Chapter 596 Jade Slip of Creation, New Heavenly Dao

After the sword light formation rose around the Buzhou Divine Mountain, the demons were blocked. Some self-righteous demons wanted to barge in, but they were destroyed by the array formation. The demons were so frightened that they didn’t dare to move.

In the distance.

The Golden Crow Demon Emperor and the demons gathered in a valley.

A Demon Saint said in a low voice, “Li Daokong wasn’t fooled. Should we still attack?”

The Golden Crow Demon Emperor snorted. “There’s no need. Li Daokong is arrogant and doesn’t tolerate anything. Even if he knows our plan, he will fall into it because he doesn’t want to make us seem afraid of him.

“If we appear, we might be killed by Li Daokong. I don’t have to say how powerful he is.”

The other Demon Saints felt that it made sense and nodded.

They didn’t want to face Li Daokong directly.

The news that the demons had surrounded the Buzhou Divine Mountain quickly spread. The Jie School also began to approach the Buzhou Divine Mountain.

Time pa.s.sed.

A thousand years pa.s.sed.

Han Jue opened his eyes. He first paid attention to the situation of the Buzhou Divine Mountain.

The demons were already gone.


Han Jue suddenly saw the murderous aura spreading at the edge of the Buzhou Divine Mountain.

Could it be…

Han Jue checked the Heavenly Dao Providence Board. Li Daokong had already fallen to third place.

The new number one was Great Loose Heaven.

Han Jue pinched his fingers to deduce. It turned out that the Jie School indeed wanted to pursue the demons, but they were stopped by the Buddhist Sect, causing the demons to continue pestering the Buzhou Divine Mountain. Unhappy, Li Daokong attacked them. He slaughtered more than a hundred million demon soldiers. Negative karma surrounded him and negated a lot of providence.


The Golden Crow Demon Emperor was severely injured by Li Daokong. If not for the Heavenly Dao Supreme Treasure, he would have died on the spot.

Han Jue was speechless.

He didn’t blame Li Daokong for this. This was his choice.

However, the Buddhist Sect actually supported the demons.

Probably not.

Perhaps the Buddhist Sect was only going against the Jie School.

Han Jue didn’t look for Qiu Xilai because of this. His forces couldn’t be so harmonious. That was unrealistic and would attract more trouble.

Being stronger in battle was also a good thing.

Han Jue stopped thinking about this and looked at his son, Han Tuo.

The Divine Palace had been developing the mortal world recently. Han Tuo had also personally brought people into the mortal world. He had gone to the Loose Heaven Realm. The Divine Palace and the Loose Heaven Sect seemed to have established a certain relations.h.i.+p.

Han Tuo’s cultivation had never fallen. Now, he was already at the Three Mystic Divine Origin and improved very quickly.

Han Jue looked at Yi Tian next. This Son of the Heavenly Dao was already at the Five Mystic Divine Origin.

The Son of the Heavenly Dao was really impressive!

Han Jue s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Han Yu.


Han Yu was drinking with the Eastern Sea Dragon King in the Dragon Palace outside the Immortal World.

The Seven Princesses of the Eastern Sea had taken a liking to Han Yu. When the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea learned that his master was Li Daokong, he wanted to recruit him as a son-in-law.

Han Jue smiled.

“Since he looks like me, he’s indeed easily liked by women.”

Han Jue thought with a smile. His descendants had their own lives to live. He couldn’t be bothered to interfere.

The Dragon King of the Eastern Sea was only a Grand Unity Golden Immortal and was not worthy of meeting him.

Han Jue paid attention to the others next. Several days later, he entered cultivation again.

This was the life of a Sage. He spent most of his time meditating and cultivating.

33rd Heaven, Great Ultimate Hall.

Fang Liang slowly walked into the hall. His expression was indifferent as his sleeves fluttered. His aura was solemn and ethereal.

Ancestor Xitian slowly opened his eyes and looked at Fang Liang who was walking towards him. He fell into a daze.

Fang Liang stopped a hundred feet in front of him and said, “Ancestor Xitian, the Dao Ancestor asked me to find you. You should know the reason, right?”

Ancestor Xitian said, “Yes. The Jade Slip of Creation.”

He sized up Fang Liang and sighed. “How does it feel to become the Dao Ancestor?”

Fang Liang replied, “I’ve seen through a lot and have a lot to endure.” “Where is the Dao Ancestor?”

“The Dao Ancestor is everywhere.”

“Why did the Dao Ancestor look for you?”

“Primordial Fiendcelestial.”

Ancestor Xitian fell silent.

Fang Liang said, “Where is the Jade Slip of Creation? Can you give it to me?” Ancestor Xitian said, “I can’t give you the Jade Slip of Creation because it’s no longer here. I don’t know where it is, either. This treasure has a spirit, and it disappeared before the previous calamity. Because of this, I haven’t even preached the Dao to the living beings in the Immortal World. I wanted to find traces of the Jade Slip of Creation, but it’s a pity.”

Fang Liang frowned.

Ancestor Xitian said, “If it isn’t in the Heavenly Dao, it must be in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End or even deeper in the Ancient Desolate You can go and find it. The Dao Ancestor will definitely protect you.

“You have to be careful of the Dao Devils in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End. In the Ancient Desolate, you have to be careful of the Fiendcelestials.”

Fang Liang snorted and left. After he left the Great Ultimate Hall, Ancestor Xitian sighed and said slowly, “Dao Ancestor, what are you plotting? A long time ago, you seemed to be afraid of something. Now, I’ve already seen through the illusion and transcended everything, but I still can’t see what you’re chasing.” In his memories, the Dao Ancestor had always been very mysterious. He was clearly the strongest after the creation of the world, but he always cultivated in seclusion.

Ancestor Xitian opened his right hand, and a purple jade slip appeared in it.

The Jie School’s Sage Dao Field.

Huang Zuntian knelt in front of Sect Master Tian Jue respectfully, not daring to look at him.

Sect Master Tian Jue said, “Your performance was not bad. You are now in the top ten of the Heavenly Dao Providence Board. You didn’t embarra.s.s the Jie School.”

Huang Zuntian replied, “It’s all thanks to the Jie School’s providence. If anyone else was the Sect Master of the intercepting sect, they would only be better than me.”

“Stop acting humble. I have something important to tell you.”

“Go ahead, Sage.” “The Chan School and the Jie School are preparing to join forces to create a new Heavenly Dao. Hurry up and recruit disciples and send them to the new Heavenly Dao.” “Alright!”

Huang Zuntian immediately agreed. “Yes. If this is done well, I will preach the Dao to you alone.” “Thank you, Sage!” “You can leave.”

Huang Zuntian bowed and left.

After leaving the 33rd Heaven, Huang Zuntian traveled through the sea of clouds expressionlessly. He was thinking about what Sect Master Tian Jue had instructed.

“New Heavenly Dao… Something’s wrong. Now, the Jie School and the Chan School are still important in the Immortal World. They are even becoming more prosperous. Why do they want to create a new Heavenly Dao?”

Huang Zuntian smelled a conspiracy.

However, he couldn’t partic.i.p.ate in the Sage’s plan. Not to mention investigating, once he was in a bad state, the Sage might also notice.

After becoming the Sect Master of the Jie School, Huang Zuntian had been walking on thin ice every day. He took every step carefully. He had a feeling that this was related to Han Jue.

Han Jue had broken the situation of the Sages. The current peace was brought by Han Jue because he was too strong. The Sages didn’t dare to compete with him and had to stick together.

Thinking of this, Huang Zuntian was full of admiration for Han Jue.

After he became a Sage, he didn’t spread his strength everywhere. Instead, he brought peace to the Immortal World. The current Immortal World was even more prosperous than before the calamity.

This was the bearing of a Sage!

He, Huang Zuntian, had to follow Han Jue’s footsteps firmly!

Huang Zuntian began to think about how to contact Han Jue and tell him about this new development.

He definitely couldn’t go to the Hundred Peak Immortal River directly.

He had to think of a way for Han Jue to visit him in his dreams.

“If I’m injured, Master will definitely notice me.”

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