Chapter 127: Payback (2)

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Angola nodded and pointed at the mirror with his finger. A ray of red light came out of the tip of his finger and sank into the surface of the mirror.

The whole room was immediately brightened up by the light coming from the walls and Angele could hear the strange sizzling noise from the mirrors.

The area outside the school appeared within the mirrors: the muddy ruin, the setting sun and Master Moroco cleaning his feathers with his beak.

"What exactly are you looking for?" Angola asked.

"Three Wizard apprentices, two males, and one female. The female Wizard apprentice’s name is Annie. I think they returned to the school at the same time. Can you fast forward it? I need the records about all the Wizard apprentices that came back to the school recently," Angele responded.

"No problem." With a flick of Angola’s finger, the image started changing rapidly.

It was still showing the images of the morning, but now it was already midnight. The pure light of the moon poured onto the empty ground, and three people wearing gray robes appeared in the mirror after several minutes.

"Those are my targets." Angele narrowed his eyes.

"Found what you wanted?" Angola turned around and asked.

"Can you please show me their information? I think the door at the entrance of the door checks the Wizard apprentices’ identity, right?" Angele nodded.

"Of course. They offended you?" Angola clapped his hands. The image in the mirror disappeared. Lines of red characters quickly lined up on its surface.

"Ah, Vlasov?" Angele recognized the language and started reading the information carefully.

‘Annie Korver, 19 years old, rank 3 Wizard apprentice. Apprentice of Wizard Maryland from the Faculty of Shadow.

Jack Bennie, 20 years old, rank 3 Wizard apprentice. Apprentice of Wizard Maryland from the Faculty of Shadow.

Adele, 19 years old, rank 2 Wizard apprentice. Apprentice of Wizard Maryland from the Faculty of Shadow.’

That was all the information showed up in the mirror.

"Maryland? That old coward? They are in trouble now, I guess." Angola chuckled.

"Thanks for the help, Angola." Angele bowed slightly, "I have something important to take care of and I have to leave now."

"No worries, Master Liliana has helped me several times already," Angola smiled.

Angele left the core area after stepping out of Angola’s mirror room. He had not signed the contract with the school, so he could not stay in the core area for too long.

His access was granted by Liliana’s magical sigil. Otherwise, he would not be able to pass the barrier. All he could think about at the moment was those three Wizard apprentices.

Angele was not a member of the school anymore. He was just a disciple of Liliana, and the school would only help him if he signed the contract. He could not just go to Maryland’s office and demand for the three Wizard apprentices. Two of them were already at rank 3 and were relatively important to the school. Wizards and their apprentices usually did not develop deep relationships. Wizard apprentices could purchase rare items from their teachers at a discounted price. Wizards would protect them from danger only when necessary.

Angele put all his items into two large cases after returning to his own room.

"I probably should hire two Wizard apprentices…" Angele looked at the two large travel cases on the floor. He was a bit speechless.


Someone had knocked on his door. Two male Wizard apprentices were standing outside.

"Greetings, Master Angele." The taller Wizard apprentice handed a yellow item over to Angele.

"This is the telescope Master Liliana has prepared for you."

Angele grabbed the telescope. He knew it was for communication.

"Also, Alo asked me to bring you his greetings. He was the one showed you around the school. I wonder if you still remember him," the apprentice spoke in a light tone.

"Alo?" Angele knew this strong man. He guided him into the underground tunnel when he became a Wizard apprentice, "Where is he? I think he reached rank 3 already."

"They are out for a mission. He left a while ago," the male Wizard apprentice answered immediately.

"Alo failed to break the limit, so he’s working hard for the next Water of Asu."

"Ah, so most of the rank 3 Wizard apprentices are out looking for materials." Angele stayed outside collecting materials for a while as well after reaching rank 3.

The other Wizard apprentice waited for his friend to finish before talking, "Master Angele, the vice president of the school, Colin Fear, has asked if you would like to sign the contract with the school. If you’re interested, please go talk to him in the Potions Department. If you don’t want to sign it, please leave the school within 5 days. Also, without the contract, your rights in the school will be limited. Wizard Maryland wants to see you in the garden if you have time."

Angele had already decided to leave the school, so he was not concerned.

"Please tell Master Colin Fear that I’ll leave the school, but I’m still a disciple of Master Liliana. Also, I’ll deal with the issue between me and Maryland."

The management team in the school would probably help Maryland if he chose not to sign the contract, and he could understand the reasons.

"I’ll let him know." The Wizard apprentice bowed, turned around and left the hallway.

The other Wizard apprentice bowed as well and started leaving.

Angele closed the door and left the dorm. He walked down the hallway and started heading to the garden area.


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