Chapter 126: Payback (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Inside the underground tunnel, the torches hanging from the brown wall brightened up the hallway, and shadows filled up the gaps between the light.

Angele was walking down the hall. He had already put on his new black robe. He lowered his head. There were blue light dots flashing in his eyes. It seemed that he was doing some analysis.

After about ten minutes, he heard people talking ahead of him. They were walking toward him, and their voices became clearer as they got closer.

Two Wizard apprentices in gray robes appeared at the corner in the front, they were talking and laughing, but they suddenly stopped after seeing Angele’s black robe.

Angele took a glance at the two. It was a male Wizard apprentice and a female Wizard apprentice, who lowered their heads and stood on the side. They did not want to block a formal Wizard’s path.

"The Conjuror Department is up ahead, right?" he suddenly asked.

"Yes," the male Wizard apprentice responded immediately, "The lecture hall is right ahead. Are you here to talk to Master Angola?"

"Master Angola is teaching today?" Angele questioned.

"Yes, I think the class just started," the female Wizard apprentice answered.

"Thanks." Angele nodded. He turned around and started walking again.

The two Wizard apprentices felt relieved only after Angele’s shadow disappeared around the corner.

"It’s rare to see formal Wizards roaming outside during classes. I hope we didn’t offend him," the male Wizard apprentice exhaled once and said.

"I think we didn’t." The female apprentice hesitated for a second.

"Let’s head back to the dorm first. The school is empty. There are not that many people around. The dorm area makes me feel much better," the male apprentice suggested.

"Sure." The two picked up their pace and walked toward the opposite direction.


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