Chapter 110: Riverside (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

"Wait, so I'm the only one in the school who decided to help?" Angele narrowed his eyes and asked.

Kelly was not trying to hide anything from Angele, "Well, you’re right, but you need the formula, right?"

"Actually, I’m not going to get too much benefit from just the formula, is there anything else you can offer?" Angele spoke in a light tone. He decided to ask for more, so Kelly would not get suspicious. Kelly probably knew the success rate of crafting Nightmare potion was low, but she did not know Angele had the chip that could help him increase the success rate.

Kelly was not surprised to hear Angele’s question. She nodded, "As a reward, I’ll gift you 500 regular magic stones. What do you think?"

‘500 magic stones!’ Although Angele had four black cards on him, he was surprised nonetheless. He did not expect Kelly to offer so many magic stones.

Angele worked very hard to get magic stones before the war started, and this time he almost lost his life for obtaining those rare materials. Although he was shocked by the offer, his expression did not change.

"Deal. Just send me the message when you’re ready."

Angele drew a snake-shaped rune about the size of an egg in the air as he spoke. It looked like a snake that was about to pounce forward.

He then pushed the rune with his finger. The rune turned into a black flash and sank into Kelly’s gray robe.

Kelly quickly drew a strange insect-shaped rune in the air and pushed it into Angele’s robe as well.

"Good, now we’ve exchanged our Rune Sigils." Angele nodded, "We can contact each other through it directly later."

"Sure, I’ll talk to you soon." Kelly smiled.


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