Chapter 591 90,000 Years Old, Earth Immortal World

After receiving Huang Zuntian’s order, the Jie School disciples immediately left.

Several days later, the Jie School sent an envoy to congratulate the Holy Mother Sect.

Another few days pa.s.sed. The Heavenly Race also went to congratulate the Holy Mother Sect. Two top factions supported the new sect. The Holy Mother Sect’s level instantly increased. News spread throughout the Immortal World in a short period of time, and the limelight was unparalleled.

Ten years later, the disciples of the Holy Mother Sect began to increase. The Immortal World was too vast and the nearby Jie School’s territory. The living beings who wanted to join the Holy Mother Sect had to travel mountains and rivers.

Han Jue was very satisfied when he saw that the Holy Mother Sect was flouris.h.i.+ng.

He continued to cultivate.

Year after year pa.s.sed.

Three lines of words suddenly appeared in front of him.

[Detected that you are 90,000 years old. You have the following choices:]

[1: Exit seclusion immediately and head to the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End to pursue the Great Dao. You can obtain a Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone, a Great Dao Fragment, and a Mystical Power inheritance.)

[2: Cultivate in a low profile manner and avoid karma. You can obtain a Great Dao Fragment and a chance to upgrade the Dao Field.)

Upgrade the Dao Field!


It had been a long time!

Han Jue directly chose the second option.

(You chose to cultivate in a low profile manner and obtained a Great Dao Fragment and a chance to upgrade the Dao Field.)

[The Dao Field has begun to upgrade.)

It took time to level up the Dao Field. Han Jue stopped waiting and focused on cultivating.

He was getting closer and closer to the perfected Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm. A hundred years later.

[The Dao Field has been upgraded. The array formation has been upgraded to the Great Dao Supreme level. The Dao Field’s internal s.p.a.ce has been expanded.)

(Dao Field Immortal Qi has increased by ten times. Connate Qi has increased by ten times.)

[The Dao Field can block the prying of Dao Creator-level existences.)

Dao Creator!

The meaning of creating the Great Dao?

Han Jue thought silently and felt safe.

Even if Dijun and Ancestor Xitian attacked, they shouldn’t be able to rush in.

Han Jue adjusted his state of mind and continued cultivating.

Time pa.s.sed. After the birth of the Holy Mother Sect, more Zenith Heaven sects appeared. The connection between the mortal worlds and the Immortal World became closer and closer. Mortals constantly came to the Immortal World, and many living beings from the Immortal World also went to the mortal worlds. They complemented each other and improved together.

The Heavenly Dao’s providence was becoming stronger because of this!

Compared to before the calamity, the Immortal World was even more prosperous and peaceful.

In such a dazzling era, all living beings were cultivating diligently. Although there were conflicts, they were not too tragic. The main focus was to fight for providence and earn the Heavenly Dao merit.

Time flew.

Three thousand years pa.s.sed.

Han Jue finally attracted the opportunity to break through.

He opened his eyes and adjusted his Dao heart. With the opportunity to break through, he first looked at Han Tuo. Recently, this fellow had not been cultivating in seclusion. Instead, he had been fighting everywhere and expanding the Divine Palace’s territory.

Han Jue looked at Han Yu next.

This guy did not stay on the Buzhou Divine Mountain. Instead, he traveled around and had already arrived near the Jie School.

Be it Huang Zuntian, Li Yao, or the others, if they saw Han Yu, they would definitely guess his relations.h.i.+p with Han Jue, so he was still very safe.

During the time that Han Jue was in seclusion, Han Tuo and Han Yu encountered many things and had abundant experiences.

Among them, Han Yu and a woman developed a romantic relations.h.i.+p. Han Yu wanted to be responsible for it, but the other party rejected him. The reason why he was rejected was that his cultivation was too weak.

This was a huge blow to Han Yu. He didn’t mention Li Daokong because he wanted to rely on his own strength to prove it.

Han Jue looked at the Holy Mother Sect again. It had developed very smoothly and had more than ten thousand disciples now. The Jie School and the Heavenly Race also sent cultivation resources to them from time to time, as if they were fighting to rope in the Holy Mother Sect.

Not bad!

The Holy Mother Sect’s rapid rise had already allowed Li Yao to enter the Heavenly Dao Providence Board. Although her ranking was at the 900,000 mark, it was a good beginning.

Han Jue’s gaze landed on the Three Pure Sacred Ancestor. This fellow had always been in seclusion, and he rarely paid attention to him.


Han Jue raised his eyebrows and looked to be deep in thought.

The Three Pure Sacred Ancestor, who was hiding in his Daoist temple, was wrapped by a strange gray aura that was trying to sever his connection with the Heavenly Dao.

Han Jue pinched his fingers to deduce. He couldn’t guess who did it.

He had to use the derivation function to deduce.

(4 billion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?] Continue!

A figure appeared in Han Jue’s mind.

It was him!

Han Jue was enlightened. He was not surprised. Instead, he felt that it should be him.

It was done by Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du!

The Three Pure Sacred Ancestor was originally controlled by Li Muyi. After Li Muyi died, Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du inherited the Sage position. It was normal for him to target the Three Pure Sacred Ancestor. The Three Pure Sacred Ancestor’s ident.i.ty was too important. He was invincible in the Immortal World and was definitely an extremely important p.a.w.n to Sages.

Han Jue thought for a moment and moved the Three Pure Sacred Ancestor in front of him. Then, he used Absolute Purification on him and the system’s power to eliminate the Heavenly Venerate’s control.

The Three Pure Sacred Ancestor heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Han Jue.

Han Jue asked, “When did Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du find you?”

The Three Pure Sacred Ancestor said, “Several hundred years ago. He said that he could help me escape the Heavenly Dao’s control.”

“But you will be controlled by him.”

“I had my doubts, but…”

The Three Pure Sacred Ancestor revealed a rare expression of humanity.

Han Jue said, “Work for me well. It’s not so good outside the Immortal World. Don’t be fooled.”


After being enslaved by the Primordial Heavenly Prison, the Three Pure Sacred Ancestor only listened to Han Jue.

After the Absolute Purification ended, Han Jue put the Three Pure Sacred Ancestor back.

He wasn’t afraid of being discovered by Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du. Repeating Absolute Purification would deduct a large amount of his lifespan. It was better to warn him to give up.

Before long…

(Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du sent you a dream. Do you accept?]

Han Jue hesitated for a moment before choosing to accept it.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du was not his match, so the dream should not threaten him. Previously, when he went to the 33rd Heaven, he was afraid that an unknown enemy was hidden.

In the dream, Han Jue and Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du stood in a resplendent galaxy.

Looking up, Han Jue felt that this galaxy looked familiar.

It was like the Milky Way.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du stared at him and said, “Fellow Daoist, do you want the Three Pure Sacred Ancestor?”

Han Jue said, “Yes, it’s the price Li Muyi paid for plotting against me. The Three Pure Sacred Ancestor has already submitted to me. I hope you can give me face.”

The two of them confronted each other with a solemn atmosphere.

After a long while…

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said, “Forget it, I’ll give him to you. However, I have something that I hope you can help me with.”

“What is it?”

“There have been more than ten Immeasurable Calamities established by the Heavenly Dao. A long time ago, a mighty figure called Zhen Yuanzi left the Immortal World and established the Earth Immortal World in unknown territory. The Earth Immortal World developed very well, and Zhen Yuanzi even obtained the Dao Ancestor’s help.”

Zhen Yuanzi, Earth Immortal World…


Could it be the world where the Solar System of Earth was located?

Han Jue thought.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du continued, “Zhen Yuanzi absorbed the Earth Immortal World’s providence and transcended the Great Dao. He also nurtured a Chaotic Fiendcelestial called the Destruction Fiendcelestial. I’m afraid he has ill intentions. Now, Zhen Yuanzi has already abandoned the Earth Immortal World. I plan to annex the Earth Immortal World and use it to devour him.”

Han Jue asked, “What should I do?” It was a little dangerous.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said, “Join forces with me and create a special s.p.a.ce to recruit a portion of the living beings in the Earth Immortal World. As our p.a.w.ns, they will cross the River of Destiny of the Earth Immortal World and erase Zhen Yuanzi’s insignia in it until the Earth Immortal World is completely separated from him.”

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