Chapter 590 Li Yao Creates a Sect

“This fellow is quite capable. He wanted to take me in as his disciple in the past. Now that he sees that Han Yu looks like me, he took him in. He’s truly ambitious.”

Han Jue cursed silently. He was inexplicably unhappy to see Li Daokong accept Han Yu as his disciple.

When Li Daokong returned, he had to give him an earful.

Ever since he had become Li Daokong’s disciple, Han Yu’s cultivation level had increased day by day. He had also learned many Sword Dao Mystical Powers and became a true sword cultivator.

Li Daokong treated Han Yu very well and even gave him a Heavenly Dao Numinous Treasure sword.

Heavenly Dao Numinous Treasures were rare treasures even to Sages.

Seeing this sword, Han Jue’s impression of Li Daokong improved again. Since he treated Han Yu sincerely, he was giving Han Jue face.

Han Yu was finally settled. His cultivation in the future would definitely be smooth sailing. Even if Han Jue did not give him a back door, he could still become an expert.

Li Daokong only had one disciple!

Just as Han Jue was spying on Han Yu, someone came to visit him.

Li Yao.

Since Han Jue was free, he let her in. Li Yao walked in front of him. Although the two of them were already Dao Companions, she didn’t act too impudently and was still a little respectful.

“Is the Heavenly Dao Providence Board very important? I want to fight for the Sage position,” Li Yao said bluntly. Han Jue said, “You’re only a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. You’re still far from becoming a Sage.”

“It’s indeed far, but the acc.u.mulation of providence also needs time.”

Li Yao said seriously, “The more Sages there are in the Hidden Sect, the better. Li Daokong has the potential to become a Sage, but he only joined us after he became stronger. I’m worried about him.”

Han Jue smiled and said, “This isn’t like you.”

Li Yao said helplessly, “Alright, it’s actually the thoughts of the other personal disciples.”

Han Jue’s heart warmed slightly.

He didn’t think that the personal disciples were selfish. If they were all thinking for him, they would definitely take turns to ask Han Jue for the method to attain the Dao.

They had chosen Li Yao to come because they saw the relations.h.i.+p between him and her and it was easier to convince him.

Han Jue could see favorability, but it wouldn’t last forever. Even six-star favorability might also decrease.

“What do you think?” Han Jue asked.

Li Yao said, “I plan to bring Dao Comprehension Sword, Fairy Xi Xuan, Xuan Qingjun, and Chang Yue’er out to create a providence sect for women or female living beings. Such a sect has yet to appear. There’s an opportunity.”

Han Jue felt that it was feasible. “What about Xing Hongxuan and Tu Ling’er? Why aren’t they going?”

Li Yao said, “Miss Xing said that she wanted to cultivate diligently and give birth to a child for you. She wants to bear a prodigy. Tu Ling’er said that her ident.i.ty is special and not suitable to go out.”

Han Jue was caught between laughter and tears.

These two girls definitely wanted to find him later in private.

“Yes, you can choose some female disciples from the Hundred Peak Immortal River. When you decide to go out, just speak. I can hear you. You don’t have to look for me.”

“Thank you, Sect Master!”

“Oh? You’re still calling me Sect Master?”

Li Yao blushed when she heard that, but she hesitated and could not change her tone.

Han Jue didn’t force her and let her leave.

Several months later.

Li Yao, Xuan Qingjun, Fairy Xi Xuan, and Chang Yue’er left with more than five hundred female disciples. These female disciples were all Immortal Emperors. With Li Yao leading the way, Han Jue was not worried. If something really happened, he could sense it as long as it was in the Immortal World.

Time pa.s.sed.

241 years later.

“My name is Li Yao. My master is the Immeasurable Merit Divine Might Heavenly Sage. Today, I established the Holy Mother Sect and will take in all the women in the world as my disciples. I will teach you the Sacred Technique. No matter race or cultivation level, you can come to the Orchid Sinking Region’s Qilian Mountain Range to join us.”

Li Yao’s voice resounded through the myriad worlds. Her tone was solemn, making Han Jue very glad. She could already hold her own.

However, this name…

Han Jue couldn’t help but think of something else.

Putting aside the biases of his previous life, the Holy Mother[1] had a high status in the Immortal World and could not be tainted.

The other personal disciples didn’t look for Han Jue, which made him very satisfied.

Only a Pseudo-Sage could leave. This was an iron rule!

He couldn’t change it! Unless Han Jue agreed!


This was a double standard.

Han Jue was already close to 90,000 years old. Not in the mood to cultivate, he stood up to preach the Dao.

13th Heaven, Heavenly Race Main Hall.

Ji Xianshen sat on the Emperor’s throne. His expression changed as the immortals in the hall discussed. “The Sect Master of the Holy Mother Sect is said to be a Zenith Heaven cultivator!”

“Isn’t Immeasurable Merit Divine Might Heavenly Sage the master of the Hidden Sect?”

“Hahaha, our Hidden Sect has a deep foundation. Are you shocked?”

“The first establishment of the Holy Mother Sect is supported by the Hidden Sect. The Heavenly Race should go and congratulate them. It can be considered a public edict.”

“I think so.”

The immortals discussed enthusiastically. The Hidden Sect had sent too many Immortal Emperors to the Heavenly Race, which was already equivalent to half of the Hidden Sect.

The Heavenly G.o.d General noticed that something was wrong with Ji Xianshen and asked, “Heavenly Ancestor, what are you thinking?”

With that said, the G.o.ds quietened down and looked at Ji Xianshen.

The expressions of some immortals became subtle. They were all from the Hidden Sect. When Li Xuan’ao left, he had instructed them not to forget their true ident.i.ties.

They were disciples of the Hidden Sect!

If Ji Xianshen dared to express his dissatisfaction with the Hidden Sect, they would definitely not tolerate it.

In their opinion, without the Hidden Sect, how could the Heavenly Race be where they were today!

Ji Xianshen said, “The Heavenly Race naturally has to congratulate the establishment of the Holy Mother Sect. However, the Orchid Sinking Region is the territory of the Jie School. Recently, they have been preparing to attack the demons and have formed an alliance with our Heavenly Race…”

The immortals frowned.

The Jie School was a Sage Sect. If the Holy Mother Sect established a sect in their territory, there would definitely be conflict. It was not good for the Heavenly Race to help anyone.

The Heavenly G.o.d General also frowned.

Be it the Hidden Sect or the Jie School, they couldn’t provoke anyone of them.

The Divine General said, “Actually, we don’t have to worry. We will definitely visit the Holy Mother Sect. As for the Jie School, we’ll try our best to help. Compared to the Orchid Sinking Region, the Jie School is more ambitious.”

An old immortal said, “What if they want us to make a choice?”

The Divine General was silent.

“Just destroy the Jie School, then!”

A Hidden Sect disciple snorted, his tone wild.

The other immortals of the Hidden Sect agreed. They were from the Hidden Sect and knew that Li Yao’s status in the sect was not simple. It was very easy to choose between the two.

Ji Xianshen cursed silently. What was he thinking?

With Han Jue behind him, what was there to be afraid of?

He had to choose the Holy Mother Sect!

In a Daoist temple in the Jie School.

Huang Zuntian was meditating when a disciple rushed in and said, “Sect Master, the mountain range occupied by the Holy Mother Sect is a spirit meridian of our sect. What should we do?”

The Holy Mother Sect’s master was the Immeasurable Merit Divine Might Heavenly Sage’s disciple. They had no choice but to be cautious and not rashly offend her.

Huang Zuntian opened his eyes and said, “The Qilian Mountain Range will directly belong to the Holy Mother Sect. Send someone to visit them with a huge gift to state our intentions to be on good terms with the Holy Mother Sect.”

He was in a good mood.

In his opinion, the appearance of the Holy Mother Sect was a good thing.

Han Jue finally made a move to support him! After the Holy Mother Sect became stronger, they could join forces with the Jie School. They couldn’t be too strong!

As for whether the Holy Mother Sect would affect them, Huang Zuntian was not worried at all.

He had always thought that he was a Hidden Sect disciple. Could the position of Sect Master of the Jie School compare to Han Jue’s trust?

[1] Traditionally refers to a kindhearted person, but the Internet made it a negative term for a person that urges kindness but is hypocritical and selfish, or ignorant and incompetent and causes more harm than good in their self-believed good actions.

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