Chapter 594 Dao Ancestor’s Birth

“Are you very concerned about Earth?” Immortal Emperor Samsara asked curiously. In his opinion, Earth was ordinary and not worth mentioning in the Earth Immortal World.

Han Jue said, “It’s nothing. You should know what’s special about Earth. Other than history, there’s nothing unusual.”

Immortal Emperor Samsara nodded. He also knew the history of Earth. It belonged to the core civilization of the previous Earth Immortal World. Unfortunately, that was only in the past.

Ever since Zhen Yuanzi left the Earth Immortal World, the mysterious Chaotic Fiendcelestial had invaded. The Earth Immortal World had already become a barren land.

Han Jue asked about some details about the Reincarnators.

The Reincarnation s.p.a.ce recruited Reincarnators not from a single point of time, but from living beings from the Earth Immortal World of all timelines. However, there was one thing. Two living beings with the same essence could not appear, which meant that if they chose this person, they could not choose the one on the other timelines.

With Immortal Emperor Samsara’s strength, crossing time was not a problem.

As a mighty figure, Han Jue was not afraid that others would travel through time to find his past self because he would be able to sense it.

Several hours later, the dream ended.

Immortal Emperor Samsara opened his eyes. He sat in a dark hall with two majestic statues standing beside him.

A black-robed man appeared in front of him and said, “Master, some races in the Earth Immortal World have discovered our existence and have already expressed hostility.”

Immortal Emperor Samsara said calmly, “It’s a good opportunity to give the Reincarnators a new mission. I’ll release a new batch of Dharma treasures. You can let the wind out.

“In addition, choose twelve OverG.o.ds. In the future, the twelve OverG.o.ds will manage the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce. I still have to cultivate, so I’ll stay behind the scenes.”

The black-robed man hurriedly agreed.

Immortal Emperor Samsara let him leave. When he turned around, the black-robed man’s eyes revealed excitement.

He was about to ascend!

Time pa.s.sed quickly. Han Jue opened his eyes and ended his cultivation again.


Even though he had already reached the perfected Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm, Han Jue was still filled with the desire to cultivate.

In the Immortal World, he was already an absolutely invincible existence.

However, he couldn’t expect the Immortal World to exist forever.

Han Jue stood up and stretched.

The Strange Deity suddenly flew over.

The Strange Deity didn’t come to disturb him in millenniums. It also found a place to cultivate. Its cultivation was related to Han Jue. The stronger Han Jue was, the stronger it became.

Now, it also had the strength of a Sage, but it was far inferior to Han Jue and did not have the status of a Sage.

Han Jue glanced at it and asked with his eyes.

The Strange Deity waved its hand silently.

Through telepathy, Han Jue learned that the Strange Deity had sensed the existence of the Inauspicious Deity. It had already infiltrated the Immortal World.

The Inauspicious Deity was formed by the Inauspicious Evil of the Dark Forbidden Zone. Only after countless years of nurturing could an Inauspicious Deity be born.

Han Jue was surprised. Why could the Inauspicious Deity enter the Immortal World? Why did the Heavenly Dao not reject it?

Thinking of something, he suddenly looked up.

In the nine heavens, purple light filled the air. A vast heavenly might was brewing. A figure stood in the center of the heavenly might.

Fang Liang!

His aura changed, becoming ethereal and unfathomable.

Even Han Jue couldn’t see through him. His cultivation was already a Pseudo-Sage, but his aura and soul essence were unfathomable to Han Jue.

He checked Fang Liang’s profile picture.

This fellow had already become the Dao Ancestor!

Could it be that because Fang Liang had become a Dao Ancestor and the Heavenly Dao was in chaos, he had given the Inauspicious Deity a chance? Since Fang Liang had become a Dao Ancestor, why were the other Sages not moving? Han Jue sent a dream to Qiu Xilai. In the dream, he directly asked this question.

After being enslaved by the Primordial Heavenly Prison, Qiu Xilai was absolutely loyal to him.

Qiu Xilai asked with a strange expression, “Isn’t Fang Liang your disciple? How can the Sages not deduce it? Who dares to have any objections?”

Han Jue was stunned. Just because of this? On second thought, it made sense.

No Sage dared to offend him.

Even Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du had to be polite to Han Jue. In their opinion, Fang Liang’s change might be his intention.

“f.u.xitian once came to ask me. It can be considered a probe. After that, the Sages ignored Fang Liang. Speaking of which, why can Fang Liang absorb the Heavenly Dao’s providence?” Qiu Xilai asked curiously.

Han Jue realized that the Sages only knew that Fang Liang was absorbing providence and not transforming into the Dao Ancestor.

Han Jue didn’t hide anything from him.

Qiu Xilai widened his eyes. c.r.a.p! Qiu Xilai muttered to himself, his expression becoming solemn.

Han Jue asked, “What’s wrong?”

Qiu Xilai’s gaze was faint as he said, “Before the Dao Ancestor left, he chose a successor. It was the Sage of the Human School from before. He was plotted against and died. Li Muyi, who had already left the Heavenly Dao, had no choice but to return.”

Han Jue suddenly recalled that the Human School indeed didn’t have a Heavenly Dao Sage. They only left behind a wisp of Primordial Purple Qi. “If the Dao Ancestor revives and knows of this, I’m afraid we Sages will be held responsible. The once majestic Heavenly Sect Master is still being suppressed in the Ancient Desolate and will never transcend.” The more Qiu Xilai spoke, the more terrified he became.

In the hearts of the Sages, the Dao Ancestor was the strongest existence and also the existence they respected the most.

If the Dao Ancestor hadn’t left, they wouldn’t have dared to fight.

Now that the Dao Ancestor had returned…

Han Jue consoled him. “Don’t worry. Fang Liang only obtained the Dao Ancestor’s ident.i.ty, he’s not the true Dao Ancestor.”



Qiu Xilai heaved a sigh of relief.

Han Jue instructed him not to spread this matter and left the dream.

After returning to reality, Han Jue opened his eyes.

The Strange Deity came over again.

“You want to go out?”

The Strange Deity nodded crazily.

Han Jue thought for a moment and said, “I can let you out, but you are not allowed to leave the Heavenly Dao or harm other living beings other than the Inauspicious Deity. Otherwise, you will be expelled by the rules of the Heavenly Dao and I won’t be able to protect you in the future.”

The Strange Deity waved its hand in a promise.

Han Jue waved his sleeve and sent it out.

This fellow was very cautious. If he was not confident, he wouldn’t take the initiative to look for Han Jue.

The Inauspicious Deity was about to suffer.

Then, Han Jue walked out of the Daoist temple and came to the Daoist temple beside him. He raised his hand and knocked on the door.

The door suddenly opened, and Xing Hongxuan stood up to welcome him. After Han Jue entered, the door closed. Zhang Jue and the crimson fox seemed to not see it and continued cultivating.

Han Jue walked to the small table and sat down. He poured himself tea and asked, “How’s your cultivation recently?”.

Xing Hongxuan sat down and smiled like a flower. “Not bad. I’m getting closer and closer to the Zenith Heaven Realm. However, I wonder when I can become a Pseudo-Sage and give birth to your child.” Xing Hongxuan had changed her potential due to her reincarnation and had obtained the providence of the Human Emperor. After cultivating for so many years, it was not rare for her to be close to the Zenith Heaven Realm. She was no longer a mortal.

Han Jue said angrily, “What’s the use of having children? Be careful not to waste your cultivation energy.”

Xing Hongxuan curled her lips. “I want to leave you a descendant. If you leave the Hidden Sect one day and go out adventuring, there will be a legitimate son to control the Hidden Sect for you. These geniuses of the Hidden Sect are all arrogant, the sect will be leaderless in the future. Something will happen if you’re gone.”

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