Chapter 108: Formula (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

The Talent Spell was the most important spell for a wizard. After all, casting it would not cost the caster any mentality. There was nearly no limitation on this spell, and it could be cast instantly. Talent Spell separated wizards from wizard apprentices, and that was the reason why formal Wizards were much stronger than rank 3 wizard apprentices.

Angele finally made the decision after thinking for a while.

He purchased all the defensive spell models he saw. Angele had more than enough money to do it and he would have something in storage in case he had to leave the school again.

Besides the defensive spells, Angele also purchased various types of damage spells since he wanted to gather more information for his database. He purchased all the Wind and Fire spells available in the school, and he spent about 1000 magic stones for that. Ramsoda was famous for Necromancy and shadow spells, so the Wind and Fire spells he purchased were all the school had.

Angele purchased about 100 spells, and he handed one black card over to the clerk. The clerk then gave him three magic stones as change. Those magic stones were medium quality magic stones that could be exchanged for thirty regular magic stones.

The clerk asked several wizard apprentices to carry the spell books back to Angele’s room.

Angele led them to his room. Each of the wizard apprentices was holding a large box in their hands. The boxes were filled up with spell books, and they were heavy.

After the apprentices helped Angele organize the books, they said goodbye to him and left. Angele stood beside the door and looked at the dorm’s hallway.

Most of the doors were locked, and the floor was covered in dust. He could see their footprints on the floor clearly.

"I’m the only one here…" Angele sighed. Wizard apprentices from Necromancy, Enchantment, and Energy Modifying Department lived in this area. There were 10 rooms in this hallway, but it seemed like Angele was the only one who came back. The dust on the floor explained everything.

‘Not all rooms were taken when I first arrived here, but now I’m the only one that came back…’ Angele was a bit depressed.

The hallway was dark. The oil lamps on the wall were put off as no one lived here for a while. The only light came from Angele’s room.

It was once a noisy place. People were talking all the time, but now there was no one around anymore. Angele stood beside the door. He looked at the dark hallway, loneliness filling up his mind.


Angele walked into his room and closed the door. He stared at the oil lamp on the desk for a while. The yellow light made him feel relaxed.

"It’ll take me at least five minutes to walk from here to the other side of the hallway. There were not that many people in the school even before. Now, the war made the situation even worse." Angele shook his head. He walked toward the large boxes and crouched down.

The boxes’ edges were covered with silver iron strips, but they were not locked.

Angele opened the boxes easily.

All the spell books were inside the boxes. The spell boxes were covered in white shells, and the names of the spells were written on the front in black.

Angele grabbed a Wind spell book named Light Weight. He sat down by the desk and started reading under the light. At the same time, Zero started doing its job.


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