Chapter 121: Return (2)

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The crossguard sword was infused with electricity. It hit the incoming arms from the monster hard. More than ten arms were cut off easily within seconds, and the pulses electrocuted its wounds.

The blue electricity kept flowing through the Hundred-Eyed Monster’s body.

Angele then stabbed the monster’s mouth furiously with his sword. Its mouth was wide open but there were no teeth inside. The force Angele applied on the sword was not enough, only the tip of the blade pierced through its body.

He felt like he was stabbing a piece of extremely hard wood. His strength was much stronger than an average human being, but he failed to truly damage the monster’s body.


As Angele tried to pull his sword out of its body, the monster hit him with one of its arms, and Angele was blown away by the impact. The crossguard sword was left in its body.

Angele quickly drew his second crossguard sword and held it in his left hand. His right arm had twisted to a strange angle, its bones broken. He could feel the constant pain coming from his broken bones. He furrowed his brows and took several steps back.

Angele started carrying two crossguard swords after the fight in the forest. The Hundred-Eyed Monster had high physical resistance, so Angele decided to wield the sword with both of his hands. However, his right arm was injured and he had to find another way to deal with the creature.

‘No, this thing recovers so fast. I won’t be able to kill it just by stabbing it, and I’ll lose if the fight lasts too long.’ Angele knew how hard it was to kill the Hundred-Eyed Monster. It had a fast regeneration and a high defense. He had no effective way to damage it at the moment, and it was almost impossible for him to slay it by himself.

If this monster did not block his path, and his curiosity did not overcome his fear, he would not even approach it. The monster grew new arms rapidly. It almost looked like he was never hurt by Angele. It was the reason why it did not back off just because several arms were cut off by Angele.

Angele stepped back again. He stared at the monster with his eyes unblinking. He crouched and picked a black arm up. It was the first time he saw something like this, so he decided to do some research on it after he got back.

Rare monsters like that were usually hard to find. Angele thought he would find something helpful after studying its body part.

The skin was hard and cold. It felt like holding a wooden stick in hand.

‘Hundred-Eyed Monsters inherited the blood from the ancient monster, Hundred-Eyed Ghost. Hundred-Eyed Ghosts can connect itself with the nightmare plane by using parts of its body. I might dig out some valuable data from it.’ Angele kept withdrawing. The monster was still paralyzed by the electric pulses, and its actions were slowed down. With the black arm in hand, he ran back to his horse, untied it and jumped on it.

"Go!" He applied pressure to his feet and shook the reins.

The black horse neighed as it raised its front hooves and stomped toward the right.

Angele rode on the horse. He did not whip the horse, but it was running away from the monster at full speed.

He could still hear the Hundred-Eyed Monster roaring closely from behind. It seemed that the monster had already recovered from the paralysis.

Angele was not worried. He was already close to the outer area of the school. The guardian of the gate, Master Moroco, could easily finish off a creature like the Hundred-Eyed Monster. Hundred-Eyed Monsters were stronger than Glowing Elephants. It had high magic resistance and physical resistance. Furthermore, it had strong strength, fast speed, and with its incredible regeneration ability, it was hard to be defeated. To compare its power level with wizard apprentices or wizards, it was likely to be stronger than a rank 3 wizard apprentice but weaker than a formal wizard. However, they usually lived in mountains or swamps and was actually rare to see them in the deep forest.

‘Zero, do a basic scan on the monster’s arm.’

‘Mission created, scanning…’

A three-dimensional hologram of the arm appeared in Angele’s sight. It was rotating.

Rows of data were listed beside the arm.

‘Please provide a sample of the blood.’

Angele put his hand on the ragged wound and some of the slimy dark red blood stuck onto his palm.

‘Basic scan completed.’

‘Scan result: 81.75% of the sample is identical to human blood.

Parasites’ similarity, 13.11%.

Blood activity similarity, 0.21%


After a list of scan results, a sentence suddenly appeared by the end of the data.

‘Based on the simulation of the model, you can extract the high-energy parasites from the sample and inject it into your body. I can modify the energy. There is a 51% of chance that your gene limit can be broken. There is a 23% of chance that it will have no effect on you and there is a 26% of chance that unknown effect will be applied. Accurate experiment is required.’

‘High-energy parasites injection?’ Angele was a bit confused, ‘Is anything related to it mentioned in the wizard’s books?’

‘No record is found in the database. There is a 93% of chance that wizards have not discovered high-energy parasites yet.’

Angele knew the reason why wizards were yet to discover it. There were many research data recorded in Wizards’ books, but nothing about cells were mentioned in them. It was possible that they could enhance their eyesight to help them detect relatively smaller objects, but it was impossible for them to actually see bacteria or parasites. They spent most of their time studying Macro Energy because they did not have accurate microscopes. Wizard apprentices and wizards of Necromancy knew more about biology but were only studying the general structures.

‘Basic scan brought me so much information, I need to head back and experiment as soon as possible. There are still many things I need to test.’ Angele felt a bit relaxed although his right arm was broken and the monster was still chasing him.

"KAKAKA!" Suddenly, he heard sharp voices coming from behind.

Angele turned his head around. What he saw frightened him.

Another Hundred-Eyed Monster appeared running beside the previous one. They were both going after the black horse like crazy. They were running with their arms. Some of the hands were clapping and some of the arms were swinging furiously.

"Damn! One was enough!" Angele cursed. He could handle the attack from one Hundred-Eyed Monster, but he could only run when chased by two Hundred-Eyed Monsters. Electric spells were Angele’s strongest damage spells at the moment, but the monster’s magic resistance was extremely high.

They were fast, strong, and their arms were nimble. Without high damage, single target spell, Angele would not be able to hurt it.

He whipped the horse and shouted, "Faster!"

The black horse increased its speed, but the two monsters were pursuing after them. When they passed through many trees, Angele suddenly saw campfire ahead and heard people chatting.

Those people were alerted by the intense noise made by the hooves and the monsters.

The horse went across the bushes and appeared in the sight of the people around the campfire. They stood up and looked shocked after seeing what was chasing the horse from behind.

"God! Hundred-Eyed Monsters! Two of them!"



There were two men and one woman beside the campfire. They were all wizard apprentices based on the look of their gray robes. Their expressions changed as they saw the monsters, untying their horses right away and attempting to escape.

The three rode on their horses and started moving forward, however, their speed was slow, Angele and the monsters were right behind them.

Angele was a bit speechless. He did not expect to see any wizard apprentice from the school here. He pulled the reins to the right side and started turning right. He did not want to bring any trouble to those apprentices.

"Annie! It’s too late!" one of the male apprentices shouted.

The female wizard apprentice turned her head around and looked at Angele while moving her lips.


A long white ray came out of her hand and landed on the black horse’s chest accurately. The white ray turned into ice lance, and Angele’s horse neighed in pain. It tripped its own front hooves as it fell down to the ground and died.

Angele did not think she would attack him without saying one single word. His right arm was broken, so he supported himself with his left arm as the horse fell to the ground. He rolled several times on the grasses to reduced the inertia.

"F*cking hell!" Angele was enraged. He stood up with the support of his left arm, but the arm of the monster was dropped somewhere while he was rolling.


The two Hundred-Eyed Monsters landed in front of Angele. Their heavy body hit the ground and made a loud noise. They tried to grab him with their arms.


A ray of green fire came out of Angele’s hand. The monsters retreated together, their bodies lit by green flames. The light from the fire brightened the dark forest.

However, the flames disappeared quickly as the monsters recovered.

"I’m in deep sh*t…" Angele held the crossguard sword with his left hand, stared at by hundreds of red bloody eyes. Goosebumps rose upon his skin. He had a bitter smile on his face.

"Selfish bastards…" Angele cursed in a deep tone. The woman did not even hesitate after she heard what the male wizard apprentice said. The woman knew the monsters would stop for Angele, and the best way to do it was to slay his horse.

Angele already decided to change the route as he did not want to drag the strangers into his fight. He only needed to reach the outer area of the school, and Master Moroco would take care of the monsters for him. The guardian would never allow such threats to stay in the school’s territory.

The three miscalculated their distance from Angele. The monsters would not hurt them had Angele turned right in time.

However, the ice lance from the female wizard apprentice completely ruined his plan. The ice lance landed right in the heart of the horse while it was galloping at full speed, dying within seconds. The death of the horse bought the three some time for their escape, but Angele was left behind instead.

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