Chapter 116: Thoughts (1)

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Gondor’s scimitar drew a white line in the air. It landed on the ground and cut down some grasses.

Angele took a step back. He was about one centimeter away from being struck.

He stared at the crazed Gondor, who charged out of the bush and pulled the scimitar out of the ground.

Gondor turned berserk after seeing what Angele just did. However, his strikes were all dodged by Angele. Angele moved agilely. He stepped back and leaned his body to the right and the left, dodging all Gondor’s attacks.

The battle was one-sided. It almost looked like they were playing a game.

"Stop!" Gondor heard a deep voice coming from his back, "I’m not dead yet!"

Gondor hesitated and suddenly slashed forward.


Angele jumped backward and stared at Gondor calmly. He did not try to counter Gondor’s attack, only stabbing his swords into the grassland.

"Alright, give me the formula. I have no interest in the feud between Stephen Family and Nunnally Family," Angele spoke in a light tone.

Aqua had a bitter smile on his face. He stood up with the help of Gondor.

"I guess I’d be dead already if I didn’t say my offer quick enough. You’re pretty good."

"Of course. My plan was to kill you and search your body." Angele shrugged, "However, your offer was very charming."

Angele took out a small green tube and threw it toward Aqua.

Aqua caught the tube and removed its stopper before he sniffed at it.

"Some sort of healing gel? Thanks!" Aqua asked Gondor to help him sit down by a large tree, and tore off the clothes around his wound. He then poured some gel onto his palms and applied it to the wound.

Some green smoke came out of his wound after the gel was absorbed and Aqua groaned in response.

"Teacher!" Gondor got nervous again. He wanted to grab the tube in Aqua’s hand, "Teacher, are you alright? What happened there?"

"Calm down, I’m fine. The hit I took was not vital because Angele intentionally avoided my organs. I just needed to stop the bleeding." Aqua forced a smile.

Angele stopped watching them. He started walking around since he wanted to check if there were any unknown plants around.

It took a while for Aqua to explain everything to Gondor.

"Master Angele, sorry for the wait." Aqua struggled as he stood up.

"It’s fine." Angele smiled and turned around, "Can you give me the formula now? And the spell model of the spell you cast? Also, those data you promised. I’m very interested in Metal Spells, I hope I can combine them with my sword skills."

"Sure, sure. It’s a fair trade." Aqua smiled as well. Gondor looked relieved after listening to Aqua’s explanation about the current situation.

"Thank you, Master Angele, for the gel… For everything actually. I misunderstood you," Gondor bowed and apologized to Angele.

Angele was surprised. "Are you apologizing to me?" he questioned, "Are you dumb? I just stabbed a sword into your teacher’s chest."

Gondor straightened his back and shook his head.

"I can understand why you did that. You did nothing wrong. My teacher was your enemy, but you still let him live. I know that the only thing you want is the knowledge we have now," Gondor spoke in a serious tone.

Aqua just stood there and listened to their conversation silently, but Angele knew Aqua was satisfied with what Gondor just said. Angele thought Gondor would hate him because he almost slew Gondor’s teacher, but he really did not expect an apology coming from Gondor.

Angele thought that Gondor was mocking him, but it seemed like Gondor was sincerely apologizing to him.

"I wish I can become someone like you one day. I admire that you would do anything to obtain knowledge," Gondor continued.

It was the first time for Angele to be praised like this…

"Well… Thanks. Let’s finish our trade first." Angele stopped Gondor from saying anything else, "Aqua, can we start now?"

Aqua had more experience than Gondor. He delayed the trade because he had not fully trusted Angele yet.

‘What if he kills us after obtaining what he desires…’ Aqua hesitated.

"Don’t worry, Teacher. People like Angele keep their promises. He’s just pursuing the knowledge we have. We should trust people who love to learn," Gondor said while smiling. He knew what Aqua was thinking. It was almost like the Gondor who had attacked Angele was a totally different person than the one was talking right now.

Angele’s face twitched a bit. He really wanted to tell Gondor that he was not such a respectable person. After seeing Gondor’s sincere smile, goosebumps started rising upon his skin.

"Well… Let’s trade then." He planned to let Aqua live after seeing his Metal Spell. Moreover, he wanted to obtain the knowledge Aqua had. A dead Aqua would only leave Angele with a formula. However, a live Aqua had a lot more to offer.

Angele did not keep his promise with Kelly because the only thing he cared for was who could offer him more. At this moment, letting Aqua survive was the right choice to make. Helping Kelly would only give Angele short-term benefits, but he could get some great long-term benefits by siding with Aqua.

Angele raised his head and checked the weather. He then walked toward Gondor and Aqua and sat down with them on the grass.

"Metal Spell is a branch of the Ancient Spells. There’s barely any information about it left in this world. Also, you don’t need to meet certain requirements to learn it, the same with water energy particles. People inherently have metals in their bodies. Wizards call everything that hardens substances as Metal Spells. Those spells are mainly used in architecture and crafting. However, a wizard apprentice successfully developed his own Metal Spell system, and he started using those spells to fight. Metal Spells are not strong. You need high Mentality and Mana to be able to channel them."

Aqua drank some water his disciple brought him and continued to explain.

"My Metal Spells were found in an abandoned ruin. About 100 years ago, I was hired by a team of mercenaries. The leader was a wizard apprentice who wanted to adventure in the ruin. I was the only one who survived the trip. I obtained the apprentice’s notes. I’m relatively talented and with all the information I acquired from the wizard apprentice and the rune, I became who I am now."

Angele nodded, "So… Metal Spells are good for close combat?"

"You can say that, but you need a wizard’s body to learn such special system and you need a long time to prepare the spell. Metal Spells are not meant to be used for battles. Even if you mastered them, you’ll probably not achieve anything great. I think it will become a lost art sooner or later. Wizard apprentices don’t think spells like those are worth to learn." Aqua sighed, looking a bit depressed.

"I’m interested." Angele put his right hand on the handle of his sword and held it tight.

"I already told you it’ll be hard, but if you insist, let’s make the trade. If you stop helping Kelly in fighting against us, I’ll provide you with all the Metal Spells’ models I know and the necessary information that can help you learn them." Aqua smiled.

"Great." Angele nodded.

"The most difficult part in Metal Spells are the spell models. They are complicated, and you must have enough Mana…" Aqua started explaining everything about the system to Angele. Gondor crossed his legs and sat down by the side, listening to his teacher’s words quietly.


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