Chapter 613 Father and Son Reunite, Choice

Regarding Nüwa’s doubts, Han Jue was enlightened. “The Buzhou Divine Mountain is the item of the Dao Ancestor? Previously, when I was wandering the Chaos, I met a mysterious senior. He said that we were fated to meet and gave me the Buzhou Divine Mountain. I didn’t expect… Could he be the Dao Ancestor?

“The Dao Ancestor is still alive?”

Han Jue paused and exclaimed again.

He had already used his strongest acting skills.

Nüwa frowned slightly.

“I see. I will discuss this with other mighty figures. If the Dao Ancestor looks for you in the future, remember to tell me. The Dao Ancestor is not simple. He is not as good as the rumors say.”

With that, Nüwa hurriedly canceled the dream.

Han Jue opened his eyes.

“I hope the Dao Ancestor can scare off these guys.” Han Jue thought to himself.

The Dao Ancestor was indeed still alive. A long time ago, he had even developed a favorable impression of him. Although the favorability was very low, he could confirm his existence.

The Dao Ancestor’s name was still dark in Han Jue’s friends list. His true appearance could not be seen, which showed how mysterious he was. Then again, the plot between the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End and the Heavenly Dao could completely be seen as a battle between the Dao Ancestor and the mighty figures.

The reason why the Dao Ancestor was called the Dao Ancestor was that he was the ancestor of the Great Dao. After Pangu killed the three thousand Chaotic Fiendcelestials, the Dao Ancestor was the first to attain the Dao and was also the first to preach the Dao. All the cultivators in the future could be considered his disciples.

Pangu was the first mighty figure to split the world apart. The Dao Ancestor was the first mighty figure to preach the Dao. All of them had immeasurable supreme merit.

Just as Han Jue was thinking, Han Tuo slowly woke up.

Seeing him, he hurriedly got up.

Han Jue didn’t use the Sun and Moon Yin-Yang Protection because the battle had ended. However, his body was still covered by the Freedom Divine Light, and Han Tuo couldn’t see his true appearance.

“Who are you?” Han Tuo asked warily. He recalled the person he saw before he fainted.

He saw his father.

Was that an illusion?

Han Jue said, “Who do you think I am?”

Han Tuo was moved. This voice… Han Jue used the voice he had in the past. It didn’t have any Sage aura. “Father… how is that possible…”

Han Tuo immediately knelt on the ground with a surprised and shocked expression.

Han Jue didn’t restrain the light on his body and stared at him calmly.

After a long while…

Han Tuo finally calmed down. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Are you a Sage?”


“Then you…”

Han Tuo subconsciously wanted to ask Han Jue why he didn’t save his mother, or rather, Han Tuo’s own wife.

However, just as he was about to speak, Han Tuo suddenly thought of the Han family.

Han Yu had also questioned him like this back then.

He recalled his state of mind at that time. The anger in his heart seemed to have been extinguished by a basin of cold water. He became dejected.

Why not save her?

Because the difference in cultivation and status was too great. They pursued different things!

Han Tuo had given birth to a son only to train. He had never treated his mortal wife and children as family from the beginning. He only wanted to live a mortal dream.

In the end, he felt pity and taught his children cultivation techniques. This led to the birth of the Han family and the end of the clan.

Was this why Han Jue gave birth to him back then?

Thinking of this, Han Tuo was confused.

He suddenly felt that everything had lost its meaning

He didn’t dare to blame Han Jue because he was the same.

However, he couldn’t accept this situation.

What was he pursuing?

If his existence was valuable, wouldn’t the Han family also have its own value?

Looking up at Han Jue, Han Tuo thought of Han Yu and panicked. All his words turned into a pool of stagnant water.

Han Jue slowly said, “It seems that you’ve thought it through.”

Han Tuo clenched his fists in his sleeves and gritted his teeth. The surprise of being saved and reuniting after a long time was already occupied by his anger towards himself.

“Actually, your mother is still here. I can revive her at any time,” Han Jue suddenly said. Han Tuo suddenly looked up, pleasantly surprised.

“As for your wife, that’s your own business.”

Han Jue’s next words made his mood sink again.

Han Tuo suddenly felt ashamed.

He understood. He didn’t really rely on opportunities to survive until today. Why was the King of h.e.l.l willing to help him?

Why didn’t the Sect Master of the Jie School kill him? Why did so many mighty figures treat him as if they were old friends?

It was all because of Han Jue’s relations.h.i.+ps.

Han Jue could still save the wife he had in the mortal world, but he, Han Tuo, had long forgotten about her.

Compared to Han Jue, Han Tuo felt that he was completely inferior in all aspects. He felt ashamed.

At this moment, Han Tuo didn’t dare to ask for anything anymore, and he even didn’t know what to say.



Such things were meaningless.

Han Jue said, “I originally wanted to wait until you became a Pseudo-Sage before recognizing you. However, the Dark Sage King captured you.”

Han Tuo lowered his head and gritted his teeth. “Sorry.”

He wished that there was a hole in the ground for him to hide in.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a hand land on his head.

He subconsciously looked up and discovered that Han Jue had already retracted his divine light. He touched his head and looked at him.

Although Han Jue was expressionless, his actions made Han Tuo’s suppressed emotions erupt instantly.

His eyes instantly turned red.



Han Tuo wanted to call him father again, but he felt that he had no right.

“Don’t think too much. What you have to think about now is how to proceed from now on!” Han Jue said calmly.

Han Tuo took a deep breath and adjusted his state of mind. He asked, “What do you think?”

He was no longer a child. It was impossible for him to pounce into Han Jue’s arms and act spoiled. The feeling of flesh and blood couldn’t stop the embarra.s.sment of reuniting after a long time. “Choose for yourself.”

Han Jue’s words came back, making Han Tuo have to think.

He knew that his choice this time would decide his future cultivation path.

Since Han Jue saved him, he could definitely choose to cultivate under his father’s protection.

However, for some reason, he suddenly thought of Han Yu.

Back then, he had wanted to protect him, but Han Yu had rejected him. Han Yu had even said that he wanted to surpa.s.s him. At that time, he had only felt that it was funny.

Han Tuo laughed at himself.

Han Jue and him, he and Han Yu, looked after each other from generation to generation. Their relations.h.i.+p was like a mirror.


Could it be that Han Jue saved Han Yu?

He had heard from the King of h.e.l.l that a mighty figure had saved the Han family.

Han Tuo widened his eyes with a complicated expression.

His father did this because he wanted to use Han Yu to educate and warn him?

Han Tuo had completely figured it out.

He looked up with a firm gaze and said, “I want to walk my own path. Let me go. I will create a world that belongs to me. When I attain the Dao, I will repay you for birthing and nurturing me, as well as the opportunities I


Han Jue said, “You can also become a Sage under me as long as you can endure endless loneliness.”

“No need. As your son, if I want to be respected, I have to prove myself.”


Han Jue didn’t say anything else. He raised his hand and pointed at Han Tuo’s forehead.


Han Tuo felt his mind explode, and his consciousness fell into a daze.

Han Jue introduced the Great Dao of Extreme Origin into his mind and preached the Dao to him.

The current him had already fused with the Great Dao of Extreme Origin. There was no need to speak anymore, because he was the Great Dao of Extreme Origin.

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