Chapter 125: Advance (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Beside the three-dimensional hologram, several rows of data were listed.

‘Blue, undamaged. Red, damaged.’

Angele stared at the hologram in front of him. He remained silent, ‘Life expectancy is determined by the rate of cell division, so it means my life expectancy is shortened by half already? Is there anything I can do? Wizards need a great amount of life energy. There must be a way. Check the database for me.’

‘Mission created, searching…’ Zero reported.

Angele stood beside the bed and waited for Zero to complete its analysis.

‘129 plans created. Show them all?’

Angele opened his mouth a bit, dumbfounded as he did not expect so many plans.

‘Add filter: No sequelas, Fast, Easy, Can be done right away. Search again.’

‘Filtering… Done. Plans left, 2.’

‘Transfer them to me,’ Angele ordered.

All the information was sent to his memory block immediately.

‘Plan A: Energy radiation. By exposing your body to the radiation of your main energy particles, your body condition will change and your life energy will be restored within one year. I will support you in controlling the amount of radiation that goes into your body. Otherwise, your body will be polluted by the excessive energy.

Plan B: Catch any living being and drain the life energy from it constantly every day. Requirement, any spell that drains life. Time needed, 12 days.’

Angele’s eyebrows furrowed, ‘One year is a bit too long, I’ll go with plan B.’

‘Show me the detailed procedure.’


Polari’s Chronical Life Drain: Originated from the level 2 Wizard spell, Chronical Life Drain. It was modified by Wizard Polari and mainly used for restoring life energy after Wizard apprentices broke the limit, so the modified spell was named after him.

Spell model: Not learned yet.

Requirements: Blood Ritual, Evil.’

Angele stood in his room. There were blue light dots flashing in his eyes, which took about five minutes for those blue light dots to slowly disappear.

‘Well, I guess I have to go with plan A for now. It’s nearly impossible for me to set up an evil ritual.’ Angele checked the information about the blood ritual, but it was a brutal and evil way. He did not want to become the target of other Wizards.

Angele rested for a while and some gentle wind blew the stinky air out of the window with a flick of his finger.

Angele stared at the dirty bed and the messy desk. He collected all the important items and put them into his case.

"Finally, I’ve become a formal Wizard. However, the school doesn’t provide any information regarding the future progression for Wizards. I need to talk to my master." Angele checked the situation in the school already.

The school’s attitude to formal Wizard was not recorded in any book, someone told him that there was a special area in the school reserved for the formal Wizards. However, he needed to sign a contract with the school first before he could access that area.

Wizard apprentices differed from Wizards in terms of their power and the rights they had. The original contracts would not affect what new Wizards wanted to do, so the school had to sign a new contract with the formal Wizards. Those special contracts were written by high-ranking Wizards and were enhanced using certain spells.

Wizards sought rare resources, so most of them would sign the contracts with the school. Furthermore, it was a win-win situation.


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