Chapter 609 Without Becoming a Sage, There Will Be Nothing In The End

Kill the Dark Sage King!

Replace him!

Han Tuo fell silent after hearing the white-robed man’s words.

The other party definitely had something to ask of him. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to target him.

The white-robed man’s voice sounded again. “The Dark Sage King preached the Dao to you only because he wants to use you. I can become your hope to make a comeback.”

Han Tuo’s eyes flickered as he asked in his mind, “What do you need me to do?” “Let me occupy your body!’ “Impossible!” Han Tuo immediately rejected.

It was impossible for him to give his body to someone he didn’t know. What was the difference between that and his current ident.i.ty as a prisoner?

“I’ll only be temporarily occupying your body to resist the Dark Sage King.”

“Impossible. Find someone else.”

Han Tuo rejected him again. After that, he ignored the white-robed man.

No matter how the other party persuaded him, he wasn’t stupid enough to hand over his body.

Yi Tian noticed something wrong with his expression and asked what it was.

Han Tuo sent a voice transmission to say what the white-robed man had told him, causing Yi Tian to be furious.

“Ignore him. Even if you give him your body, how can you kill the Dark Sage King who’s stronger than a Sage?”

Yi Tian sent a voice transmission. Han Tuo nodded.

After that, the white-robed man no longer disturbed him.

In the darkness, the Evil Heavenly Emperor traveled quickly.

He landed on a floating island. This island was vast, and a bone forest could be seen on it. It was like a group of ferocious demons and ghosts, looking sinister and terrifying. The Evil Heavenly Emperor landed in front of a huge stone tablet and asked, “What’s the matter?”

The stone tablet was surrounded by a black aura. A voice sounded. “The Heavenly Dao Sage will attack again. This time, I will kill him. You will obtain a Primordial Purple Qi.”

Hearing this, the Evil Heavenly Emperor looked up and asked in surprise, “Really?”

“Yes, stay and see how I kill a Sage.”

The voice in the stone tablet was the Dark Sage King, the king of the Dark Forbidden Zone. The Evil Heavenly Emperor wouldn’t question his words.

The Dark Sage King was indeed terrifying!

The strongest Sage of the Heavenly Dao, Li Muyi, was not the Dark Sage King’s match either.

However, the Evil Heavenly Emperor felt that something was very strange. These Sages clearly only dared to stay in the Heavenly Dao. Why would they suddenly come and find trouble with the Dark Sage King?

That was courting death! After leaving the Heavenly Dao, the Heavenly Dao Sage’s strength would be weakened!

“Before that, I’m willing to preach the Dao to you. Are you willing to accept it?” The Dark Sage King’s voice sounded again.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor was stunned, and his heart tightened.

So the trap was waiting for him here! The Dark Sage King had already said more than once that he wanted to preach the Dao to the Evil Heavenly Emperor. The two of them were clearly not master and disciple, but he still wanted to preach the Dao. It made the Evil Heavenly Emperor feel that it was a trap, and he instinctively resisted.

This time, the Dark Sage King used the Primordial Purple Qi to lure him. He knew that if he rejected, the Primordial Purple Qi would probably not land in his hands.

“If I don’t become a Sage, there’ll be nothing in the end…”

Evil Heavenly Emperor looked up and said, “I… I’m willing to accept it!”

He had left the Immortal World for six years.

Han Jue and the Sages were still traveling through the Dark Forbidden Zone.

South Extreme Heavenly Venerate frowned. “Why haven’t we found him yet?”

The other Sages frowned and felt that something was strange. They hoped that Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du would give them an explanation.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said, “I’m not sure, either. His aura has been moving and can’t be accurately captured. Perhaps he has a bad feeling. After all, those at the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End have also taken action.”

Han Jue frowned.

If he couldn’t even find the enemy, what could they fight?

The past six years had been extremely torturous for him. He felt that a mysterious mighty figure could jump out of the darkness to kill him at any time.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du suddenly stopped and closed his eyes.

Han Jue felt a vast aura descend on him, making him vigilant.

This vast aura…

Great Dao Divine Spirit!

Or Transcendent Dao Expert!

Han Jue often fought with Ancestor Xitian in the simulation trial and had a certain understanding of this aura.

The Sages stopped. Not only Han Jue, but the other Sages were also very nervous.

Their nervousness came from the Dark Sage King. The previous battle had traumatized them.

After a while.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du opened his eyes and said, “Found it!”

He immediately charged forward, the Sages following closely behind.

The Sages constantly tore through s.p.a.ce and pressed forward.

The Dark Forbidden Zone was not as simple as just darkness. There were also many dimensions in the s.p.a.ce. There were many dimensions hidden in the darkness, independent or overlapping. It was complicated.

Several hours later.

The Sages stopped. The s.p.a.ce here was still extremely dark, but a huge floating island was ahead. It looked very abrupt in the darkness. A huge stone tablet on the island emitted purple light and flickered.

Han Jue swept his Sage Sense over with a strange expression.

There were two auras on the island.

One was a Freedom Sage with a powerful aura, and the other was a Pseudo-Sage. His aura was extremely similar to this Freedom Sage, like a clone.

This Pseudo-Sage was the Heavenly Emperor Han Jue knew. He should be called the Evil Heavenly Emperor now. “The Dark Sage King is just ahead. Prepare for battle!” Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said in a low voice. The Sages immediately parted and surrounded the huge floating island to prevent the Dark Sage King from escaping. Han Jue moved silently while his gaze landed on the Evil Heavenly Emperor. The divine light emitted by the Sun and Moon Yin-Yang Protection wrapped around his figure, preventing the Evil Heavenly Emperor from recognizing him. In front of the stone tablet, the Evil Heavenly Emperor opened his eyes and looked over. The figures of the Sages landed in his eyes, and his eyes were filled with extreme hatred.

If not for the Sages plotting against him, how could he have wandered around and ended up in such a miserable state?

“I didn’t expect so many new Sages to appear after the Heavenly Dao changed.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled mockingly. His voice was not loud, but he believed that the Sages could hear him.

South Extreme Heavenly Venerate frowned in anger when he saw him. He was about to speak when a terrifying aura erupted.

“Tsk tsk, you guys are really not afraid of death!”

A sneer sounded. The black aura on the stone tablet quickly condensed into a figure. It was the Dark Sage King.

Black Qi surrounded him as if he was an evil king hidden in the extreme darkness. His eyes were cold and exuded an aura that made even Sages palpitate.

Han Jue used the hidden function of the system to suppress his cultivation to the Heavenly Dao Sage Realm, so the Dark Sage King didn’t sense any threat. He only felt that these Sages were coming to die.

“Dark Sage King, quickly release the Heavenly Dao lifeforms,” f.u.xitian said with a solemn tone.

The Dark Sage King laughed. “I really don’t know where you get your confidence from. In that case, I’ll let the Heavenly Dao living beings see how you die!”

Once his voice landed…

Far away in the Dark Falling Prison, Han Tuo, Yi Tian, and the Primordial Chaos Buddha heard his voice and opened their eyes. They saw a projection floating in midair in the cell, showing the confrontation between the Sages and the Dark Sage King.

Yi Tian frowned. “He’s really a Sage.”

Some Sages had once opened the Dao Field and asked the Dao Seeker to listen to the Dao. Han Tuo and Yi Tian remembered two of them.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du pulled out a sword from his sleeve. A Taiji painting that emitted endless light rose from his back and illuminated the dark s.p.a.ce.

“Dark Sage King, since you insist on being stubborn, don’t blame us for being impolite!

“Kill him!” Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du shouted. The other Sages took out their Dharma treasures and used their Mystical Powers on the floating island.

Han Jue also pretended to take out the Primordial Judgment Sword.

His true goal was to insta-kill the Dark Sage King during the chaos!

I can’t waste time!

He had to resolve this quickly and escape!

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