Chapter 598 Cultivating the Fiendcelestial Force

“So fast?” Immortal Emperor Samsara was stunned and asked in surprise.

Han Jue had only left for less than three breaths of time. Was it so fast?

Han Jue said calmly, “To Sages, an instant is an eternity.”

Immortal Emperor Samsara did not understand but felt that it was impressive.

Before jumping into the black vortex of the Invocation Technique, Han Jue said, “The Reincarnation s.p.a.ce is the plan of a Sage. Think about it more and don’t lose your life.”

Immortal Emperor Samsara looked as the black vortex shrank. He was suddenly touched.

With Han Jue’s ident.i.ty, there was no need to say these words to rope him in, because there was a Sage driving him to do his best.

Han Jue said this because of the kindness from his childhood.

Immortal Emperor Samsara took a deep breath and adjusted his emotions. His gaze pa.s.sed through the hall and saw the entire Earth Immortal World.

He wanted to swallow all of this!

After returning to the Hundred Peak Immortal River, Han Jue patiently waited for the establishment of the second Dao Field.

Ninety-nine years pa.s.sed. (The second Dao Field has been successfully established. You can teleport over at any time.]

Seeing this line of words, Han Jue immediately chose to teleport.

Immediately after, he appeared in the second Dao Field below on Earth Immortal World’s


At a glance, it was dark everywhere. The ground beneath his feet was uneven. There were no mountains or water trees.

Han Jue waved his hand and created a small world with the Great Dao of Extreme Origin.

Sunlight appeared and flowers grew on the ground. Mountain ranges rose and clouds condensed. The darkness was dispersed and replaced by a beautiful world.

This world was very big. It was comparable to ten Earths. Although the scenery was beautiful, there were no living beings. It was abnormally silent.

Han Jue felt that the Spirit Qi here was still increasing. He didn’t know how long it would take for it to increase to the same level of Spirit Qi as the main Dao Field.

Han Jue started to think about who to let in.


He couldn’t let anyone in.

He couldn’t put all the eggs in one basket. Han Jue wanted to nurture a power that even his personal disciples didn’t know.

Even the personal disciple couldn’t know, let alone the enemy.

Should he let it in after the Chaotic Fiendcelestial was born?

But if that was the case, how long would he have to wait?

Han Jue teleported back to the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

He decided to transplant some natural treasures into the second Dao Field, such as the Myriad Form Bodhi Tree and the Traceless Breeze Lotus.

The Spirit Qi of the main Dao Field no longer needed the enhancement of natural treasures. It was better to put these treasures in the second Dao Field. Perhaps they could transform into living beings in the future

Soon, the transplantation was successful.

The teleportation between the two Dao Fields was very convenient. A thought was enough.

After thinking about it, Han Jue called the crimson fox in.

The crimson fox was a small demon Han Jue encountered when he was training before attaining the Dao. It had cultivated in the Hundred Peak Immortal River for tens of thousands of years and had reached the Rank Nine Immortal Emperor Realm, but it had yet to cross to the Deity Realm.

The crimson fox usually stayed outside the Daoist temple and did not have many friends in the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

After entering the Daoist temple, the crimson fox carefully lay in front of Han Jue.

After so many years, it still had not transformed because it liked its true form.

“You’ve been in the Hidden Sect for so long. Why don’t you interact with the other disciples?” Han Jue asked.

The crimson fox was so frightened that it hurriedly said, “I just want to hurry up and cultivate. I only care about you in the entire Hidden Sect. If you want me to interact with other disciples, I can do it!”


It thought that he was interrogating it. Han Jue said, “Since you’re unwilling, there’s no need to force it. Loneliness is also the path of the strong.”

The crimson fox heaved a sigh of relief.

Han Jue asked, “What do you think of your potential?”

The crimson fox was silent.

The reason why Han Jue asked was to turn it into a Chaotic Fiendcelestial.

The transformation of the Fiendcelestial Qi in the Primordial World was too slow. It was unknown how long it would take for the Chaotic Fiendcelestial to be born. By fusing living beings with the Fiendcelestial Qi, one could transcend the process of nurturing the soul. The process was even faster.

Murong Qi had already completely transformed into a Chaotic Fiendcelestial. He could be released after some time. After thinking about it, Han Jue decided to give the crimson fox a chance. This little fellow stayed outside the Daoist temple and did its duty. Although there was no surprise, it wouldn’t disturb Han Jue. This tenacity satisfied him.

After a while.

The crimson fox gritted its teeth and said, “Master, please give me a chance!”

It was not stupid. If Han Jue wanted to expel it, there was no need to say anything.

This was giving it a chance to choose!

No matter what, since it chose to follow him, it had to walk the same path.

Han Jue said, “This process is very painful. If you survive, you will obtain potential that all living beings in the Heavenly Dao.”

“I’m willing!” “Very good.”

Han Jue didn’t say anything else. He directly destroyed its body and moved its soul into the Primordial World.

Which Chaotic Fiendcelestial should he choose?

Han Jue felt the joy of playing a breeding game. He was excited.

After thinking about it, Han Jue decided to fuse the crimson fox with the Giant Fiendcelestial. This fellow didn’t want to transform. It would be quite interesting if a fox larger than the universe appeared in the future. Han Jue began to fuse the crimson fox with the Giant Fiendcelestial.

Strangely, the crimson fox did not roar. Even the Divine Palace War G.o.d, Murong Qi, could not withstand the pain. It could actually endure it.

This kid was not simple!

Han Jue’s antic.i.p.ation increased.

He shut the authority the crimson fox had in the Myriad Worlds Projection. He wanted to completely isolate the main Dao Field from the second Dao Field.

As for Su Qi, Han Jue thought for a moment and decided to forget it. He let him stay in the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

In the future, the crimson fox would be the second Dao Field’s leader.

The Giant Fiendcelestial would be the leader of the fiendcelestials. It was quite cool.

Apart from the crimson fox, Han Jue had to arrange other disciples.

He decided not to choose from the Hundred Peak Immortal River, but nurture new disciples from the outside world.

As for Han Tuo and Han Yu, there was karma in the Immortal World, so they couldn’t be chosen.

Han Jue stopped thinking and helped the crimson fox successfully fuse first. Although he had already succeeded twice, he had to be cautious not to fail.

Another thousand years pa.s.sed.

The power of the Giant Fiendcelestial no longer resisted the crimson fox. Next was to fuse.

Han Jue could finally do other things without worries.

He came to the second Dao Field.

His Sage Sense swept through the Earth Immortal World.

He wanted to choose a suitable successor to become a Fiendcelestial.

He thought for a moment and decided to choose from Earth. It was also a form of release for his previous life.

If this child grew up, Earth would also be protected. Han Jue was born on Earth, so he had to do something if he could.

Several days later.

Han Jue found someone. This youth was only fourteen years old. He was an orphan from a country on Earth. He had yellow skin, and following the source of his bloodline, he was also considered Chinese.

After billions of years on Earth, the race had already changed many times. Because the Chinese were Connate Humans brought by Zhen Yuanzi. Even if the Earth encountered any danger, they wouldn’t be wiped out.

Han Jue had deduced that the Chinese were not born on Earth. Zhen Yuanzi had specially introduced them. When he chose Earth, it was still dominated by dinosaurs. Zhen Yuanzi had no choice but to destroy the dinosaurs. The arrival of the Connate Human Race brought providence and promoted the evolution of the Earth’s original humans, which created white and black people.

The evolution of any species was long, spanning tens of millions of years, or even hundreds of millions of years. With the help of the Connate Humans’ spells, Earth’s Human Race developed quickly and was evolved from the apes.

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