Chapter 115: Forest (2)

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Gondor’s spell was interrupted by the scream as well, and the silver liquid disappeared into the air slowly. He was having a hard time focusing on his incantations. He covered his ears with his hands. Winnie’s eyes rolled up, and she put her hands on her temples.

Most of the Gondor’s family members were affected by the scream and were paralyzed due to the constant shockwave. They were in a very passive position. Two of the hunters in the front had been taken down within seconds.

Kelly was satisfied with the power of this spell. Her mouth was wide open and the screams kept coming out of her throat. The two light red runes were still floating in front of her, blinking several times.

Michele started channeling a spell after dodging the scream. There was already a ball of green acid slime on his palm. The ball was about the size of a human’s fist. Michele looked at Gondor and smiled at him.

"Farewell, Gondor," Michele muttered.

He pointed at Gondor as he finished his sentence. The green slime ball spun once and drew a green line in the air as it flew toward Gondor. Some of the acid droplets fell onto the ground while the ball was traveling in the air.

The ground was corroded by the acid, and green smoke rose upon the tiny holes. The strange smoke brought a sour and stinky smell to the place.

Gondor and his family members were still paralyzed by Kelly’s spell. The only thing they could do was to watch the acid ball fly toward them. As long as Kelly could keep her spell working, they would not be able to dodge Michele’s attack.

The acid ball was slow, but it was getting closer and closer to them. The green light reflected upon Gondor’s pale face. Winnie and the other Stephen Family’s members despaired.


A sharp noise came from the side.

A large black shield howled in the air and dropped into the mud. The shield stood in front of Gondor and became a metal wall.


The acid ball hit the shield and the noise sounded like water dropped onto a heated board. White steam immediately permeated the air.

Kelly’s screamed stopped as the shield hit the ground. A tall man appeared behind Gondor with a lowered body. Kelly did not see the man’s face, but she could see the silver greatsword at his back.

The man charged toward Kelly at the speed of an arrow. He was so fast that the guards around Kelly could not even react to the situation.

The man grabbed his silver greatsword and slashed toward Kelly. Kelly was still in shock when she saw her own face reflected upon the blade.


After the sudden clash, the man had been blown away. He stepped a few steps back before he steadied himself.

A crossguard sword spun in the air and dropped to the ground at high speed. The man’s attack was blocked by the sword.

People still did not understand what happened. Michele was similarly in a stunned state. Kelly would’ve almost gotten killed if the man’s greatsword was not blocked by the crossguard sword that fell from the sky.

"Ha, you came." Kelly looked relieved. She gazed at the man in front of her.

She slowly walked to the side, and a young man appeared from the bushes behind her. The young man had a pair of sharp eyes. His face was hard to see due to the shadows, but his eyes almost looked like two shining stars in the dark. He was staring at the man that just attacked Kelly.

"Master Angele, thanks for saving my life," Kelly spoke to Angele respectfully.

Angele slightly nodded his head. He was holding a sword with his left hand and there were more than twenty swords on the ground beside him. People finally realized that it was Angele who had blocked the attack.

"You’re that mysterious old man who protects Stephen Family?" Angele questioned in a light tone.

The man that helped Gondor was wearing black. He had a serious expression on his face. The man held his greatsword tight in his hand. Kelly finally saw his face.

The old man’s hair and beard were white, and there were wrinkles all over his skin, but his body was still strong and his stance looked like a veteran’s. For some reason, the man reminded Angele of a wolf that had been driven out of its pack.

"Gondor is my student, young man. I can see that you’re not here because of any evil cause. Can you tell me what that woman promised you? Please?" The old man’s voice was loud and clear.

Gondor and Winnie stood up slowly, and they stared at Kelly with hatred in their eyes. Angele saw Kelly getting nervous after hearing the old man’s request.

"I’m here for the Nightmare Potion," Angele told him without hesitation.

The old man was hoping Angele would ask for something else. "Well…" he muttered

Angele decided not to waste any time. He threw the sword in his left hand toward the old man.

He did not stop after throwing the first sword. There were about twenty swords on the ground. Angele threw them toward the old man one after another.

The crossguard swords formed a spinning circle in the air, traveling toward the old man at full speed. The old man had nowhere else to go to. He had to protect the people behind him.

"AH!" The old man roared and raised his sword to block the incoming attack.


The old man felt like his greatsword had been slammed by iron hammers. Each time he blocked a sword, he had to take a step back.

"Run!" He turned his head around and shouted at the people behind him.

"Teacher…" Gondor was nervous. "We shall retreat together! Uncle Rock, start moving!" he yelled at a hunter beside him.

Crossguard swords were still hitting the old man’s greatsword.

The noise of metal colliding was the only sound that could be heard in the forest at the moment. Kelly and the others were not sure if they should assist Angele, but some of them had already started retreating. Gondor’s family members started retreating as well. They needed each other’s support as they were still recovering from the dizziness.

The old was trying his best to hold his position. His face was turning pale and his ears had started bleeding. The constant impact from his greatsword was hurting his organs.

After several minutes, the old man vomited blood.

"NEE HAN MURA!" he suddenly shouted.

Balls of silver liquid appeared from nowhere and gathered around his body. Their sizes varied, but they had the same shape, same color, and even the same silver glow.

More than ten silver balls floated in the air.

"Metal Impale!" the old man roared.

Those ten silver metal balls turned into sharp spikes.


Those silver spikes immediately flew toward Angele after the old man yelled.

Angele just stood there and grabbed two crossguard swords. Blue light dots appeared in front of his eyes. He smiled after seeing the oncoming spikes.

He jumped toward the left and dodged the first spike. After that, he leaned toward left and right to dodge the rain of spikes while charging forward. He could always detect the gap between the spikes.

However, Kelly and Michele were not able to dodge every spike. Kelly’s right shoulder was pierced by one of the spikes, and Michele’s right arm and right leg were wounded. He fell to the ground and could barely move. The rest of the guards already escaped. They hid in the bushes out of fear of the old man’s power.


Angele kicked the old man’s blade. He then rotated his body and started slashing the old man with the swords in his hands.

Once again, they started trading hits.

Angele’s sword skills almost had no flaw. His strikes were steady and accurate. The old man blocked Angele’s slashes with his greatsword, but he was losing his strength as time went by. Angele’s speed was so fast that his body became blurry. He had not even revealed his real power yet.

The old man had no way of countering Angele’s attack. He was forced back every time. They disappeared into the deep bushes together after several seconds.

"Teacher!" Gondor was furious, "Uncle Rock, please take the family back first, I’ll go help my teacher."

Gondor turned around after saying these words. He started heading toward the bush the old man and Angele disappeared into.

Gondor left before Winnie and the other family members could realize. They heard what he said, but they were not able to stop him.

"Gondor!" Winnie shouted. She was about to follow Gondor from behind.

However, a middle-aged man with a beard on his chin struck the girl in the neck. The girl rolled her eyes up and fainted.

"Don’t blame me, Winnie. You can’t help Gondor." The man grabbed Winnie gently, "Hurry up everyone! Master Aqua is there and Gondor will be fine. Let’s head back and wait for the good news."

"Yea. Master Aqua is our hope…" one of the hunters said.

"He helped us go through so many unfortunate events. I’m sure it’ll be fine this time!"

"Guards from Nunnally Family are coming for us! Move out, everyone!"

The middle-aged man saw that Kelly and Michele were already recovering. He himself knew that he had missed the chance to finish them off. He waved his hands and started to flee along with the other family members.


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