Chapter 604 Breakthrough to the Freedom Primordial Chaos Realm, Creation Spirit Stone

More than three thousand years pa.s.sed.

Han Jue finally completely fused with the Great Dao of Extreme Origin, and his body and soul transformed.

His cultivation level had also reached the limit, and he could already sense the barrier of the Freedom Realm. As long as he broke through, he would be a Freedom Sage! Han Jue naturally wouldn’t stop. He wanted to break through in one go!

In the depths of the chaos, the Great Dao of Extreme Origin that illuminated the darkness suddenly shrank. The darkness devoured the light and everything fell into absolute darkness.

The entire Great Dao of Extreme Origin had already entered Han Jue’s body.

He first controlled Hidden Sect Island to move away from this place. He used the power of the Traversal Fiendcelestial and quickly jumped out of the depths of the chaos.

After that, he began to break through.

Less than twenty breaths of time after the Great Dao of Extreme Origin vanished, figures appeared where it had originally been.

“What’s going on? Why did this Great Dao suddenly disappear?” “I can’t deduce it.”

“Who did it?”

“That shouldn’t be. This Great Dao is unprecedented. We couldn’t bring it away before. Could it be that an even stronger existence has appeared?”

“It’s said that the Dharma Idol of the Dao Ancestor has appeared in the Immortal World. Could it be the Dao Ancestor?”

“If so, that’ll be troublesome.”

These mysterious mighty figures discussed with solemn expressions.

Han Jue was isolated by the system Dao Field and was naturally not afraid of them calculating unless they surpa.s.sed the Dao Creator Realm.

Several hundred years later.

Han Jue finally stepped into the Freedom Sage Realm by fusing with the Great Dao of Extreme Origin. His entire being sublimated. His Dharmic powers and soul also transformed.

Unconsciously, he saw a long bridge formed by seven-colored light. The two ends were distant and endless.

On the seven-colored bridge stood figures. They were all people who cultivated the Great Dao of Extreme Origin. They faced the same direction like the sword cultivators on the Sword Dao River.

Not only that, but Han Jue also saw the entire chaos and his previous and current lives. The magnitude of his vision was extremely subtle and indescribable.

After a long time.

Han Jue finally woke up from his breakthrough state.

He slowly opened his eyes, and three lines of words appeared in front of him.

[Detected that you have achieved the Freedom Realm. You have the following choices:]

[1: Preach the Dao in the Chaos and spread the Great Dao of Extreme Origin, causing it to become the leader of the three thousand Great Dao. You can obtain a Great Dao fragment, a Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone, and a Heavenly Dao Sage-level guard.) [2: Cultivate in a low-profile manner and maintain your original intention. You can obtain a Great Dao fragment, a Heavenly Dao Sage-level guard, and a Creation Spirit Stone.]

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

What was the Creation Spirit Stone?

He thought for a moment and still chose the second option. After experiencing the depths of Chaos, he felt that a Freedom Sage was not considered powerful. At the beginning of Chaos, even more powerful existences were hidden.

(You chose to cultivate in a low-profile manner and obtained a Great Dao fragment, a Sage-level guard, and a Creation Spirit Stone.] [Heavenly Dao Sage-level guard: You can completely duplicate a Heavenly Dao Sage-level target in the simulation trial as a guard. He will listen to you. The guard cannot leave the Dao Field for more than an hour. Otherwise, he will directly melt.)

(Creation Spirit Stone: You can transform anything into a living being within a certain period of time. The living being created will listen to you. You can control their life and death through the Creation Spirit Stone.]


Seeing the description, Han Jue immediately thought of the Fiendcelestial Qi.

He was just worried that he couldn’t give birth to a Chaotic Fiendcelestial when the system sent him the Creation Spirit Stone.

He would try it when he returned. If it worked, the Creation Spirit Stone would be his greatest a.s.set in the future.

Han Jue checked his attributes panel.

[Name: Han Jue]

(Lifespan: 126,455 / 1,002,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999]

[Race: Primordial Fiendcelestial (Immeasurable Emperor)]

(Cultivation: Early-stage of the Freedom Primordial Chaos Realm (Perfect Sage)]

(Technique: Primordial Chaos Reincarnation Great Dao (Great Dao), Heavenly Cycle Body Tempering] (Great Dao: Great Dao of Life and Death, Great Dao of Karma, Great Dao of Extreme Origin]

His lifespan had increased by a hundred times. How satisfying!

Han Jue was in a good mood.

He immediately sent a dream to Immortal Emperor Samsara and asked him to use the Invocation Technique.

Although Immortal Emperor Samsara was puzzled, he still did it dutifully.

Han Jue jumped out of Hidden Sect Island and put it into his sleeve. He then turned around and entered the black vortex that had appeared behind him.

The spatial node of the Invocation Technique would follow Han Jue until the user canceled his Mystical Power.

Pa.s.sing through the black vortex, Han Jue came to Immortal Emperor Samsara’s hall.

He turned around and saw that the black vortex was still there.

Han Jue looked at Immortal Emperor Samsara and said, “Cancel the Invocation Technique.”

Immortal Emperor Samsara immediately followed.

The black vortex shrank. Just as it was about to disappear, an extremely terrifying aura came.

Han Jue’s expression changed.

This aura…

Chaotic Deity! Great Dao Divine Spirit!

Fortunately, the black vortex closed in time and the terrifying aura vanished.

Shocked, Immortal Emperor Samsara asked fearfully, “The aura just now was…”

He had never felt such a terrifying aura. Even if he went to the Sage Dao Field to listen to the Dao, the vast aura of the preaching Sage was far from this.

At that moment, Immortal Emperor Samsara felt that he was already dead. Han Jue said, “Nothing. Don’t think about it. Otherwise, the other party will remember you.” The senses of the Great Dao Divine Spirit were extremely terrifying. He could probably sense if anyone was thinking of him.

Immortal Emperor Samsara took a deep breath and nodded slowly.

Han Jue felt that the Little Heavenly Dao of the Earth Immortal World was rejecting him, but this repulsive force was very weak.

If he stayed any longer, the Earth Immortal World would directly shatter. Han Jue disappeared after saying, “It’s fine. Continue cultivating.”

Han Jue directly jumped into the depths of the sun and hid Hidden Sect Island inside. He then jumped into the island.

Han Jue decided to put the new guard in the second arena. He began to duplicate Li Muyi.

After Heavenly Venerate Wufa was enslaved, he returned to the Freedom Primordial Chaos Realm, which was not within the realm of the Heavenly Dao Sage.

The duplication began.

Han Jue teleported back to the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

He sat on the 36th-grade Reincarnation World Destruction Black Lotus and heaved a sigh of relief.


It was too dangerous!

He didn’t want to experience such a risk again.

(The Chaotic Deity has developed hatred towards you. Current Hatred Points: 1 star.]


Come and kill me if you have the guts!

Han Jue cursed in his mind when he saw the notification.

The other party had developed hatred towards him for no reason. Very good. The Book of Misfortune had already acc.u.mulated dust. It should be used again.

Han Jue adjusted his state of mind and checked his emails.

It had been a long time since he checked them.

Email after email appeared in front of Han Jue. Then, he suddenly frowned.

(Your son Han Tuo was attacked by a mysterious mighty figure and was severely injured.)

(Your son Han Tuo was ravaged by the power of darkness. His soul was damaged.]

(Your son Han Tuo was preached by a mysterious mighty figure. His Dao heart has been damaged.]

He looked up and discovered that Han Tuo was not in the Immortal World.

Counting with his fingers, his expression changed slightly.

He actually could not deduce where Han Tuo was.

“I want to know where Han Tuo is.” Han Jue immediately used the derivation function.

(Ten billion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]


Han Jue wanted to see who took his son away.

Immediately after, he entered an illusion.

He opened his eyes to discover that he had arrived in a huge cage. Dozens of living beings were imprisoned in it. The largest was like a mountain leaning against the wall. Han Tuo and Yi Tian sat in a corner, looking dispirited.

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