Chapter 114: Forest (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Angele was given the best guest room in the Nunnally Family.

The decorations, furniture, and the carpet all looked gorgeous. The main tone of the room was yellow and silver.

‘This place feels like it was built by a parvenu…’ Angele thought.

He crossed his legs as he sat on the bed. Angele held the glowing heart in hand, and he asked Zero to help analyze the item. Zero was putting up a huge amount of complex data in front of his eyes.


The candles were burning on the large candle stand and the flame was dancing.

The data started disappearing after a while. Angele spun the heart in his hand and smiled, ‘Finally, the damage of this heart has been calculated. More than 40 degrees of negative energy burst, impressive even for a formal wizard. Not a lot of mentality is required to use it. The only thing I need to do is to detonate the energy inside. I’ll use it when necessary.’

Angele carefully returned the heart into his pouch, ‘I assume the one with the formula of Nightmare Potion has the same skill level as Kelly, but I still need to be careful. I wonder who is behind all this? After the mission is completed, I’ll stay here and wait for Delanya to send me the items.’

Angele had notified Delanya before he left the school and told her his destination. They arranged the time, location and set up the secret phrase. Delanya said she would send someone she trusted here since it was impossible for her to come here by herself.

After Angele sat on the bed for a while, he blew off the candles and started meditating.


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