Chapter 112: Procedure (1)

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Under the dim light, Angele stood beside the lab table as he looked at the huge yellow claw on it quietly. The shadow of his head covered a small part of the table.

‘Adjusting… Energy output increasing… dissolving the materials…’ Zero reported.

Angele raised his right hand slowly. There was a thin layer of red coating on his palm, almost like he dipped his right hand into some paint.

He carefully pressed the yellow claw with his palm.


The noise sounded like he was grilling meat.

The large yellow claw started melting from the area Angele pressed. It became a ball of yellow slime after about ten seconds, which stuck on his right hand.

Angele used his left hand to draw runes in the air. Those runes were surrounded by red glows and were flashing. Those runes looked strangely beautiful inside the dark room.

The yellow slime on Angele’s right started solidifying as the red runes disappeared.

The slime ball started boiling, bubbles forming on its surface. The room was filled up with the steam coming out of the slime ball that stank.

Zero kept providing information to Angele by putting up holograms in his view. Angele’s eyes were wide open as he stared at the slime ball carefully. As time passed, the slime ball was getting smaller and smaller. It seemed like the heat was reducing the ball’s volume.

Half an hour later, the slime ball was reduced to the size of a palm. Angele closed his eyes slowly. He had not rested for a while, and he stopped drawing the runes in the air as well.

"Finally, it’s done," Angele mumbled. He opened his eyes and started observing the small yellow ball on his palm.

"Had to use the special method to melt the hardest part of a Claw Warrior. This purified ball is one of the best materials for making the inner armor. Its magic resistance is high." Angele nodded. He carefully covered the ball with a piece of black cloth and placed it inside a box on the floor.

He then took out a gray egg out of his pouch. Angele had traded his snacks for it on his way back, but he had no idea what it was. He asked Zero to scan it, but the result only indicated that there was an unknown species inside the egg. Information about it was not included in the database.

Angele asked Allen and the Elder, but they said it was just a random egg. They assumed it was a scorpion’s egg.

Angele put the egg under the light. He rotated it around and kept observing it. The egg was actually quite heavy, about one kilogram to 1.5 kilograms, and it did not have any distinct smell. Its surface was gray and coarse.

‘Zero, do you know what this egg is? Based on all the data I collected recently?’ Angele asked.

‘Please determine the shell’s component first,’ Zero responded.

Angele nodded and crouched down. He searched through the box and took out a round, black case. He put down the case on the table and touched the lid with one of his fingers. A small green light dot rose upon the surface of the lid, unlocking the case immediately.

Angele opened the case carefully. There were five, petal-shaped, small containers inside. Four were at the corners and one was in the middle. Each of the containers was filled up with gel, liquid or dust. Those colorful materials were crafted by Angele not so long ago. Angele grabbed a slim glass rod and added some green gel on the tip of it. He then carefully applied the gel onto the gray egg.

His eyes started glowing again, and he stared at the egg, ‘Checking… Analyzing its reaction with acid…’

Some green smoke rose from the surface of the egg silently.

‘The probability of the egg being of the Red Needle Dark Scorpion species is 81.3%. It could also be an egg of the White Needle Dark Scorpion species, the probability is 12.9%...’

Angele guessed it right, ‘I knew it was an egg of Dark Scorpion. Based on the information I acquired from the book, a grown-up Dark Scorpion would be about one meter and was an aggressive

creature. Problem is, this scorpion does not do any poison damage, and it could only do basic physical damage. I can tame it, but one scorpion won’t do too much for me. If I can tame more than ten scorpions, I can order them to guard my manor after I become a formal wizard.’

Angele shook his head and put down the scorpion egg. Although it was not rare, it was still one of the rewards he obtained from the trip. There were not many scorpions in the market, so he could probably sell it for several hundred of magic stones. He put the egg back into the box and covered it with silk.

There was one last thing he needed to do today. Angele took out an ancient telescope from the box. It was made from copper, and it could be retracted by pulling either end.

"It’s probably used for communication." Angele found a small door on the left side of the telescope. He opened it right away by pulling the handle. There was a diamond-shaped notch inside and three black metal strips on the side.

"Alright." Angele grabbed a magic stone and inserted a magic stone into the notch. The three metal strips held the magic stone in place. He then closed the door after making sure he did everything correctly.

Angele knocked the scope three times and started waiting. The telescope started shaking. It was almost like something was dragging it toward a certain direction.

It was the first time Angele saw something like this. He released the telescope and it started leaning toward a certain direction after floating into the air.


A ray of white light came out of the scope and dropped to the ground. A lady in a white robe appeared in the shell-shaped light. It was almost she was right in front of Angele, but he knew it was something similar to a hologram.

"We meet again." The lady was about 20 years old. Her brown hair draped over her shoulders.

The lady looked gentle, but Angele could sense a hint of arrogance from her eyes.

"I’m Delanya. Do you remember me?"

"Delanya?" Angele furrowed his eyebrows, "Princess of Liliado? Princess Delanya? Sorry, I didn’t recognize you." He leaned forward and bowed to Delanya.

"It’s fine. It’s just a title, I don’t really have any power in hand. You lent me a hand back in the garden and you saved my life," Delanya spoke in a light tone, "Since you figured out how to use the telescope, we can communicate through it in the future. Liliado is not too far from Ramsoda, I haven’t had the chance to express my gratitude to what you did for me in the garden. Tell me what you want, I can probably send you some."

Angele had something on his mind.

"If you do wish to help me, I’m wondering if you could get me some Water of Asu? Situation in my school is bad, the Potions Department doesn’t sell it anymore." Angele knew Liliana would take him in as her disciple since he already reached rank 3, but the school would not simply share Water of Asu with him. His talent level was 2, and he needed more Water of Asu than wizard apprentices with higher talent levels.

Delanya scrunched up her eyebrows, "Water of Asu… I don’t have much left. How much do you need?"

"How much can you send me?" Angele was excited that Delanya actually had it.

"Two servings," Delanya shook her head, "That’s all I can send. I need it as well. Although I’m a royal member, I can’t just simply send a large amount of Water of Asu to you."

"That’s so generous of you. Two servings would be great." Angele nodded and smiled.

Delanya nodded, "Great. When do you want me to send them to you?" She was happy that Angele was satisfied with what she could offer.

"I’m on a mission, and I’ll return to the school in half a month. I’ll take the telescope with me, and I’ll contact you when I arrive at my destination. You can ask someone to send to me after that."

"Sure. Did you harvest any rare material from the garden? Can you share some with me?" Delanya asked.

Angele thought for a second and responded, "I traded most of them for magic stones. I don’t owe you anything, so we should probably follow the rule. We can trade."

"What do you want?" Delanya asked, "I can see that you’re going to try to break the limit. I’m actually very close to that as well. Do you need enchanted items? Or defensive spell models? Or maybe some weapons?"

"Do you have any Wind or Fire defensive spell model?" Angele wondered if she could offer something better than the ones he bought.

"Wind or Fire?" Delanya hesitated for a second, but her expression did not change, "I have many Fire defensive spell models, but not many Wind spell models."

"I have a Claw Slime here. I can give you half of it, but I want a modified defensive spell model. However, if modified defensive spell models are hard for you to obtain, I’ll take basic defensive spell models as well." Angele lowered his voice.

"Modified ones? That’s nearly impossible." Delanya scrunched up her eyebrows again.

"Well, basic models will be fine then, but I want two of them. Also, can you give me some potion formulas?" Angele shrugged, "Forgot to mention it to you that I’m currently majoring in Potion Study."

"Sure. I can’t leak my organization’s modified spell models to you. Potion formulas are not a problem to me, but I can only get you the basic ones. I’ll send you… maybe three basic potion formulas." Delanya lowered her voice as well. She suddenly turned around after finishing her words. It seemed someone was behind her.

"Someone is looking for me. I’ll talk to you later."

"Alright." Angele nodded.


Delanya disappeared as the light from the scope disappeared. Angele caught the dropping telescope with his hands.

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