Chapter 118: The Trip (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Angele left Gondor’s house after lunch.

He just could not get used to being treated like that. They were kind, but they were naive.

It was still noon. Rays of sunlight shined upon the street. They were not strong, and the air was refreshing.

The street was getting busy. There were more carriages and pedestrians passing by than this morning. Angele walked down the street slowly. He enjoyed the time with Gondor’s family. However, he thought that having tender feelings would only slow him down.

The main problem was still the Water of Asu. Angele quickly returned to a hotel he found when he came back to the city. It was impossible for him to stay in Kelly’s manor anymore since he broke his promise.

He spent several days studying and meditating in his room. Angele was waiting for the celebration to begin, and Delanya would send a messenger to meet him that day.

Delanya would bring him Water of Asu, the resource that would help Angele become a wizard, and it was essential.

Angele noticed strangers who were trying to peek his room through the window when he first checked in. He knew that it was the spies from Nunnally Family. They must have followed him to Gondor’s house and saw him leaving with a book in hand. They probably thought Angele started helping Gondor, so they wanted to collect any intel they could.

However, Angele was not concerned. He did not care if his location was detected. After all, Kelly and Michelle were not threats to him. He would not even come here if Stephen Family did not have the Nightmare formula. There was no point for him in communicating anymore since he had already acquired it.

He admired Gondor’s family life, but he would only help him if huge benefits could be foreseen. Angele and Kelly were from the same Wizard organization, but he could not fight against her just because he sympathized with Gondor’s situation.


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