Chapter 129: Preparation (2)

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"Your body has recovered well, and you’re getting better. Keep up the good work, but don’t go too hard on yourself." Angele looked satisfied.

"Your basics are good, and it seems like you have not been slacking while I’m away."

"Yes, Master," the girl lowered her sword and responded politely.

"You’re not talented, but I can still transplant the life energy seed in your body. Your body is still better than mine. That’s why I took you in. Also, I won’t stay here for too long. I probably will leave the city for a long time. I can’t take you with me, so I’ll plant the life energy seed in you first. You’ll be able to reach the Knight level if you train hard," Angele spoke in a calm tone.

Tia looked excited after hearing what Angele just said, but she calmed down quickly and stared at Angele.

Angele finished his hot chocolate and put the cup down before standing up from the chair.

"I can give you two choices. As a Wizard, I have my own understanding of the life energy seed. I can make a special one for you with the materials I have in hand. The second choice is to find a Knight in the city and ask him to plant the life energy seed inside you. I want you to understand that I won’t blame on the choice you make. You’ll always be my student."

"Please make a special one for me, master."

Tia did not hesitate, "I’m your student, and I won’t take a life energy seed from other knights."

Angele was satisfied with the choice Tia made.

"There’s a possibility that my life energy seed is weaker than the ones from knights. It can also be dangerous. Are you sure you want me to do it?"

Tia shook her head, "I already made up my mind. You’ve helped me a lot and gave me everything."

Angele stared at Tia. He looked even more satisfied.

"Great. I’ll give you three days to prepare. Make sure to have some good rest."

"Yes, master."

"Take a shower and go to bed." Angele waved his hand.

Tia bowed to Angele and left the room with the sword. Angele stood beside the desk for a while, thinking about his plans.

He walked to the room on the left, opened the wooden door and locked himself inside it.

There was a long table in the room and a candle stand was in the middle of the table. A whole set of potion concoction equipment was lined up on the table. There were several strange glass bottles and tubes.

Besides the equipment, there was a rectangular glass case. It was about half-meter long, and there was an arm inside. A dark red eye was in the center of its palm. It was the arm Angele had collected from the Hundred-Eyed Monster.

‘So… the ancient Wizard ranking system doesn’t work anymore, and based on the information I know, the three common levels for Wizard are Gas, Liquid, and Crystal. I wonder what the official names are for those levels.’ Angele rubbed his chin as he thought.

‘Zero, check the database and see if you can find anything related to Wizard’s titles.’

Countless blue light dots started to flash in Angele’s eyes, which disappeared after about ten seconds.

‘No official titles for the levels yet, interesting.’ The next line caught Angele’s attention.

‘Every time you rank up as a Wizard, your life will be more complete. Become the seeker of the truth and knowledge. I hope one day we can regain our honor and we, Wizards, shall rule the world once more.’ Angele read through the information Zero presented to him.

Angele creased his eyebrows. Those sentences had no actual meaning in it. Each Wizard had their own way of fighting, and the only way to find out the strength of the other Wizards was to fight one himself.

‘In other words, there is absolutely no proper ranking system for Wizards at the moment. There are only rank 1 Wizards in Ramsoda College, and Angola told me the situation was different. I think the truth is that Wizards here has already lost their actual power, and only the remaining high-rank Wizards know the truth about this land.’ Angele shook his head.

"Which means Ramsoda College is just a small Wizard organization. This place is only the tip of the iceberg." Angele assumed.

"Master Liliana is strong, but she’s just a rank 1 Wizard, which also means she spent many years to reach the Crystal stage. Why didn’t she go for the rank 2 spells? It’s not about the talent. She failed to find the knowledge left by the ancient Wizards."

‘Zero, combine all the maps I recorded and make a world map for me. Try your best.’

‘Creating world map…’

A blue light dot appeared on the left side of Angele’s sight. The light dot was about the size of a fingernail. Many locations were marked on it, such as the Rudin Empire and Marua Harbor.

Cerulean water appeared in the middle marked as the sea. On the right, there was a large land and several locations were marked on the coastline. Those were the places Angele passed by on the ship.

The last point marked on the map was the dock of Ramsoda. Most of the other Wizard organizations on this land were marked as well. Santiago, Liliado, Northland Alliance, and several other smaller schools or cities. Most of the organizations were surrounded by forests or mountains.

Angele was surprised after he saw the whole map. Based on the information he collected in the database, the discovered region was just a small part of the world. Most of other areas on the map were still covered in fog, and the uncharted region was ten times the discovered region.

The whole map in his sight was about the size of a wash basin. There was a finger-sized gap in the middle of it. This gap was the discovered region. It looked tiny when compared to the size of the world.

Angele spent years traveling around this land, but he did not think that it was just a tiny area of the world.

"If I compare this world to Earth, I’m probably in the middle of Europe. The lack of transportation limited the information transfer, and people on this land barely know anything about other parts of the world."

Angele blinked his eyes and the map disappeared from his sight.

‘I might find traces of ancient Wizards if I travel to the other lands.’ Angele sighed and looked at the table again.

He carefully opened the glass case and waved his hands. A thin layer of silver metal climbed up his hands and turned into a pair of gloves.

Angele carefully took the monster’s arm out of the case and slowly put it down in a glass sink.

He knew the monster was called the Hundred-Eyed Monster, but he was still curious about the eye in his palm. Angele carefully grabbed a blue tube and removed the stopper before he poured the content over the palm.


White smoke rose into the air. Angele leaned to the side and waited for the smoke to disappear. He turned his head around and checked the glass sink.

After the contact with the blue liquid, the black arm loosened its grip and the red eye in the middle of the palm was revealed.

Angele took the silver gloves off and used his right hand to touch the eye.

It was smooth but hard. Angele felt like he was touching a glass barrier.

Angele rubbed the eye for a while. It gave him a strange feeling.

He tried pulling the eyelid, but it would not move. He then lowered his body and sniffed at the eye, which smelled like sweat.

Angele’s eyebrows furrowed. He grabbed a sharp silver knife and cut the area under the eye open. There was no blood coming out of the wound, but he could see the red and white muscle fibers clearly.

Blue light dots started flashing in his eyes again.

‘It seems that the eye’s optic nerve is inside its arm bones, but that monster used its arms for assault and mobility. Although the monster’s skin is hard, its eyes should be relatively weak. Why are its eyes in the middle of its palm?’ Angele murmured. He grabbed the tweezers and carefully removed the eye from the palm.

"So, only the substance covering its eye is hard. The eye itself is weak." Angele found the monster’s strange body component interesting. He wondered if he could find some special secrets from it.

Angele scanned the eyeball with the chip for several minutes, and then put it inside a glass bottle.

‘Umm, what should I do to break my gene limit then? Create the plan for me right now,’ Angele ordered.

‘Creating… Estimated time, 12 hours and 14 minutes.’

‘Also, show me the information on life energy seed and simulate the process of planting.’

‘Mission created… Please wait…’ Zero’s mechanical voice echoed in his head.


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