Chapter 128: Preparation (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Ten days later.

In the evening.

A brown four-wheel carriage pulled by two black horses slowly approached the soldiers assigned to the outer area of Lennon City.

There were burning torches on the towers beside the entrance, and the flame was dancing.

Two chubby soldiers wearing white leather armor suits walked to the carriage. They were holding torches in their hands.

"Please show us your entry permit," they spoke with a loud voice.

The window of the carriage was opened by a pale hand. There was a young man sitting inside. He had no expression on his face. The soldiers could see his brown and white hair.

"Permit? What permit?" the man asked in a deep tone.

"Sorry sir, the order comes from the Lord himself, it’s to prevent the plague…" The soldier suddenly stopped talking after seeing the young man’s face, his expression looked quite surprised.

"Are you… Master Angele?!" He raised his voice.

"I am. What? You know me?" Angele’s eyebrows furrowed.

Angele heard people chatting outside the carriage.

"Mr. Tinos sent your pictures to all the guard posts and asked us to memorize your face. Let the carriage pass! It’s Master Angele!" the chubby soldier shouted and waved his hands.

"Tinos?" Angele rubbed his chin with his right hand and closed the window.

The soldiers outside drew their swords together to show their respect.

They watched the carriage moving to the direction of the city until it completely disappeared in their sights.


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