Chapter 600 War G.o.d’s Shock, Li Zizai

“This child might become the beginning of our conflict with the Human School. What do you think we should do?” Immortal Emperor Samsara asked cautiously.

Han Jue said, “If you have to fight, go ahead. There’s no need to worry. However, in the overall situation, you have to consider the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce.”

“I understand.”

Immortal Emperor Samsara nodded. Then, he began to talk about other things.

As the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce became stronger, the various races of the Earth Immortal World began to join forces to resist it. Some powerful technology almost detected its existence. Fortunately, Immortal Emperor Samsara discovered it in time and easily blocked the signal.

Reincarnators who had experienced more than a hundred missions could freely travel through the universe. The Reincarnation s.p.a.ce had given a death order not to leak any information about the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce, so Reincarnators were very well distributed among the various and races in the universe.

How to find the Reincarnators was also the greatest problem for the various races in the universe.

Han Jue ended the dream.

He thought for a moment and sent a dream to Yang Du.

The current Yang Du already had the strength equivalent to the Mahayana Realm. It might not be much in the Immortal World, but in the Earth Immortal World, it was definitely a strategic weapon. He was already the War G.o.d of Earth and had protected Earth from destruction by civilizations outside the Solar System many times.

Yang Du no longer looked like a youth, but he still looked young. He had probably taken a Youth Retaining Pill obtained from a mission in the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce.

The River of Destiny of the Earth Immortal World had a cultivation civilization.

Yang Du saw him and frowned. “I don’t want to take sides in the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce.”

Han Jue indifferently asked, “Is the Heavenly Cycle Body Tempering Technique I gave you useful?”

Yang Du’s expression changed drastically.

He did not tell anyone about the Heavenly Cycle Body Tempering Technique. Only he knew.

Yang Du immediately became nervous and asked carefully, “Thank you for your kindness, Senior. Why did you choose me?”

The difference in cultivation level between the two was great. Their languages were different, but Han Jue could easily make the two communicate at the same frequency.

Han Jue said, “Because you have no one to rely on. Your heart is very firm.”

Yang Du wasn’t a fool and understood the implied meaning. Han Jue had ulterior motives in guiding him.


He would never forget his loneliness before he was 14 years old. If not for the Heavenly Cycle Body Tempering Technique, he wouldn’t be where he was today. He was very grateful to Han Jue.

However, because he didn’t understand Han Jue, he was a little nervous.

Han Jue said, “Don’t worry. I don’t need you to do anything for me. At least, not for the time being.”

“How long is a short period of time?”

“In a hundred million years.”

“A hundred million…”

Yang Du was shocked, and his body trembled. Han Jue said, “The Heavenly Cycle Body Tempering Technique is a method that can be cultivated until you surpa.s.s the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce. However, your physique is average. It won’t be long before you encounter a bottleneck and have no choice but to cultivate other cultivation techniques.

“You can choose Immortal Emperor Samsara in the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce, but don’t mention me.”

It surpa.s.sed the highest existence in the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce! Yang Du’s heart beat faster. He was no longer a mortal, but he still felt tiny in the face of the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce. Who was this mysterious existence surrounded by divine light? Yang Du asked carefully, “Who is Immortal Emperor Samsara?” Han Jue remained silent.

ce surro

He pinched his fingers to deduce. So that was the case. Immortal Emperor Samsara did not personally look for Yang Du but let the twelve OverG.o.ds under him look for him.

“The master of the twelve OverG.o.ds.”

Yang Du was shocked again. The twelve OverG.o.ds were extraordinary existences in the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce. It was said that they could easily erase a universe. Such existences actually had a master.

Could it be that the other party wanted him to hide under Immortal Emperor Samsara and be of great use in the future?

Yang Du quickly found his bearings.

The higher one stood, the more they knew and feared.

What Yang Du was most afraid of now was that he could not improve.

Then, Han Jue taught Yang Du some minor techniques. To him, they were minor techniques, but to Yang Du, it was undoubtedly a huge opportunity.

After ending the dream, Han Jue stopped paying attention to the Earth Immortal World.

After he became a Freedom Sage, he had to choose a few more disciples with potential.

Another thousand years pa.s.sed.

Hidden Sect Island had already left the Dark Forbidden Zone and arrived in the depths of the chaos. Han Jue slowed down the island’s flying speed.

Chaotic light was strange and varied. There were no stars, only light and various colored mist.

Han Jue suddenly saw a huge corpse. It was larger than the Buzhou Divine Mountain and the entire solar system. It occupied a place like a mountain of flesh. The head couldn’t be seen clearly. The blood had dried up and was terrifying

This fellow was already dead.

Han Jue used the simulation trial and didn’t detect it.

He scanned with his Sage Sense. This fellow should have been a Pseudo-Sage when he was alive.

No one knew that a mighty Pseudo-Sage had perished here. It was a pity.

The Hidden Sect Island continued forward.

Thirty-seven years later, he left this dazzling domain and came to an absolutely dark s.p.a.ce. Han Jue thought that he had come to the Dark Forbidden Zone, but this place was very different from it.

Peace and serenity!

It was not as terrifying as the Dark Forbidden Zone.

As Han Jue got closer and closer to the Great Dao of Extreme Origin, he kept using the simulation trial function.

A hundred years later.

Han Jue finally saw the Great Dao of Extreme Origin. In the absolute darkness, the Great Dao of Extreme Origin was a ball of light that was too eye-catching.

Han Jue was extremely nervous.

If he fused with the Great Dao of Extreme Origin and the light suddenly disappeared, would it alert some existence hidden in the depths of the Chaos?

Han Jue suddenly saw a figure on the left of the Great Dao of Extreme Origin. Compared to it, he was like the sand beside the sun. He was extremely tiny, but the aura was very strong.

Han Jue used the simulation trial again.

(Li Zizai: Mid-stage of the Freedom Sage Realm]

Han Jue showed a frown.

It was him!

Li Yao’s ancestor.

This fellow’s thousands of origin clones walked the Heavenly Dao of all directions and experienced the myriad worlds of the mortal world. His main body cultivated the Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Dao Fruit and became a Freedom Sage. One of the clones was the Li Family’s ancestor. Why was he here?

Han Jue immediately entered a simulation trial with Li Zizai.

Five minutes later.

Han Jue opened his eyes.

This fellow was a little strong. Han Jue had to use all his methods to kill him.

He couldn’t take the risk.

If they fought and the other party couldn’t be insta-killed, it was very likely to alarm other mysterious existences.

Han Jue felt troubled.

He began to wait. He waited for a thousand years.

In these thousand years, Li Zizai had wanted to barge into the Great Dao of Extreme Origin several times, but he was rejected every time. One time, he had almost been injured.

That time, Han Jue almost couldn’t help but want to attack.

At the last moment, he still held back!

Calm down!

He would observe for a while more.

The Great Dao he had created was right in front of him, but he couldn’t obtain it. This feeling was too aggrieved.

Just as Han Jue was worried, an extremely terrifying aura descended. His heartbeat quickened.

He was fine in the Dao Field, but Li Zizai outside was facing a great enemy. His face went pale.

Li Zizai was also considered handsome, but at this moment, he was like a mortal seeing a ghost. His body stiffened.

“Chaotic Deity…”

Li Zizai bowed carefully. The void he faced was dark and no one could see anything.

Unconsciously, an extremely huge and terrifying figure seemed to be lurking in the darkness.

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