbors and everyone else would help with the process... but because they weren't really trained, some of their patients ended up dying from loss of blood, un-tied umbilical cord... and so on.

Of course other times, they would be successful in their attempts.

So with all these reasons, Landon had made sure that the women got admitted into the hospital..... lest they try to have the baby at home and loose their lives in the process.

Once the babies are born, the mother and baby would have to stay within the hospital for another month... as that the hospital staff could check the baby and the mother as well.

They would also tell the mother what type of diet she needed to focus on, as well as how to take care of the baby... and what the baby should be eating.

In Landons opinion, these people had no knowledge on real knowledge of childcare.

Hence it was the responsibility of the doctors and nurses, to examine amd teach all new mothers within Baymard.


For the past 2 months, the main doctors and nurses have been studying all the books that Landon had given them.

And now, Landon had wanted to perform the delivery process for all 7 women.

Last month, he delivered 4 beautiful children from 3 women... of course, one of the women carried twins.

And now, he was going to aid these 7 women in their delivery process.

For some reason, he had a hunch that one of these women would give birth on Christmas day... which was in 2 days time (15th of December).

Landon's mission from the system was to perform and teach all surgical procedures, produce all 25 drugs needed for the patients who undergo those surgeries.

As well as teach the people on all beginner and intermediate knowledge that he had received.

Right now, he had been performing and teaching these surgeries, so as to quickly complete his mission.

As for the drugs, he had decided to only produce 4 drugs this month.... next month, he would create 4 more and so on.

Hopefully byJune, all 25 drugs would be produced.

Landon ran to Doctor Gerson's office, and immediately changed for 'Delivery'.

"Have the tools been checked, sterilized and placed on the trolleys?" Landon asked, as he wore his green surgery overall.

"Cleaned and ready to go your maje... I mean Doctor Landon." Nurse Shanelle said.

Good!!... Quickly, to the otheater!!"

As they ran, Landon continued to ask several other questions.

"Did you send someone to inform the patient's family?"

"Yes Doctor Landon.

We sent for them the same time that we sent for you.

The patient's husband, sisters and mother were currently at work, so we brought the patient's father instead.

We drove him in one of the hospital's trucks, to save time." Doctor Gerson replied.

Since there were no phones present yet, all they could do was go to the family's house and notify any of the members.

And if there was no one present, then they would go to their workplaces and get any of them over.

All workplaces were informed that, if there was an emergency like death, accidents or childbirth.... then those involved could take a day or 2 off to deal with the crisis, before going back to work.

And if they needed more time, then they could just ask for an extension... no one would get fired because they had to hold a funeral, or see their wives at the hospital.

So currently, only the patient's father was available.

"And how long had she been in labor before the contractions increased?"

"It has been 25 hours and 42 minutes, since the patient's water broke.

And within that time frame, the patient had mild contractions for 23 hours and 22 minutes.

But after that time, the patient's contractions and pain had increased rapidly.

And right now, the patient presently has excruciating back pain." Doctor Gerson said.

"She's ready!!"

Actually, women would usually give birth within anytime between 16-72 hours after their water broke.... the time depended purely on the woman.

Of course the doctors would only pop the baby out when it was time to do so.

They would check the woman's discharge which could have different colors like pink, brown, slightly b.l.o.o.d.y... which all showed the patient's current pregnancy stage.

They also checked the pain factor and cramps that the woman was having to see if it was time for the baby to be pushed out.

With mild contractions, they start every after 20 minutes.

And after mild contractions, the patient's contractions grow closer, stronger and longer.

So they could change from 20 minutes to 16 minutes... all the way to 2 minutes or even 1.

Mild contractions show that the baby isn't ready to come out yet.... but when the contractions increase to the level where the patient gets excruciating back pain, then that baby is ready to come into the world.

That's why after mild contractions, Landon had the doctors send for the patient's family.

Sometimes, the pain could build up for 6 more hours after mild contractions... before the woman was ready for surgery.

And other times, it would only take 3 more hours.

So depending on the women these times vary.

That's why immediately after mild contractions, the family members were rushed over.

In their patient's case.... It only took 2 hours and 20 minutes after mild contractions, for her to be ready.


Landon opened the theater room wide open.

The room was clean and well lit, and all equipments were readily available.

"Wheel the patient in immediately, and get her father suited up!"

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