Chapter 123: Promotion (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

"As a rank 3 Wizard apprentice, Angele has already met the requirement for breaking the limit. Following the school’s rule, I’ll distribute one serving of Water of Asu to him." Liliana had a strange expression on her face. Angele could not tell if she was laughing or crying. She took a small tube, similarly made from vulcanized crystal, with golden liquid inside out of her robe.

Liliana placed the tube on Angele’s palm gently.

"You’re my 13th disciple. I hope you remember that you shall never lose yourself to power and unnecessary emotions."

"Yes, Master." Angele held the tube carefully with his hand.

"I wish you all the best," Liliana spoke in a deep tone, "Sorry, ladies and gentlemen. I still have a lab to attend to, so I have to leave now."

She looked at the bald man with a glass of red wine in her hand, "Gaz, you better be careful. If you’re captured in Santiago, there’ll be nothing I can do."

The bald man smiled, "Thanks, Master. I’ll take care of it and come back before you realized."

"Good." Liliana turned around and stepped forward. Her body vanished in a heap of black smoke.

The bald man became translucent slowly and disappeared as well.

"Master is much more cautious than before." A blonde woman chuckled.

"Be careful with your words," a masked man spoke in a deep tone, "We shall never judge our master."

"Whatever." The woman sipped some wine.

People in the room started forming several small groups, chattering in low voices.

After several minutes, most of them finished their conversations as soon as they finished their wine. They put down their wine glasses and vanished into black smoke just like Liliana.

Only several people remained in the room. Angele was standing in the middle of them, but no one approached him. Those Wizards were not here to greet him. They had an opportunity, so they decided to exchange some information or resources.

Liliana would use any excuse to hold parties like this, so they could deepen their relationships with each other. She had just taken Angele in as her formal disciple, so she used this as an excuse to gather all her other disciples here.

As a rank 3 Wizard apprentice, Angele did not attract anyone’s attention because the other disciples were already formal Wizards. Those ‘black robes’ already showed him respect by having a drink with him.

Angele was not concerned. His sole purpose was, after all, to obtain the third serving of Water of Asu.

"Angele Rio, right?" an old man with a pale voice walked over, and asked, "Although your talent level is low, and I’m not certain if you can break the limit or not, it’s still incredible for you to meet the requirement at such a young age. You have my respect. My name is Daniel Curtis, you can just call me Daniel. I heard you purchased some rare herbs from Master. I still have some left in my room, do you need them?"

Angele smiled politely, "Of course, but I can’t afford those super rare materials."

"How many magic stones do you have? Or do you have anything else to offer?" Daniel was a bit different from other black robes. It seemed like he did not care that Angele was still a gray robe.

"Name your price." It seemed that Daniel was a kind fellow. However, he noticed the others were looking at them scornfully after seeing Daniel talking to him. Daniel might be the weakest Wizard among Liliana’s disciples.

"Well, how about 1000 regular magic stones. Although my herbs are not that rare, they are still worth at least 1000 magic stones. I think you’re using them to practice making potions, right? You don’t need high-quality herbs," Daniel smiled.

Angele nodded, "Deal. When are you available?"

Daniel looked at Angele, "I brought the herbs back to the school. You’re talking to a real person. I’m not using reflections like the others."


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