Chapter 119: The Trip (2)

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The spell model recorded in the book was named Twisted Barrier. It could be cast using any type of energy particles, but the effects would vary and two types of energy particles were needed in order to set up the barrier. The two different types of energy particles would collide and form a force field that could help defend against both physical and energy attacks. It was the spell Angele chose from the list given by Delanya after contacting her recently.

"Many wizards chose this spell before they broke the limit. However, most of them failed to accomplish their goals. You need to be able to master two types of energy particles. It’ll affect your future developments as a wizard, but it’s your own choice and I respect it," Delanya advised.

"I understand." Angele nodded. He already knew the importance of focusing on one type of energy particle, but he knew Fire and Wind energy particles fairly well. Therefore, he decided to study the fundamentals by learning this spell model.

After seeing the Metal Spells Aqua used, Angele suddenly found the possibility of developing a combat style that suited his fighting skills, which was the main reason why he did not kill Aqua.

He wanted to combine Twisted Barrier with High-Temperature Field and modify them with Metal Spells after understanding the basics of all those spells. He wanted to create a special passive skill that would create a field around him with Metal Spell wherein this field would enhance his weapons or gears automatically. When he was equipped with a crossguard sword and slashed forward, countless metal spikes would come out of the tip of his sword. When his slash was blocked by the opponent, the blade’s shape would shift and his opponent would be hit in surprise. Also, if he shot a metal arrow toward a group of enemies, the arrow would turn into a lot of metal spikes in mid-air…

Angele’s opponents would not be able to figure out what Angele’s next actions would be if he successfully developed such skill, and his fighting ability would be greatly improved. This was probably the strongest way of using Metal Spells.

Casting Metal Spell required a great amount of resources. Its spell model was complicated, so making it into a passive spell that worked like Talent Spells would be the best choice for Angele. This special spell would assist Angele in offense and defense at the same time. Angele had the metal liquid he made with the large claw, which had high magic resistance. It was a great carrier for Metal Spell.

Angele thought for a while, realizing after that Delanya was waiting for him.

He had an apologetic smile on his face, "Sorry, I got a bit distracted."

"It’s fine. One last thing," Delanya took out several scrolls from her pouch. Those brown scrolls were sealed with several black strings, "Those are the potion formulas you asked for. They’re low-rank formulas, but that’s all I have."

"No worries. Thanks." Angele grabbed the scrolls and untied them.

Angele checked the content of the scrolls, the formulas recorded on them were three basic potions: Sleeping Powder, Jacqueline’s Neutralizer and Ghost Voice.

Delanya used the Sleeping Powder in Moss Town to drug the residents. Jacqueline’s Neutralizer was mainly used as a potion component. When the reaction was too strong, adding the neutralizer into the potion would restrain the reaction and reduce the chance of explosion.

Ghost Voice was used to record vocal messages. The recorded voice messages could be stored for one up to more than ten years based on the quality of the potion.

Angele looked at the formula for Ghost Voice and chuckled, "I heard the Ghost Voice made by the Sirens were very popular in the world of wizards about 200 years ago."

"This is not the formula the Sirens used, though I liked their singing voices." Delanya smiled, "Sadly, they extinguished. The only way I can enjoy their songs is by using the Ghost Voice. The good thing is that those potions last for years until they dry off. Otherwise, I won’t be able to listen to those heavenly voices anymore."

"True." Angele tied those scrolls up and put them into his pocket.

"We spent too much time here. Thanks again for bringing those items to me."

"It’s nothing. You saved my life there." Delanya stopped smiling. She looked very calm.

"If you need anything else, just contact me through the telescope. Farewell." She put on her hood again and lowered her head.

"Farewell. If you need any help, just let me know." Angele responded. He stood there and watched Delanya leaving the alley.

Angele rubbed the pouch that had Water of Asu in it. He couldn’t help but laugh. He stood there waiting for a while before he walked out of the alley slowly and returned to the busy street.

Angele saw a bard wearing white clothes on the side of the street. He was holding a black harp in hands, playing relaxing music.

It was the first time Angele watched a bard playing the harp in person. He learned about the bards when he was at Marua Harbor. He was told that they were traveling all the time. Most of the bards could fight, and they were welcomed by the people most of the time because they were great storytellers and the people were interested in what they experienced during their travels.

Most of the bards were raised in noble families. They were usually modest and kind. However, not all of the bards were honest. Some of them would make up stories just to attract people.

The bard Angele saw after leaving the alley was sitting on a long chair, surrounded by the kids. Several adults were listening to his songs as well.

"Ah~ The beautiful bush warbler on the beefsteak plant, the flower of the Empire, Princess Mirani. She was married to Duke Lelouchlyn of Santiago. She’s beautiful and elegant. I saw her once in the empire’s celebration, but she was not shining like diamond anymore. She was depressed and haggard. Maybe it’s her destiny. Ah~ Sad and lonely~ How unfair~" It was the end of the song.

Angele’s eyebrows furrowed and goose bumps started rising upon his skin. The bard’s voice was feminine and his vocal trilled by the end of the lyrics. It looked like he immersed himself in his own song.

‘Well, if all bards are like him, I’d be disgusted…’ Angele buried his opinion deep in mind.

"Great! Nice song!" the crowd cheered.

Angele’s face twitched. He watched the kids and adults cheering around the bard and felt a bit speechless.

Angele walked away from the bard and started strolling around the street. A young couple was dancing in the middle of the audience. Everyone was clapping their hands rhythmically and yelling in a dialect that Angele did not understand.

A group of men held a beer drinking completion sponsored by several pubs in the town. The participants sat on beside a long table, and they kept drinking beers from large glasses. There were many beer lovers cheering for them by the table.

Angele walked around for a while and sat down in front of an old man that was performing puppetry. The thin man was wearing gray linen clothes, and the surface of his outfit was coated with oil. His white hair was messy and he stank. The man smiled at the pedestrians from time to time, trying his best to please people watching him. There were translucent strings tied to his fingers, and he controlled two palm-sized puppets to fight each other.

The puppet wearing white one-piece represented a girl and the puppet wearing a black suit represented a boy.

The old man was doing voices for the two puppets as Angele approached him. There were two kids sitting by the side watching the puppetry with keen interest.

"... He knows nothing about what happened. He saw Julia take his toys away. No! Julia! You can’t do this!" The old man was faking the boy’s voice.

He then moved the string a bit and switched the girl’s voice, "Why? Why can’t I do that? He’s mine, so why did you gift my belongings to Adolf? Even if he really wanted it, you can’t just…"

Angele did not find the man’s puppetry attractive. He shook his head and walked away.

He was just curious and he wanted to know how people on this land entertained themselves, but sadly, he did not find anything worth trying. Angele decided to return to the hotel.

He packed everything up before he paid the bill and walked toward the city gate.

Beside the city gate, there was a livery stable. Several merchants were bargaining with the clerks. The owner of the stable was helping a chubby nobleman carry goods to his carts. The place was busy.

A clerk approached him as Angele arrived at the stable.

"What do you need? A carriage? A horse? Or you want to mail items or letters to someone?" The clerk had a business smile on his face.

"A horse, please. I want to travel faster," Angele responded.

"Sure, follow me please, I will take you to pick the horse you want." The clerk was happy after hearing Angele asking for a horse. Selling horses would bring the stable the most profit, carriage rental and post service were cheap.

Two other clerks walked toward Angele after hearing he was buying a horse. One of them looked like a manager. They led Angele to the backyard.

Angele picked a strong black horse after several minutes. The black horse was good for traveling at night. Its color made it hard for others to detect it.

"Have a safe trip!" the manager smiled and said with a loud voice.

Angele nodded. He applied pressure to the horse’s girth and turned around. He started heading toward the city gate slowly.

The nobleman stared at Angele for a second and started chatting with the owner again.

"Nunnally Family and Stephen family are still fighting. The lord of the city ordered us not to help any side. They can do whatever that want in the south of the city," the nobleman sighed, "It’ll probably end in several days, both families had strong backgrounds."

"Yea, they will have a battle again soon. We should just lay low in the city. The city guards reduced their patrol shifts."

They chatted and watched the workers carrying the goods.

"I’ll probably stay outside the city for a while. I don’t want to get involved in their fight." The nobleman looked worried, "So many things going on…"

"True." The owner of the stable sighed as well.

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